Lomi Chi Fifth Chakra Healing Training

Origins of Lomi Chi

International Healing practitioner, teacher and author Elandra developed and founded this work after having experienced a vision of a new form of bodywork, and also in answer to her passionate question: What can I do to help my clients heal, reform and transform most efficiently in the shortest amount of time? Answers came during hundreds of sessions over the years and through dreams, and with them came worldwide invitations to teach in Tibet, South Africa, Europe, New Zealand, and USA.

Elandra, in her search, and research, for ever more powerful healing techniques was practicing a powerful Hawaiian bodywork massage called Lomi Lomi when she undertook training in Taoist abdominal work. This led her to to focus on the seat of the emotional life, the organs of the belly. Following her inner guidance to ‘let go your need to know’, and let your energy be ‘out of your head and into your hands’ she developed a way of contacting the original causes of a clients presenting physical symptoms, thus opening the doorway for speedy physical healing with no reoccurrence of the problem.

All healing is self healing, she tells her clients and students: all malfunctions of the body equal some form of amnesia- a forgetting to love some part of yourself. My part is to hold the frequency field for that self-empowering awareness to be chosen by the cells in your organs. In the moment of your cells choice to love, you become love, and that’s it! In the presence of your own love you are healed, resurrected, reclaimed, made whole, made complete. My personal experience proven by x-ray evidence shows bones may be healed overnight, and cancer in all organs healed in two weeks, – all is possible in the power of loves expression.

For Massage professionals and anybody interested in self-healing

Empower your work – and your entire life! – with a way to connect directly to the physical source of unfelt and unexpressed emotion! Learn how to create ‘miracle’ healings!

Learn to :

  • Integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual by working efficiently with breathing, digestion and somatic responses to emotions
  • Tone and revitalize internal organs
  • Detoxify and remove excess stagnation in organs to improve elimination
  • Stimulate lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • Connect deeply with the nonprocessed emotions stored in the digestive system, allowing them to be addressed and cleared
  • Release structural tensions
  • Restructure, strengthen and retrain the organs to work more easily and effectively
  • Release chronic pain related to misalignment of feet, legs and pelvis
  • Teach clients to know themselves better through guidance in assessing, correcting and improving their breathing
  • Give fundamental self-help massage techniques, specific meditation practices, and dietary and lifestyle support
  • Recycle negative energy
  • Recognize personal patterns of tension
  • Use simple manipulations to restore vitality to the body
  • Integrate this work into your current massage modalities for amazing healing results!

Evolution of Integration of Lomi Lomi with Chi Nei Tsang

Internal Organ Massage, called ‘Chi Nei Tsang’ or CNT, (‘ Chi through the abdominal viscera’), is a non-invasive gentle method of self-healing training through visceral adjustments. Developed by Master Mantak Chia and based on Traditional Chinese Medecine abdominal massage, CNT detoxifies and tonifies internal organs, uncovers repressed emotions and releases structural tensions. According to Oriental medecine, the internal organs contain the very essence of our physical and spiritual life force. Our total health and wellbeing are dependent on the harmonious function of the internal organs. Since all the energy channels in the body, as well as the main branches of the nervous system, the blood vesssels, and the lymph glands cross paths in the abdominal region, the navel is the center of focus of internal organ massage.CNT recognizes the body as a conductor and transmitter of energy. Our ability to receive, store and use energy both for living and for meditation practises can be blocked through contractions and tensions of which we are usually unaware. CNT addresses those blockages, freeing energy and making us stronger. CNT is unique to date. It integrates and works efficiently with breathing, digestion and somatic responses to emotions. CNT recognizes that:

  • The way we emotionally feel is completely reflected by the way we breathe.
  • Emotions are processed in the digestive system the same way food is (or is not).
  • Storing emotional tensions in the digestive system influences the nervous system and creates specific somatic responses: bodily expressions of those emotions or emotional postures and attitudes through specific muscular contractions. CNT visceral adjustments raise our internal organ’s metabolic performances by releasing deep seated internal tensions at the origin of chronic problems, resulting in impetus to renewal and regeneration at the deepest levels. CNT helps to connect and anchor the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies into one integrated whole.

Organization of progressive CNT Series. The 6 session series of treatments is organized according to specific focus and effect on the major organs, meridians and systems of the body. Each CNT session includes: Work which creates a balancing/ healing,, stimulating/ relaxing effect on the energy/emotional centers of the spine’s nerve plexi (chakras) which interface with the major energy channels (meridians of Chinese Medicine) and etheric channels ( nadis ). As these channels are cleared, energy (chi/prana) can flow unobstructed. The work includes: Guiding the breath. Listening, exploring with non -judgmental attitude. Beginning detoxification, the skin around the navel, use of technique ‘Rock and Pump’ to release abdominal pressure and stimulate the flow of lymph, blood, chi, and intestinal transit. ‘Fingers Dance’ to stimulate, then rocking ‘Golden Fish’ to loosen tension and allow the flow of chi.. ‘Cat’s Paws’, scanning, baking , venting, as called for. ‘Peace Touch’ ( a passive listening which brings client into a deep state of contact with themselves, allowing them to disconnect from surface consciousness to fall into a deep regenerative sleep).

Session 1. Guiding the breath. Listening, exploring with non -judgmental attitude. Beginning detoxification, the skin around the navel, use of technique ‘Rock and Pump’ to release abdominal pressure and stimulate the flow of lymph, blood, chi, and intestinal transit.. Technique ‘Fingers Dance’ to stimulate, then rocking ‘Golden Fish’ to loosen tension and allow the flow of chi.. Use ‘Cat’s Paws’, scanning, baking , venting, as needed. Use ‘Peace Touch’ ( a passive listening which brings client into a deep state of contact with themselves, allowing client to disconnect from surface consciousness to fall into a deep sleep).

Session 2. Exploration and definition of the abdomen. Opening the windgates. Large intestine. Detoxify. Open. Release sigmoid colon, splenic curve, cecum, ileocecal valve.

Session 3. Detoxify the liver. Use of lateral expansion of breath technique. Access ascending colon, and hepatic flexure. Apply” baking”. Synchronize ileocecal valve, hepatic flexure, gallbladder and bile duct. Open windgates as needed.

Session 4. Detoxify small intestine. Knots and tangles. Diaphragm release.Tonifying navel center. Lungs. Heart and Triple Warmer.

Session 5. Detoxify lymphatic system. Spleen pump. Resetting the pancreas.

Session 6. Detoxify and tonify kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder. Center navel, pulse and aorta.

Integration and use of additional modalities These include hypnotherapy, energy-field work, psychic energy extraction, and other modalities to accomplish cleansing, regenerating and integration.

Session ends with integration on all levels into as full a chakral integrity and congruency as presently possible, feeling the time, space and permission to reaarrange molecules of matter with power of intent and surrender.

Integration of Chi Nei Tsang with Lomi Lomi

My healing Journey and the development of Lomi -Chi Nei Tsang started with a personal miracle healing. I was carried down a mountain with a broken ankle, X-rayed and told, “The X-rays show your ankle is very severely broken and you will be permanently deformed if we do not operate immediately to insert pins through it.” That night a healer came to my house, moved the bones into place, the swelling disappeared, I got up and walked, and called at midnight to cancel the operation. In the morning I went back for more X-rays. The X-rays proved my ankle was perfectly healed! The medical doctor was proven wrong! I said to the healer, ‘How did you do it?’ And she said, “You are always your own healer, you did it.” ‘How? was my question, and that question changed my life.

I sought answers, I studied many forms of healing in search of answers as to how I could facilitate such healing in others. Over time I became a successful Lomi lomi healer. Lomi lomi is Hawaiian (or Polynesian) massage. It is a powerful transformational form of healing, due to the’ mana’ (spiritual power) that it carries, the power of Aloha. Deep inside, a part of me knew ..obviously and ( amazingly) the body/psyche ALREADY KNOWS what it needs to heal, change or transform! How else could my broken ankle be healed overnight ?! but I wanted to know how I knew! And what part the healer played? Chi Nei Tsang apeared as part of the answer. Not only because of what it was in itself, but because it set the stage for what I knew my work is also about, helping the body shift from one state-space into another. (This shift is what I had experienced, and as I practice it now, I call it molecular restructuring and bioresonance, energyfield morphogenetic clearing, recharging and integration.) And the key is the emotions! – connecting to them consciously through the organs by way of the procedure known as ‘Opening the Windgates’. And for the healer/facilitator, the key is what I call ‘ out of the head, into the body, out of the brain, into the abdominal or ‘second brain’.

Lomi -Chi Nei Tsang of the Opu/Piko/ Na’au creates instant connection with the organs, and the emotions that originate and are stored in each organ. Sometime in your life when you’ve been hurting you’ve heard “Its all in your head,.”or, “We can’t find anything wrong with you.” How did you feel? you probably felt unheard, unacknowledged, sad, perhaps even abandoned and betrayed! This work invites these unheard and unacknowledged places, these mysterious pains and problems to be found, and works on setting them to rights, creating harmony, and inner balance … and then the physical pain, having been heard, and perhaps spoken out, is forever gone. A seeming miracle! The fears stored in the kidneys, worries in the spleen, anger in the liver, sadness/loss in the clolon, impatience and self- hatred in the heart. – all can be moved, recycled, restored, according to your unique current level of readiness. There is no ‘bad’ energy, just energy that waits for acknowledgment, and upon receiving it, then becomes the feelings of peace, balance, forgiveness, strength, patience, within all the organs.

Lomi-Chi Nei Tsang as Self -Healing Part of the power of healing success comes through the energy of the practitioner. Therefore the Lomi-Chi Nei Tsang healer/facilitator maintains a personal practice of self-care/Chi Gung/meditation, for health and energyfield balance. The human body has a resonationg electro-magnetic field ( EEG, EKG, and EMG measurable) which is awash with holographic electric wave structures. The heart has been measured to produce a magnetic field which surrounds and interpenetrates the entire body. Even stronger magnetic fields have been measured from the hands of healers who have been found to bring about synchronization of alpha rhythm between therapist and patient/client during treatment. This helps to soften and dissolve holographic emotional structures within the patient’s body so they can be more easily and comfortably assimilated or released, and brings the patient into strong alpha coherence, deep relaxation, symptomatic relief and /or ‘miracle healing’.

This work allows letting go of the burdens of old belief and opening to the new.I believe that the stress that we undergo as a society calls us to find what works NOW. What works comes from a base of allowing, honoring and inviting, not making happen. As the old imbalanced energy is moved out, there is room for the new, and then the reforming and molecular restructuring takes place. This process is an experience that cannot be described, it takes place on the physical and energy levels simultaneously, and is unique and different for everybody. It also takes place outside of the mind and the power of words to capture, therefore at that time there’s a call to let go of the compulsion to explain, understand and make rational!

The Healing Focus

I have worked on hundreds of clients over the years, and have many testimonials to miracle healing. I am now being guided to focus my work where it is most needed. This is in the arena of belief change within the Chakras 1, 2 and 5. This work is called Ku’u Makana, which means the gift of letting go of the burdens, speaking out the truth of your feelings, and stepping freely forth.

We work together to: Move through beliefs, programming, and that which no longer serves in your organs, your cells, your DNA…then reforming and restructuring into the new at the full physical cellular, molecular levels…

Retract and erase disempowering contracts and oaths held in the subconscious especially belief in the value of suffering and hardship

Clear your relationship to the Creator and personal deservingness and empowerment Call back your energy from psychic splits, implants and entities, reclaim all energy that belongs to you

Heal 2nd chakra issues in relationship, money flow, & health

Rejuvenate organs and cells for longevity. (Science says the human body is built to last 150-200 years when properly maintained!)

Download new beliefs, restore lost self-esteem and self-worth

This work is a breakthrough in the healing field, a whole new path to full physical and emotional health and wholeness.

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The Amazing Power of Lomi-Chi Nei Tsang

Healing the Emotional Source of Physical Symptoms

What is Lomi-Chi Nei Tsang? Firstly, we will define ‘Chi Nei Tsang’. CNT means ‘energy flow through visceral blockages’ or ‘internal organs chi transformation’. Pronounced ‘chee neet sung’, CNT is a non-invasive method of abdominal visceral massage, pressure point and adjustment of Chinese Medicine Taoist origin. It detoxifies and tonifies internal organs, uncovers repressed emotions and releases structural tensions.

CNT is an entire system of Chinese deep healing that works with the energy flow of the five major systems in the body: the vascular system, the lymphatic system, nervous, tendon/muscle and acupuncture meridians. In CNT practice, one is able to increase energy flow to specific organs through massaging a series of points in the navel area. All the chi energy and the organs, glands, brain, and nervous system cross pathways at the navel: therefore blockages in the navel often manifest as symptoms in other parts of the body. CNT works on the energy blockages in the navel and then follows the energy into other parts of the body.

This science of deep healing was brought to USA by Mantak Chia, founder of International Healing Tao, author of ‘Chi Nei Tsang, Internal Organs Chi Massage,’ and many more Taoist Healing and Chi Gung books.This article draws upon these teachings including the writings of Gilles Marin, founder of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute, author of ‘Healng from Within with Chi Nei Tsang’ and master teacher of Global Body Attitude Retreats.

I feel it in my guts! Emotions are in the body, not the head!

It has long been a tenet of natural health practitioners that good health depends on a digestive system which works well. Research also tells us good digestion has an emotional component, and that many disorders of the internal organs are exacerbated by stress. Why is it, then, that we pay more attention to massaging the back, neck and limbs than we do to the very core of where our emotions are processed – the belly?! Massage schools teach few techniques that work directly on the abdomen, and the “center,” as it is called by the holistic healing procedure known as Chi Nei Tsang, is often entirely overlooked. (Here in Hawai’i Spa therapists are threatened with dismissal if they so much as touch the abdomen!)

In many indigenous societies of the world the belly is acknowledged as the center of the being, the place to connect to in order to heal mysterious ailments. In Hawai’i the center of the body is called the piko, (navel) or na’au (feeling, heart). In our modern world we are likely to be disconnected from our bodies and feelings, often judging them with intense self- criticism, and living an unbalanced life ‘in our heads’. Our bodies are constantly digesting emotional “charges” we feel at the visceral level. A charge is internal pressure which can manifest in many ways – pain, nervous tension or even high blood pressure. For example, if someone smiles at you on the street, you feel something pleasant that’s usually fairly easy to “digest.” If, on the other hand, someone comes at you on the street with anger or aggression, you may have a harder time digesting your response, and it will take longer to move that emotion through your system.

Some charges never really get digested, because they are too shocking and the body wants to protect you from feeling them. Consequently the body finds places to hide the charge, which results in ill health. The enteric nervous system of the digestive tract is affected when emotions are not processed, and in turn the spleen and liver become stressed. Since we process emotions the same way we process food, poor emotional digestion leads to ill health. By exploring the abdomen, a person allows herself to connect with whatever emotions are present there. And since the emotional body, has no time or space, emotional charges of the past are still just as present in our bodies as they were when the trigger occurred.

The fact is, the physical body is expressing over and over again whatever emotional issue is most important at that given time! – through its structure, its metabolism, its breathing, its movements, in any way it expresses itself. However, we can only process what we allow ourselves to feel! In order to find a conduit to those emotions buried in our core, presence of mind , and presence of being, on both the part of the client and the practitioner is required.

This is no lay-back-and-enjoy-it, feel-good session! Sessions are focused and interactive, with the client’s breath being directed to wherever the practitioner’s hands move. Chi Nei Tsang traditionally is performed on the fully clothed client, with only the abdomen exposed, often on a mat on the floor.

A typical session

  • Introduction/Foundation. Opening to breath awareness and connection through coaching and manipulation. Beginning detoxification.
  • Exploration of the abdomen and navel physically and energetically. Opening the windgates. Detoxification and toning of the liver and kidneys.
  • Metabolic functioning of the internal organs, breath, digestion, elimination, sympathetic/parasympathetic balance, endocrine and defense response, meridian, reproductive, lymphatic and other systems. Toning and training them to experience rebalancing of deficiencies or excesses of energy.
  • Structural balance, motility and mobility of the organs, and how reflected in the external structure through posture and alignment. Detoxification of lymphatic system..
  • Emotional perspective: Poor emotional digestion is one of the main reasons for ill health. All our non-processed emotional life is stored in our digestive system waiting to be addressed. Detoxification of large and small intestines, retraining for optimum performance.
  • Energetic perspective: the integration of physical, mental and emotional: clearing, charging and integration of the energy field.


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