Healing the Inner Selves

Emotional Healing in Challenging Times

Elandra and Antion share their learnings and wisdoms in their wide range of courses and music events

As the Earth intensifies its healing process we are experiencing trials on a daily basis. For the unprepared this is taking a big toll on emotional wellbeing and peace of mind. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or scared by your feelings and reactions to events unfolding in the world and in your own life this workshop is for you.

“I used to say to God all the time “Look God, I promise you that, if you show me what I can do to make myself feel better, I will do it without fail until I do! (feel better, that is) For many years I struggled and suffered until I was shown the techniques that healed my consciousness. Now I want to share them with you so you too can – not only feel better – but love your life – right now!” — Antion.

This workshop is based on emotional healing techniques developed separately by Elandra and Antion, and together (39 years), plus tools that they mastered in the evolution of their own healing process. You will learn:

  • The real reason why you experience painful challenges in your life
  • Why unhealed past issues in your unconscious psyche cause the pain in your present
  • Techniques to instantly make you feel better when you are suffering
  • How to open and energize your throat chakra, key to emotional healing
  • Alleviate stress and related conditions such as chronic sadness, fear and depression.

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