Testimonials from Near and Far

I love getting healing session success stories from all the lovely people – who become friends! – whose lives (about 5000) I have had the privilege to touch, and sometimes totally out of the blue, even years later!

You might enjoy reading them too, because if you happen to be suffering – as many are these days – you may feel a sense of hope in reading about what are sometimes called ‘miracle’ healings … You may even remember the fact that such wondrous healing success is available to you too – if you wish.

One of the first ever was –

“Elandra, your work is powerful” – from Louise Hay, my patient at the clinic where I started my professional healing career as physical/massage therapist. She, the world renowned Louise Hay, author of Heal your Body, Heal your Life, inscribed it to me in her book, and often praised me as I worked on her weekly.

She became a friend, as all my clients and students do, because – what else, we are all in this together, and as I was learning, “love is the key!” as I wrote about in my book.

At that point I had already experienced extraordinary healing power with my broken ankle being miraculously healed. And others were being healed through my help at our clinic which was fast gaining a reputation as a miracle healing clinic. And later, when I had spent many thousands of dollars taking every healing course available in California and had learned over 33 healing modalities, and had worked in five healing centers with medical professionals, doctors and chiropractors, and was teaching around the world, and altogether had spent over 40 years of my life full time researching and practicing, the success and miracle stories kept coming.

Here are just a few for healing trainings, workshops and retreats, as well as women’s Goddess work, yoga teaching, and much more:

“ELANDRA, SINCE we worked with you, our lives, physical health and relationship are so improved in every way that we look at our lives in terms of ‘B.E’ (Before Elandra) and ‘A.E’ (After Elandra)!” A, CA.

“AFTER YEARS of searching and taking multitudes of shamanic classes to learn to be powerful practitioner, I got it! ‘The penny dropped’ for me at last!” B, Cape Town, South Africa

“ELANDRA IS A master who can transport you to a whole new level of self-awareness and freedom; I was blown away by the energy and power she commands! Her presence and immense energy made a huge impression on me before we even started the session.” Andrea, Hawaiian international Lomi Lomi teacher, South Africa

“I AM Achannel and healer, highly intuitive, and I wasn’t expecting this high level of presence and healing. Healers don’t often meet/match me where I am. Thank you for your healing hands and heart. I felt your divine inspiration flow through you, what an experience, mystical, magical, marvelous!” Marilyn, Ca.

“ELANDRA IS a healer of healers and an authentic teacher who empowers and reawakens your healing wisdom. She is indeed a medicine maker that works magic!” L.P, Hawaii

“THE DAY AFTER our session, my father called me for the first time in my life and for the first time told me he loved me!” J, Seattle, WA

“MY EXPERIENCEof your work is that your healing starts where others leave off!” B, MD, CA

“COULDN’T BELIEVE it, I was nauseous from tremendous pain, a few minutes later, gone”! Dr. J, MD, MA

I AM WRITING to express my sincere thanks to you for your inspirational energies and the goodness I have absorbed from you both spiritually and physically. I find your classes transforming as I have rheumatoid arthritis in the spine and throughout my body. I was waking to stiff joints in the mornings, my ankles, wrists, elbows and back were affecting my quality of life but since attending your classes my joints are beginning to function better and the pain in my back has eased considerably. I take on board Elandra the knowledge that you so unselfishly impart and the soothing music Antonio plays which nourishes the spirit. I always feel loved, nourished and nurtured after partaking of your time and so I thank you both from the bottom of my heart for the privilege and honour of the benefits I receive through your healing presence in my life. Take care & God bless you both during your journeys throughout your blessed lives. Trudy, NZ

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