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Your Fifth Chakra of Truth, The Power of Your Voice and Speaking Out Loud

Working with your voice and your feeling and expression of your feelings is an ongoing task! This is a work in progress as we all are! A lifelong task! I could write several books about it. It took a long time for me to wake up out of denial that I had trauma and negative feelings at all, and then understand that I was repressing them. I was stuffing them down, like when we go to the fridge to stuff down food when we feel bad, or turn to alcohol and drugs, or go shopping, or turn to other addictions. I turned to yoga and spirituality, which helped keep me somewhat healthy, yet did not heal the underlying causes of what needed to change.

I had a mental and emotional tendency to give away my power, be a doormat to others. It was a certain helplessness I had taken on from my mother, internalized and made my own. It caused self sabotage. I could not understand why I was not more consistently successful in the world than I was, having so much ability, opportunities and talents.

Now we all know how essential it is to become aware of our emotional illiteracy! And speaking them out aloud, (you can do this effectively by yourself alone in a room), is the key. Physical problems, inability to lose weight and keep it off may come from a thyroid imbalance at your fifth chakra which controls metabolism. Difficulties doing this, relationship problems, financial, all stem from a place inside that cannot really stand up to and express itself in the face of parent or boss or spouse or grown child. As soon as we have negative feelings, there often comes instant self-judgment. We feel we don’t deserve, we are bad. Our inability to feel, and to even recognize that we are feeling, especially negative feelings, is calling to be recognized by showing up as physical health problems.

So then, instead of stuffing and repressing these thoughts and feelings somewhere in your body, you can move to awareness and receive their messages for what they are and then heal them.

Is it for me?

  • Do you long to hear and trust more of your own inner wisdom and voice?
  • Do you have physical problems? Especially longstanding or serious challenges?
  • Do you feel, “I wasn’t the same after that!” after experiences of trauma, accidents, hospitalization and anesthesia?
  • Have you ever felt your voice to be shackled or disempowered?
  • Are you unable to speak your truth to parents or in relationships?
  • Are you looking for Your Voice in speaking, chanting or singing?
  • Are you trying to forgive but cannot find it within your self to do it?
  • Are you unable to follow through on your intentions and resolutions?
  • Do you have an inner critic saboteur that won’t let up?
  • Do you feel you should be more successful by now?

What is it, how does it work?

This work is an extension of Elandra’s Lomi Chi Holographic Healing sessions. Her experience confirms that long distance by phone, “nonlocal” “remote” “holographic” healing can be as effective as in-person- physical work. The body, the conscious self, the subconscious and the spiritual self are accessed through a process of holographic perception and hypercommunication (to be defined later) which allows direct inter-communion, like a mutual interview of each other.

Your Fifth Chakra (area of neck and throat) is important as the expression center of your being. It is known as the “seat of the soul” because its integrity and congruency of energy is uniquely vital to your health. Healing – of even the most life threatening symptomology – can be instant once the original cause has been accessed.
The throat chakra and the power of voice are about communication of feeling, the truth of feeling, of all the other six chakras on all levels. This connection is accomplished through a method of guided perception held within a specific holographic field and protocol, which resembles remote viewing.

The focus of the session brings awareness into your unconscious intentions, which then reprograms them into a positive force. While the fifth chakra specifically comprises all problems related to neck, shoulders, throat, jaws, ears, nose, eyes, head, and third eye, all chakras and physical problems are calling to be healed through the Fifth Chakra expression and languaging of truthful communication and communion. This directly changes DNA as confirmed by recent Russian science.

How does it take place?

You will have written out your intentions beforehand and have them with you. You will be sitting or lying very relaxed using headphones if you wish. It is preferable to be well hydrated, to have empty stomach, no stimulants, caffeine, sugar or drugs in your system, and to remain quiet, relaxed and meditative as long as possible both before and afterwards. Guidelines and training in specific meditations, Sadhana, diet, cleanse, may be suggested, which serve as follow up empowerment to continue the work on your self.

As a client, what might I experience?

You may experience it as “invisible hands” or varying sensations such as tears, tingling, and rushes of warm energy. Peace. Light. Floating. Empowered. Freedom. Feeling more “at home” in your body, closer to your true self. A new consciousness of your body, and cellular understanding that its problems are an opportunity, an initiation, and a gift. A restructured consciousness of inner self authority and trust. A loving of your own body. A sense of a new lease on life, a new understanding, a lightening, sense of inner knowing; and perhaps a sense of inner guidance from your own source working with you. Sometimes, soon after, your intentions may be manifested. (See testimonials!). Sometimes your physical problems are instantly – and most significantly – permanently healed. When physical, mental and emotional stress and cellular memory trauma is healed and your Field delivered into congruency and coherence, you may experience a leap forward in your evolution.

How was it developed?

This work is an extension of Elandra’s Lomi Chi Holographic Healing sessions. It is a synthesis of Elandra’s work (Lomi Chi Holographic Healing) and Antion’s (Sound Healing, Voice & Chant Empowerment). It was developed in the course of forty years of marriage, continuous spiritual practice and consciousness research.

What is the role of the subconscious?

We have all had the experience of setting conscious intentions. For example, New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, or using affirmations and wondering why we are still not as happy and successful as we would like. The scientific work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Candace Pert, molecular biologists, confirm that your body is your subconscious and that 95% of your life is lived from your subconscious. Thus, to find out what is in your subconscious, to heal and reprogram it, is of paramount importance for your health, wealth, and success in this journey called life! When a scientist such as Stanford Professor William Tiller says: “Unconscious intention overrides conscious intention 100 % of the time,” you know it is time!

Yet we don’t have to figure out mentally how to do this. The Hawaiian indigenous understanding that all things are connected through the “Aka field” is now known, accepted and validated through Quantum science. All we have to do is open to it!

However, the conscious rational intellect, that thinks it runs the show does not want to lose control, puts up resistance and blocks access to your Holographic Inner Knowing.

Therefore the session relaxes the conscious mind enough to allow you to open to input from your Ku. Your subconscious is in touch with all sources of information through “Universal Mind” or “Holographic Mind” or even “Indigenous Mind” or “Cellular Memory”. Dr. Henry Margenau, Yale University Professor Emeritus of Physics and Natural Philosophy for nearly a half century, further confirms: “The universal mind has no need for memory, since all things and processes – past, present and future – are open to its grasp.”

The protocol of the session is created to allow input and information from these sources. Once the input is accomplished, molecular restructuring occurs. Then the unconsciously programmed “by-default” files that have sabotaged your success in life can be replaced by newly chosen supportive beliefs. Pono, harmony, balance and integration in body and mind is the felt result.


Antion’s Sound Healing CD “One in the Goddess”, which accompanies the work, holds the frequency for holo-perceptual healing and evolution.

What about afterwards?

Be prepared to rest for several hours to integrate the work. You may be highly energized or exhausted in the ensuing days. As soon as possible afterwards write down your experience, this helps ground it into reality and helps integrate reforming, molecular restructuring into cellular DNA for congruency of conscious, subconscious, and Superconscious.

Why is this form of healing needed?

Elandra travels the world and finds that people are experiencing far too much suffering everywhere, as a result of what they don’t know about their bodies. Elandra’s work is continuously being updated in answer to her intention: let me use the most powerful work possible to assist humanity in these times!

Our Western civilization’s healing model of allopathic medicine as health maintenance is a failure for our physical health. Recent reports confirm that drugs and surgery are now the leading cause (not third or second cause!) of death in USA. Our populace is drugged by pharmaceuticals, advertising, TV violence and addictive craving for more and more.

As I see it, most of humanity has been taken in by a lethal hoax upon this planet: that the authority of brain/head
/rational mind is superior to and more valuable than body, heart, instinct, gut intuition and subconscious. This has caused a divided psyche in humanity, shamed and disowned parts, and loss of self trust. Why have we allowed this?

We need to understand that our illnesses are a call to wake up from the authoritarian, controlling conditioning of society, science and religion. The massive stress of living at odds with itself, its own instincts and gut level feelings, is an ultimate betrayal to the body. Stressed by this, the body gets sick. This is one of the original causes of all physical ailments.

The body gets sick as a message to you to show it is sick of the situation! It is sick of it being the subject and chattel of mechanical medicine, while its own self healing system and language is not consulted but utterly ignored! No wonder the body is coming up with many new sicknesses. It is protesting, attempting to communicate something like this:

“The physical challenges you are suffering are a direct result of dis-respecting me, of treating me as less important than everything else! I am trying to tell you something. I want my messages to you – in the form of physical symptomology – to be heard, acknowledged, honored and validated.

When they are not…

  • I feel manipulated,
  • Demeaned and devalued
  • You are ignoring my needs poisoning me with toxic environmental pollutants,
  • feeding me unloved food,
  • cutting out my parts,
  • drugging me,
  • fighting me,
  • criticizing me,
  • overworking me,
  • disliking my size, shape,
  • and even manipulating me by trying to transcend me away, affirm me away, spiritualize me away!

Even your Quantum science is confirming that Energy, Spirit, God is me! In my very cells and DNA, not separate from me, not out there, somewhere else! I want you to stop abandoning me by denying and resisting and applying panaceas that only temporarily remove my symptoms. Have you noticed that sooner or later they show up somewhere else in your body?

Take the time now, listen to me speak out, hear my wisdom, how eager I am to support you, liberate you and evolve you into joy. I know how to do that, it’s my job, and I love doing my job!”

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Waves of Aloha love and blessings,


In Person Healing

First, I’d like to tell my story of how a pain in my jaw created a New Healing Modality

I was lying on my back in our yurt in Kauai. Suddenly, out of nowhere and for no reason, an intense pain in my jaw took away my breath, left me gasping. OMG, this was scary! Was I going to die? I was about to lose consciousness when suddenly – I knew what I had to do.

Something I had never done before in my life. Nor had ever even heard anyone do. Not my parents. Nobody. With the awareness came an inner knowing, almost as a message, as if someone was communicating, “Yes you could die. You are deeply distressed.  Feel that. Acknowledge it. Feel it in your body, where it is. And now, give voice to it. Articulate it. Out loud. Give words to the feelings. Speak! Don’t hold back. Speak it out now, right now. Speak out your feelings, go on. Speak out Your truth. The pain is your holding back. Speak the truth of how you really truly feel… because, if you don’t,  yes, you are dying. Yes, you could die.“

Oh no, what?! Speak out? Is it possible, can I do it, without fearing, pleasing, editing? Oh, no, no, I get killed for that! Lifetimes flashed before my eyes, vivid as the scenes acted out as an actress playing an innocent in my movies, death by the neck and throat, the burning at the stake, throat slit, strangled…

But in this moment, since I was already in danger of expiring from sheer pain, what did I have to lose? I found my voice. It came out, in a yell, “I’m angry, I hate you! I wish I’d never met you! You’ve ruined my life, I want a divorce!” Instantly the pain was gone.

I needed one more lesson. Out eating pizza in a restaurant, suddenly, intense pain in my jaw… OMG, what on earth is this, what now, what do I do??! Then I remembered! Quick, quick, what am I supposed to say? Out it came, “I’m so frustrated!  I feel unsupported, sad, hurt, confused, helpless, worthless, angry, depressed. I can’t go on”. Instantly all pain gone.

Ah, now I understood what it was about, this time I got it. I had already experienced a proven-by-x-rays-instant-healing of my broken ankle, which sent me on a journey through study, research and practice to figure out how it had happened. Always with the intention to learn more, to gain better healing skills for my focus on engendering miracle healing, super health and ageless living.
So these experiences were sent as an answer to my questions! With them came a deep realization that withholding expression – through suppression of truth of my feelings – can make me ill, can kill… me, you, us, our culture, our world – and it’s doing so!

It’s at the root and core of many depressions, addictions and illnesses in our dysfunctional society.

The fifth chakra is the expression center of all the chakras. Of the emotional body. It extends through jaws, mouth, teeth, shoulder and upper cervical vertebrae. Expression of who you are in the world, the  most important of all! We are emotionally illiterate and can learn to become literate. We can learn to open to, acknowledge, welcome, accept, feel, rather than judge and suppress our “negative” feelings, which are only negative because of the stuffing into deep repression.

We can welcome and embrace them, let them speak to us about what is really going on. This is a vital key to a life of what we are looking for, including fearless freedom.

Thus began what was to become Lomi Chi Fifth Chakra Healing.

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and we’ll create a time to talk.

Waves of Aloha love and blessings,


Lomi Chi Fifth Chakra Healing

Lomi Chi Fifth Chakra Healing was developed by Elandra in the course of thirty-five years of Healing Arts study and multimodality professional practice in five Healing Centers, and thirteen years of living in Hawaii practicing the healing teachings.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi means “navigating the path to the stars”. The session takes you on a journey of consciousness to recognition of the origins of your stresses and dysfunctions, and their resulting “welcoming” and possible instant and total healing. Chi refers to the flow of energy both in and out of the body. The session, rather than just a “lay back and feel good” experience, invites your deep involvement into an inner journey, into your subconscious, your Ku.

The scientific work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, and Dr. Candace Pert, molecular biologists, confirm what the Hawaiian wisdom always knew, that your body is your subconscious, and that 95% of your life is lived from your subconscious. Therefore the intention of the session is to discover, own, and reprogram the subconscious into consciously chosen beliefs. Yet we don’t have to figure out – by thinking – how to do this.

Our Western civilization’s healing model of allopathic medicine as health maintenance is a failure and a farce. Recent reports confirm that drugs and surgery are now the leading cause (not third or second cause!) of death in USA. Our populace is drugged by pharmaceuticals, advertising, TV violence and addictive craving for more and more.

Lomi Chi Fifth Chakra Healing was developed in answer to the needs of the times, as a retraining of consciousness into valuing and honoring body, subconscious, and Spirit equally, and as a way to reveal and heal the original origins of your symptomology.

  • You will feel more “at home” in your body, closer to your true self.
  • A new consciousness of your body and its messages will arise.
  • A restructured consciousness of inner self authority and trust.
  • A new inner knowing.
  • A loving of your own body.

A sense of a new lease on life, a new understanding, a lightening, deep peace, sense of inner knowing, of being in the right place at the right time. Release, relief, sense of new horizons, destiny, inner empowerment. Tears, tingling, rushes of warm energy. Sometimes your physical problems instantly, -and most significantly, – permanently healed.

Every session is different and guided by your psyche according to your specific needs. Healing can be said to take place through neural mirroring, imaging, and resonance, also known as psychic surgery, soul retrieval, and soul destiny retrieval. It can also be taken on and completed in the body of the practitioner and then transferred back to you. Sometimes healing is instant, sometimes it takes time.

Appointments are 1.5 to 1.75 hours long.
Investment is by donation, on the basis of “Whatever feels right for you.” *

*“Whatever feels right for you” is a statement suggesting it could be less according to your pocketbook, or more according to your sense of results. In the Hawaiian Indigenous way, there is a choice of exchange that is up to your own trusted sensing.

We give Mahalo, thanks, acknowledgement and gratitude, for the Aumakua, and all teachers who have gone before, and to you for your committed work on healing and evolving yourself.

Please note that the healing modality described above is focused on supporting your responsibility and education for your own choices for healing and health maintenance. It is not claiming to replace the paradigm of medical diagnosis and treatment.

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