Heal Yourself Healthcare

with the Elandra Health Healing Program

How YOU can do something you never thought possible, heal yourself! 

An Expert’s Step-by-Step Guide

This is the Healthcare Trend of the Future! How to self-heal your body’s physical problems.  Now more than 5,000 have experienced Elandra’s healing sessions, trainings and workshops worldwide!

Discover how Elandra, international healer and teacher has helped thousands AND can help you too.

Regardless of what you think of your ability, and regardless of the severity of your ailments,  even if you’ve never healed  anything and don’t even know what it means, and can’t even imagine, even if you have only a few minutes a day to make it happen—this is information and help you need right now.

Not just your Body but your Life practically heals itself!

In addition, the healing training reveals brand new information nobody else has ever heard of before. There’s an important place in your body that is responsible for many dysfunctions – weight, relationship and financial difficulties – and when you find out what that is you actually have a secret ability to heal and be in charge of your own life.

This is the information you’ve been looking for. The information that allowed me to heal cancer, and my own broken bones almost instantly, and will allow you to heal yourself faster than you ever thought possible.

Right now is where the power lies. Forget about what you may have heard from parents, schools, religions, doctors, media and authority figures “those who know” more than you about your body or those who “ain’t done it yet, but sure would like to…” You now have the possibility of healing yourself fast and living fear-free with regard to your body… simply by changing consciousness.

Elandra, your work is powerful” – Louise Hay, renowned healer and author

Twenty years ago I received a special message from a special person which seemed ludicrous to me at the time: “Elandra, you are very powerful.

It was from my patient at the clinic where I started my professional healing career as physical/massage therapist. It was the renowned Louise Hay, author of Heal your Body, Heal your Life.

At that point I had already experienced extraordinary healing power with my broken ankle being miraculously healed…

And others were being healed through my help at our clinic which was fast gaining notoriety as a miracle healing clinic

And I had spent many thousands taking every healing course available in California

And I had learned over thirty three healing modalities!

And worked in five healing centers with medical professionals, doctors and chiropractors,

And altogether I had spent 40 years of my life full time researching and practicing…

Now, this message is no longer ludicrous. The Louise Hay message came many years ago and I have learned much more in that time. What I’ve been doing for over three decades (as a professional international healer, yoga teacher, health and shamanic wisdom healing teacher, midwife, school counselor, seminar leader, minister, researcher, and author) is to develop strategies, techniques and technologies that will turn you, the novice, unbeliever, or already experienced healer, into having an ever more confident relationship to your body’s own self –healing system. This means you don’t go into fear when something happens to your body. It also means you can save a lot of money, which is significant in these times of escalating inflation and out-of-control medical costs.

NOW finally I can offer you this program at a fraction of the huge effort and cost it was to me!  

My most miraculous healing miracle:

One day a client was healed from cancer. He told me he had been battling cancer for four years in all his organs, liver, kidneys, spleen, intestines and bladder. Right in front of my eyes a miracle was happening…this skinny dying man on my massage table was coming back to life and his ghostly grey skin was turning pink. Two weeks later he called to tell me “You won’t recognize me!” and I didn’t… he had put on weight, was suntanned and radiant, and had been declared by all medical tests to be totally free from cancer. From death’s door he was resurrected back to health, in front of my eyes.  I knew it was a permanent healing, in spite of the term “in remission,” which suggests that the problem might come back… When the conditions for healing are met, that’s it!  You can get the full story in my articles and interviews…

See the Testimonials page for further examples of wonderful healing.

My own Miracle Healing

Let me tell you of my own miracle healing, proven by X-rays, that set me on my professional healing career, and sent me on a journey to prove that if this can happen to me it can happen to you too! One day I had a shattered ankle – which the doctor said would be badly deformed if I didn’t immediately have an operation to insert pins through it – next day further X-Rays proved it was perfectly healed! In one day! It took years to even tell my story, for fear people would think I was crazy and “woo woo”! Which they did! Now I don’t care.

Even before this I had already devoted my life to understanding, developing and practicing healing strategies for many decades! After this experience my eyes were opened, I was shocked. Since my broken ankle was healed overnight (I have since  identified eight principles that healed my ankle, along with the eight conditions of healing you will learn about)  I realized that all of what we think and have learned about our bodies, well, NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH. After over three decades of research, of creating, developing and evolving these strategies—techniques that many of my clients are using right now—I’ve encountered some amazing myths, lies – and truths. Let’s start with debunking some myths you’ve swallowed (even if you don’t know when and how these beliefs were programmed into you).

Beliefs about your body that may be killing you

Myth 1. My body is a machine that like a car, needs fixing when it breaks down and only the authorities know how to do that.

Myth 2. My health/healing is a matter of chance, fate, luck or genes.

Myth 3. My body can get sick randomly for no rhyme or reason, get cancer or life threatening problems out of nowhere, and I am helpless in the face of the unknown.

Myth 4. My physical problems, relationship and financial challenges happen to me and cannot be readily solved by me.

Myth 5. My problems have nothing to do with my past repressed pain and trauma, and even if they did, I don’t have enough time, money, opportunity or ability to heal them.

Myth 6. Long distance, “non-local”  “energy healing” hasn’t been scientifically proven.

Myth 7. Non-local healing, even though proven, can’t and won’t happen to me.

Myth 8. Mainstream medicine, doctors, surgery and drugs are the answer to maintaining health.

Myth 9. My health insurance will ensure my health.

Wake up to the truth and just imagine what it would be like to…

  • Never again have to feel helpless, powerless and dependent on anybody or anything to get back your peace and health!
  • Not need to have to run to expensive doctors and therapy!
  • Take back your power – become “patient knows best!” – and make your own decisions with regard to your health, and know that what you are doing, or not, is right for you!
  • Know that Healing means changing, and while growth takes time, change is instant!

Are You Ready?

If you think you’re not ready for my help now, then please ask yourself this question: “How can I heal my body/mind now, feel my soul’s true calling, be successful in life, maintain my health into the future, as I get older, without a lot of suffering, and without spending a vast amount of time and a fortune on totally useless or even damaging “healthcare” called therapy, doctors, or hospitals?”

If you can’t answer that, email me or contact me on Skype elandra.meredith or call 1 206 701 6609, my international Skype number. I’m waiting to hear from you right now, and I look forward to it, and send my Aloha blessings.

What if it’s too hard for me? With the right support, change is easy!

You’ve probably been told it takes years to change or to heal. Nonsense. You can do it instantly, thousands have already. Even if you’ve got a full-time business, career and many other demands on your time.  You’re a busy person, but you can still do it with the right support. When so much is changing as it is these days, the faster we allow change inside the less outer change affects us.

Myths about change are:

  • Change is difficult.
  • Change takes time.
  • I have to figure out how to do it and how to make it happen.

Techniques just for you you’ve never experienced before

Okay, these techniques are not the same old, same old. They are revolutionary insights that will change the way you think about your body from now on, because they are about your thoughts and consciousness. These techniques work for your body, no matter what shape it is in, or how hopeless you feel about it!

But let’s talk about you specifically. You are the person who knows what feeling either drastically out of control, or fantastically in charge, can mean to your career, family or life. You don’t have to be driven any longer by these unwanted attitudes – which you have taken in as truth without even knowing it.

You don’t need any special intelligence or brain that you don’t already have!  Do you know how to talk and how to listen? Then you know how to heal! Healing isn’t like painting or sculpting or playing tennis. You don’t need to spend years learning the basics and mastering the techniques. Your body is already a master healer:  I will be reminding your body how to use them, and hold your hand till you do it.

Your empowered health has nothing to do with luck, or chance.  Follow the stepping stones I’ll set out for you and you’ll be on a direct course for your inner healer to take charge.  I don’t want you to simply get rid of your symptoms. I want to help you realize the origin of your problem – don’t worry its easy! – and if it is something you no longer want, to uproot it permanently and forever.

You see… Healing is not what you think it is.

Even as you read this, a part of you within you is challenging these truths. This is called “normalcy bias”, an inner saboteur  programmed with disempowering beliefs which sets up a fight against change, even in the face of absolute undeniable evidence.  To truly take control of your health and body is going against massive western cultural collective (unconscious) mind conditioning through our parents, schooling and authoritarian society and culture.

Living with these conditioned beliefs (that are not even your own) inside you, embedded in your very DNA and running your life, can make for a very sorry life. In the same way as you need to protect  your computer  against  viruses, parasites, malware and spyware, so  your body being needs help to identify and uninstall the destructive programming. Don’t worry, it’s easy, read on!

More reasons why you can’t afford NOT to be “patient knows best”.

One out of every 3 adults in America already has cancer — but most of them don’t know it yet because the cancer is undiagnosed and undetected.  Every human being has cancer cells existing in the body which are just seeking an acidic, imbalanced PH, fungal yeast overgrowth or low-oxygen environment so they can multiply into a full-blown disease. 

According to the American Cancer Society, there’s a 41% probability that an individual, male or female, will develop cancer in his or her lifetime and die from it. 

When it comes to your health in today’s world, you can’t count on it nor leave it to chance or luck. You must learn and practice self-help healthcaring, and self-healing knowledge for protection.
You need to stay informed about predatory forces at large today, obstacles to normal good health for you and your family:

  • The skyrocketing of childhood allergies and asthma
  • The prevalence of experimental genetically modified foods in your diet
  • The presence of over 60,000 chemicals to which we are at risk of daily exposure through air, food, and water
  • The unprecedented number of vaccines mandated for American children and adults today
  • The ongoing cover-up of the continuing epidemic of autism in the US, which cases today may number anywhere between 1 and 4 million
  • The increasing almost random incidence of malignant tumors in seemingly healthy people who have none of the standard risk factors for cancer
  • The increased pitch of the marketing of prescription drugs, as seen in every possible information medium: TV, internet, magazines, videos, radio, medical literature, etc.
  • The 10% infertility rate among American married couples.
  • The 14% enrollment in learning disability programs for US children.
  • The 1 in 6 rate of children with a neurodevelopment disorder.
  • The 60% overweight and obesity figure among Americans.
  • The epidemic incidence of cancer today among non-risk groups, that is, in children, in individuals who are in apparently good health, not overweight, non-smokers–in other words, cancer in healthy people.

In addition you’re unwittingly and unwillingly participating in highly toxic grand-scale medical and scientific experiments:

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg…we are inundated with lies about our health through the culture’s media. The advertisers of drugs (USA and NZ are the only countries where it is legal) are slyly co-opting the buzz words from natural and alternative healing so the public doesn’t know who or what to believe! Big Pharma is the biggest business in the world, with a mind boggling two trillion spent on drugs.

Additionally you are deliberately kept in the dark about the latest in consciousness science…

This coaching program in itself, valued at $1,689 is yours absolutely free. It’s all part of what you get when you order “How YOU can do Something You Never Thought Possible, Heal Yourself!  with The Elandra Health Healing Program, an Expert’s Step-by-Step Guide”.

You will be sent by email up to 100 pages of priceless information. A one week workshop with Elandra costs $1500 in itself.

This package in all costs just $697!  However for a limited time, I’m taking $100 off the price, so you pay only $597.

But now – because of the economy – there is a further discount. Your price for the entire package is just $397 US or $397 NZ. That’s not a misprint!

And if this deal isn’t fantastic enough already, you can break the price of the entire package into three easy monthly payments of $132.33.


Elandra offers both online and in-person private appointments. Email Elandra@healthhealing.org for details.

Disclaimer: Please note that Elandra’s work is focused on supporting your responsibility and education for your own choices for self-healing and health maintenance. It is not claiming to replace the paradigm of medical diagnosis and treatment. Furthermore, this information is not intended to prevent, treat, or cure disease conditions or to affect the structure or function of the body. It is for educational purposes only, and not to be considered medical advice, diagnostic or prescriptive. I am not a doctor. Always consult with your doctor.

What Quantum Science has discovered … and the role of belief in genes/DNA  

Revolutionary information from Dr. Bruce Lipton says we are not the victims of our genes. We create our genes and beliefs according to our perceptions, which means that the widespread belief that because a family member has died of cancer etc. means that you have the genes and will also die early – is blatantly false! The conclusion is overwhelmingly empowering:  You can be self-sovereign and consciously take charge of your genes, healing and life.
This is what quantum science is confirming about your body and mind:

 “Your body is your subconscious, your subconscious is your body,” Dr. Candace Pert


“You are 95% governed by your subconscious beliefs,” Dr. Bruce Lipton


“Your unconscious is 100 times more powerful than your conscious intent,” Dr. William Tiller

So when you are 95% governed by your subconscious beliefs and don’t know it (that means only 5 % of you is aware and awake!) that means you are floundering through life only 5% aware, creating all kinds of havoc because you are not aware of what is inside you of sabotaging beliefs (in the subconscious) that are not in alignment or congruent with your conscious intent and goals!

Toxic Success:  Cult of Consumerism & “Better Than” Chauvinism

Let me tell you a story that changed my life. I was once a beautiful movie star in London sitting on New Year’s Eve at the most expensive restaurant in Europe with the richest man in Europe. Right in front of my eyes – he sat opposite me – he collapsed forward over the table. His face disappeared into his soup! They nonchalantly removed him while the other table guests took no notice. I was appalled to see that all his money and fame could not take care of his health or his life. There and then I made a resolution to learn all I could about what it takes. Paul Pearsall reports in “Toxic Success” that his dying patients when asked what they would do differently if they had their life and career over again responded, “I’d find out what my life was truly about, I’d learn how to heal my body and mind and maintain my health. I would spend more time loving myself, my family, and help others to do the same.”

The Elandra Health Healing Program gives you:

  • Training in the consciousness that allows for freedom of perception, belief and change
  • Training in the 8 principles of self-healing maintenance of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies
  • Training in the 8 conditions of healing
  • Training in healing others (once you can do it for yourself you have the ability and knowledge to help others)
  • A healing that is like a clearing out of corrupted files, unwanted sabotaging belief and conditioning from parental/ancestral beliefs
  • Cellular restructuring, and retrieving/restoring energy and beliefs that are in your highest and best interest
  • A remarkable multitude of techniques and tips for your benefit gleaned from 40 years research and practice in the field
  • Much much more!

There has never before in the history of this planet been more reason to take your health and life into your own hands.  And truth, integrity and heart-centeredness must be at the core of do-it-yourself heal yourself healthcare, the trend of the future.  For all these reasons, you MUST have a real live person of integrity standing beside you, and behind any ads or claims, and degrees and credentials you are going to put out your valuable money for.

So here is my unprecedented first time offer:

For the first time from Elandra, internationally known as a Master Healer, “Medical Intuitive” Medicine Woman, Shaman, Healing Teacher, Health Trainer and Coach: – How YOU can do Something You Never Thought Possible, Heal Yourself! with The Elandra Health Healing Program – An Expert’s Step-by-Step Guide

With the program you get my personal phone number and email address. On any business day, you can email, connect through Skype, or dial this number and the phone rings for me, no secretary, and no intermediary. Can you imagine the value? I can literally lead you step by step through the whole process of changing your consciousness to allow healing successes and miracles like many have. With my experienced support and guidance, it won’t take you any time at all.

No program on the planet gives you this kind of access for healing mentoring. You may have concerns coming up as you are in the process of reclaiming your own energy and power in life. You need unbiased and professional answers.

As I say to my students, if you’re serious about succeeding as your own healthcare provider, then I’m serious about making it happen for you. If I have to drag you kicking and screaming into the world of healing, then that’s what I’m going to do. Some of my students have even mentioned that I’m more committed to their success than they are!

So I’m going to be connecting with you for 15 minutes every fortnight for six full weeks, to see where you are, where you want to be, what’s holding you back and actually get into the nitty gritty of your own health. You’ve got personalized coaching sessions with me tailored to precisely where you are and what you want to accomplish.

One of the main reasons these coaching sessions work like magic is because a lot of the time you simply need someone, an accomplished someone – who has actually experienced instant healing, is seasoned with multitudes of disciplines and successes, has vast experience and has taught thousands about health and healing – telling you that you can do it, that you can heal your body and your life – yourself.

So this is what you will be getting:

1. A stepping stone program of up to 50 pages delivered to you by email, packed with tips, techniques and tactics for enabling you to support and transform your body faster than you ever thought possible, gleaned from the vast experience, research and essence of Elandra’s healing consciousness work of 40 years.

2. A Coaching Program. When you get the information you’ll email me to set up the best day and the best time for me to call you. Every second week, for eight weeks, I’ll call you for 15 minutes and we’ll take a look at where you are, just me and you on the phone, discussing your progress. And if you feel you haven’t made any progress since that last call, not to worry. I’ll give you help that will make it easier for you. No judgments, no feeling bad about what you’ve done, or not done. I’m there to offer encouragement no matter where you are, or how quickly you’re progressing. I can virtually take you by the hand and help you make your ongoing health a reality.

3. A 3-5 minute customized video created just for you by me Elandra for the miracle healing of your unique body and its needs.

4. A  15 minute long-distance healing.

5. A  daily prayer and blessing (any time it’s needed during the 6 weeks).

6. A special gift: one track from Antion’s One in the Goddess Sound Healing CD sent as an MP3 by email. This CD has supported the healing of thousands around the world, and helped heal a dying patient (cancer in his prostate, liver, lungs, and kidneys) who (two weeks after one session) was declared “in remission”, healed, free from cancer.  what people are saying about it:  “A masterpiece…impeccably conceived…world class talent…profound mastery…a treasure…truly magnificent…heaven right here on earth…exquisite…utterly soulful…deeply authentic…”chicken skin”…awesome…incredible blend…immaculate presence…remarkable…joy and peace filled…extremely unique…played it for daughter’s birth…  father’s transition… wore it out…”

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