Haha – We’re Getting Younger

Here in NZ Antion was just accosted by a security guard outside the store who told him that if he was 70 he had to have somebody else shop for him! Haha, so from now on we are 69. (Except at airports where it is an advantage to be over 70).

We are under lockdown for a month, which makes no difference to me, as I live my life as a retreat anyway. Not used to going out, no need to go anywhere, we walk a minute to our wonderful beach, run, dance salsa, do yoga and chi gung, meditate together 3x a day, and eat wonderful simple meals.

But we have quit – what I do love so much  –  hugging friends,  but  then, there are good things, like dolphins in the canals in Venice,  and some smog filled skies in the world are now clear! Of course I like to believe that this catalyst can—potentially—be the impetus for a long-dreamed of transformation within our soul, as our inner constitution can be re-written in a way that helps us to become free…

“The coronavirus pandemic is a form of collectively shared trauma to which no one is immune. The virus is multidimensional—having a micro and macro aspect—in that it doesn’t just shock our system, it shocks “the system.” – Paul Levy

Actually in a way some of us are somewhat immune. Some, indeed many of us, have been preparing for this for a long time. Along with multitudes of change-makers and light-workers in the world and especially in my closer circles in NZ, Hawaii and California, we have been working together towards what will be a new world.

Our dear friend, Michael Fleck, long time impassioned activist, creator and leader of Sacred Journeys in NZ and Hawaii, says, “We have been, and continue to be, the change we have yearned to see in ourselves, our country, and around our planet. More than a fringe tribe, more than an ‘alternative’ from the ‘mainstream’ — we are a vibrant new culture embedded in the social organism, interwoven throughout the fabric of Gaia”.

One thing we know, it’s a catalyst for the Great Shift, for the worldwide prophecies of The Great Turning, The Ascension, The Great Purification, The Harvest.  The Great Reckoning, The Breakdown, The Great Unraveling, The Collapse, The Great Huli, (Hawaiian), Te Huringa, (Maori).

As my dear friends Richard and Laura Leigon say, “The times that we are moving into are exciting, filled with the opportunity to rise above the hidden shadow worlds that have continued to systematically oppress/dis-empower others.  These new times are liberating and self-empowering.”


Yep, this is mandatory evolution time for all humanity. Human consciousness is in a transition from controlling patriarchal authoritarianism and intellectualism into the valuing of a heart-based new species of humanity, one that embodies high frequency nurturing consciousness.

Of course there are intense challenges, as Dr.Lissa Rankin, MD, says, “How do you respond if your go-to distractions are taken away? What if you’re unable to indulge an addiction like workaholism or sex addiction—because your addiction requires you to leave the home? What if you’re in recovery, but the stress of all this is making you want to fall off the wagon?

Elandra and Gary Cook

What if you’ve been practicing spiritual bypassing, just meditating your pain away and practicing positive thinking, only the events of the world are now seeping through your defenses and you’re unprepared for all these emotions? What if you’re an extrovert who lives alone and relies on touching other people to bolster your mood? How will you cope? What are your go-to strategies for getting by, and how else can you get through this and stay healthy?”

We’re on the “hero’s journey” so it’s an initiation. What an opportunity!  A big challenge for us is to not worry too much…  Especially   about others… But I feel I am getting better at that.

Even the fear of death, “a clearing house for useless identities”, nah, no fear for me.  I will never die ‘of’ something, I will die because it’s my time, my chosen time. Woody Allen says, “I’m not afraid of death; just don’t want to be there when it happens”. Well, I want to be there when the great change of address happens!

Antion and Gary Cook

Because I actually believe what my dear friend Marianne Luken says about me,

“My friend Elandra is deliciously irreverent, unfailingly honest, intensely effervescent….although she is apparently ageless, should she ever decide to release herself from the bonds of earth, breath and body, she will certainly not start resting in peace. Not a chance. She’ll be an unfettered dancing angel of light and love, shining so brightly that astronomers will be astounded at the sudden appearance of the new celestial twinkle”.

Haha, that’s me!

Love you ever so much!


Antidote, Breathe! lots Vitamin C!

PS. So right now we don’t know whether the Sacred Journey will be happening, and even when we can travel – as planned beginning in May, to Hawaii, Phoenix, Texas, Florida and California.

I love the word for family in Hawaiian, Ohana, “Those who breathe together”. We are in this together and together we can transform ourselves and the world.

So here we go together, inhale through your nostrils,

Open, allow, allow and relish, the air, the prana coming in,

Long, deep, expanding your belly,

Then your ribcage,

Cherish it, hold it… love it…smile to it

Then let it go…out… out… along with stresses of the day,

Plus everything you are ready and want to let go of…

Ahh, lovely, and again inhale … and keep breathing deeply