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Weekly NZ News Update for Tues March 18th

Kundalini Yoga with Antion & Elandra   Dear Yoga Friends,   We want to show and share how yoga is supporting you, so we welcome your stories!     CLASS FEEDBACK: One participant was teary-eyed telling me of her incredibly stressful week and how the class was like a...

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Book Testimonial!

"I spoke with Antion yesterday and he told me of your book on Kindle. I downloaded it immediately and read it in one sitting. Such a beautiful, spiritual, magical, real, loving, holographic story. I was deeply touched, inspired and found myself tearing up as I do when...

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“Elandra, I just have to share with you that something incredible happened in the class on Tuesday. Even though I couldn’t do all the physical exercises I still could do them in my mind… which was very powerful. Within me for many years was a stubborn stagnation, and...

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Dear Kundalini Yoga Friends

We, Antion and I are back at Kawaipurapura on Tuesdays at 6pm to 7.30pm and look forward to our further transformation together! This Tuesday Antion will not be there, so I will be leading yoga, presenting a powerful meditation, and a gong meditation.  Antion is in...

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Antion & Elandra’s 6 Week Course!

Contact us: Call 09 947 0404, email elandrahealthhealing@gmail.com Yoga lovers and friends, we are back in NZ and eager to see you at our beloved Kawaipurapura, back “home” in Prema room on Tuesdays! KUNDALINI YOGA FOR A NEW EARTH Antion’s Transformational Live...

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Antion & Elandra Updates

ELANDRA & ANTION NEWS  A big warm open-armed hug to our valued worldwide friends! I love feeling the Aloha undiminished by time, space and place, and when I scroll down through your names and pictures (on facebook) I get this ear to ear smiling feeling of the love...

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