Antidote to All Stress – Receiving the Healing Powers of Nature

As we embark on the New Year what more wonderful thing can we do than remember to connect with the healing powers of Nature, especially trees. I used to love to hug trees as I write about in my book; it’s fascinating that these days there is so much information available about how trees communicate with each other. So I want to share my story about how they love to communicate with us as well, a true story of how a tree unexpectedly communicated with me. Not only that, it was teaching me, it transmitted to me a life-changing understanding of how healing happens, that changed me forever. 

We, Antion and I, were living in a yurt In Kauai, Hawaii, right after the devastating hurricane which had destroyed most of the island’s housing and vegetation.

I had been longing to live close to nature and here I was doing it on 8 acres of wilderness. I happened to believe that Nature loved best to be left alone growing wild and free from human interference, because that’s what I loved. One day something happened to change this perception forever, and to change the course of my life.

I was helping a friend who was teaching me how to prune trees. My teacher was a gardener, but as I was to experience, he was much more. I believe he functioned as a geomancer, a feng shui master of Nature’s energies, a Nature Kahuna. He was demonstrating how to prune a tree, which was a few feet taller than I. I watched and listened carefully. Then he walked away, leaving me to work on the next tree on my own.

I stared at it, where to begin? I circled it, hoping for a hit of inspiration, looking for an opening, any place to start. In spite of his best instruction, oh darn it, I just couldn’t figure it out! I began feeling frustrated, wondering what to do, knowing I was not getting it. There must be something wrong with my approach? Feeling helpless, useless and disempowered, I started to judge myself, “Elandra, what’s the matter with you?”

Suddenly it happened. All of a sudden I knew, I just knew exactly what to do, and how to do it! I suddenly felt, saw, sensed, intuited, and knew just how it would look and feel – how it wanted to look and feel. How did I know? I didn’t know how I knew!

And then, wow, the tree was communicating with me. Was it speech in words? Could I say I actually heard it speak to me? Whatever it was, the tree was somehow exuding understandings, messages, guidance, knowingness, telepathically.

In human language this is what I understood, “Elandra, we know you think nature prefers to be left alone growing wild. We want you to know that that’s not so. Nature loves to work with humanity. Nature loves the opportunity to co-create together to purify, evolve and beautify life and consciousness in the universe. Because we are actually all a part of each other, we are one with you, made of the same elements, we have a consciousness that becomes one with yours just as you are experiencing now”.

As I was receiving this understanding, my hands were easily, readily, surely and masterfully moving from branch to branch, deftly chopping off what wanted to be shed, liberated, set free, released.

The tree continued, “And Elandra, what you are doing right now, chopping off my old dead branches, that’s what you’re doing in your healing work. When you ‘oki’ (Hawaiian for cut off, release) the old, then there is room for the new. See now how you have cleared away what no longer serves, making room and space for new branches and new creative growth! Now Elandra, I feel your mind questioning, “How does this happen, how do I right now know exactly what to do? Who guides my hands to work as unerringly as they are doing right now?” Well, it is I. I am a tree, but much more, I am ONE with a Planet wide field of all Tree and Nature Consciousness. We trees all KNOW how in becoming ONE WITH YOU, the knowingness is transmitted to you, and you, your body, your hands, simply know what to do – without knowing how.

This is how healing – which is reclaiming the wholeness of Who You Really Are – takes place. So in your healing sessions, it works exactly the same way, do you see? This is what you are already doing, Elandra, with your client’s body/energy field presenting itself on your massage table, or during your cyberspace sessions. As you ‘oki’ (cut away) what no longer serves in the body/field, in the same way the body has space and energy and room to grow anew in newly empowered directions!

Not only that but you’re clearing old energies from other lifetimes as well, other dimensions, everything that is ready to move, to go, to be released, surrendered up. As you do this you’re also bringing self-healing frequencies and consciousness through the cells, DNA, organs and chakras, all the ten systems of the body, and on all levels and layers of the energy field. At the same time, you are EXPANDING ITS CAPACITY TO LOVE, and your own as well, now do you see? ”

Wow. This astounding experience gave me a great boost, enabling me to stand in an unshakeable confidence in my healing work. I was learning the art of catalyzing healing, self-healing, in those who came to me. This knowingness was beyond intellect and anything that could be figured out and applied with the mind. It happens… becoming BEING ONE WITH happens! My teacher was returning to inspect my work… 

Feeling inexpressible joy, gratitude, gratification and fulfillment in my heart and soul, I showed him the newly pruned tree. I just pointed at it silently… smilingly, delightedly, joyously, feeling invincible in the unshakeable knowing that there was nothing for him to approve. I KNEW it was – just right. I just knew beyond a shadow of a doubt.

So dear friends,

Just go,

Hug; ask the tree for help,

Ask your question, and listen!

Go feel it,

Remember Who You Really Are,

A Being of Infinite Loving having come from Infinite Love

I love you ever