Kundalini Yoga with Antion & Elandra – Weekly NZ News Update

Dear yoga friends, we love hearing how yoga is supporting you and even creating miracles in your life! Here is one story from Lauren:
How a miracle happened as a result of practicing the meditation we learned in Kundalini Yoga!
“I was rushing for the bus and I dropped my iPhone!  I felt so stressed out about it – it would cost a few hundred dollars to replace it, I would no longer have access to my photos, the internet from my phone, etc. Then I started thinking well maybe I’m better off without my phone – it’s just a thing and I shouldn’t be attached to it. I decided to let it go and I used the meditation we had just learned, with thumb to each finger, to help me detach. I started realizing how I get so worried about small things and it made me appreciate more of what I do have.
The next day, I decided to take a later bus. I talked to a girl who was waiting and she said she found my phone on the curb and turned it in to the Orewa police station! What are the chances someone would find my phone on the curb, that it wasn’t run over by cars and that they would be honest enough to turn it in?! I hugged her. I was just really happy about that.
Somehow when I let go of any expectations, it just came back to me. Doing the meditation really  helps me realize not to get too attached to material things. I even blessed my phone with love when I thought it was gone and started the process of letting go, and so the universe created its way of getting it back to me. That’s a miracle, and wow, the learnings were miracles too!” – Lauren Orlina
We continue on Tuesday with special focus on Sacred Voice Healing Sound Meditations
 for personal & planetary evolution & transformation.
See you there!
Love, blessings and hugs,
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Antion & Elandra Weekly NZ Update – Kundalini Yoga for a New Earth

We have just finished a wonderful weekend at “Voices of Sacred Earth”.  Antion’s presentation “Sacred Voice for a Sacred Earth” was so enthusiastically received that Antion is inspired to permanently include Sacred Voice as a half hour focus during Tuesdays Kundalini Yoga classes.
Each class will include elements of the workshop as described below:
Sacred Voice for a Sacred Earth – Healing Sound Meditations for personal & planetary evolution & transformation Continue reading
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From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing and Love Beyond the Spotlight Vol 1

JiaYu-G3-New-ROM-Firmware016Elandra Kirsten Meredith had the world at her feet.  The gorgeous model, actress and Hammer Films ‘femme fatale’ had fame, beauty and a jet setting lifestyle in the swinging London of the 60s. Falling in love with a rock star-turned-yoga teacher she abandoned celebrity in favor of Yoga Ashram eco-living during the 70s spiritual revolution sweeping California.    Continue reading

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Book Testimonial!

“I spoke with Antion yesterday and he told me of your book on Kindle. I downloaded it immediately and read it in one sitting. Such a beautiful, spiritual, magical, real, loving, holographic story. I was deeply touched, inspired and found myself tearing up as I do when touched by spirit.
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“Elandra, I just have to share with you that something incredible happened in the class on Tuesday. Even though I couldn’t do all the physical exercises I still could do them in my mind… which was very powerful. Within me for many years was a stubborn stagnation, and finally in the class it was somehow opened up, and the stuckness freed, so I could feel new energy circulating. Next day I felt very different and then, wow, I really noticed it as I was chanting, my voice, after feeling squeezed for so long, was so very full, long, strong and clear!” Edna

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Dear Kundalini Yoga Friends

We, Antion and I are back at Kawaipurapura on Tuesdays at 6pm to 7.30pm and look forward to our further transformation together!
This Tuesday Antion will not be there, so I will be leading yoga, presenting a powerful meditation, and a gong meditation.  Antion is in Seattle until 22nd, supporting our daughter (who lost her beloved husband to cancer), and on 14th  he and our two daughters celebrated their triple valentines birthday together. Continue reading
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Antion & Elandra’s 6 Week Course!

Contact us: Call 09 947 0404, email elandrahealthhealing@gmail.com
Yoga lovers and friends, we are back in NZ and eager to see you at our beloved Kawaipurapura, back
“home” in Prema room on Tuesdays!
Antion’s Transformational Live Hawaiian music and Inspirational Kirtan
Antion & Elandra’s 6 week course is rich in tools, techniques and tips for joyous living and loving in our new paradigm.

The practices – movement, mantra, meditation, chant and breathing – create:

  • A wakeup call into every cell in your body
  • Every organ and muscle feeling its own deliciousness
  • Experiencing your natural multidimensional state
  • Reinventing and re-empowering yourself
  • Boosting your self-healing & self-worth into super health
  • Group consciousness cocreation in nurturing, supportive community
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Antion & Elandra Updates

ELANDRA & ANTION NEWS  A big warm open-armed hug to our valued worldwide friends! I love feeling the Aloha undiminished by time, space and place, and when I scroll down through your names and pictures (on facebook) I get this ear to ear smiling feeling of the love increasing as we support each other onwards. Thanks for your continued wonderful connection, in cyberspace and by virtue of Yoga/Healing/Chant sessions, retreats, concerts, CDs and books. Continue reading

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Inviting you to Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Tao Garden Thailand and Chiang Mai and Mantak Chia, and Angela Longo, all are most amazing.
We, Antion Vikram Singh Meredith and I will be there through November – January 2014. The Tao Garden is an  incredible place to present our mind- blowing ‘head to heart’ authentic transformational music, chant and loving workshops. Join us for our secrets of conscious lasting relationships, tantric yoga and chant, ageless living, miracle healing…
We are firming up the details soon, with Angela Longo, and DrTom Get Your Body Back with Tom Yarema Sumer Joy Yarema, all old aloha friends, all supporting each other in our transformational work!
So save your money, friends, get ready for the time of your life, join us! We will lead a Sacred Sites and Sounds journey, including helping you to the best medical tourism, Chiang Mai is fantastic for superb dentistry one tenth price of anywhere else. Watch www.healthhealing.org for the latest news, as well as Tao Garden websites, all info to come.
Read my book ‘From Stardom to Wisdom’ and gorgeous ones, stay in touch with WOW! Walking Our Wisdom and WOW! Women of Wisdom workshops to come soon in Kawai Purapura New Zealand. We are all ONE in Aloha, supporting each other, connected through NZ, Hawaii and Chiang Mai.

In Joy,

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Review of “Why Is This Happening To Me Again” Workshop


On September 14, 2013 I was privileged to attend a workshop by Antion called “Why Is This Happening To Me Again.”  The major goal was for Antion to share his hard-won wisdom on Healing the Emotional Body with a small group of earnest seekers of various ages and experiences.
I have rich and widely eclectic spiritual experience plus a professional background in therapeutic work as an MSW.  Many of his teachings were familiar.  They had the advantages of being well organized, heart-felt and easy to implement.
Most valuable to me was listening to Antion share his significant personal experiences.  He was candid about his family and the long spiritual path he has traveled.  He spoke of the discovery of teachers and his thoughtful inspired synthesis and development of techniques to overcome depression and anger.  He makes certain that all he shares is practical and applicable for everybody.
Antion is a caring and articulate speaker with a passion for sharing his spiritual wisdom.

by Vigil Alkana, MSW

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