JUNE 10-27, 2020

from Aotearoa New Zealand, to the Magic And Mystery of Hawaii


“The world will turn to Hawaii as they search for world peace,
because Hawaii has the key, and that key is Aloha.”
– Pilahi Paki, Kahuna and Wisdom Keeper.

The Spiritual Essence of Hawaii is probably one of the most felt, but least understood, experiences of Hawaii Nei (the collective islands of Hawaii.)  Hawai’i, the very word means home and so is a calling to Home Within.

Ha means breath and wai means water, so Ha-wai is the very substance of your body. You remember and feel the call to this mysterious “within” that will not let you go. It’s an ongoing call to embody love; it’s cellular healing, and the feeling is, that in the presence of this energy of Aloha, there can be no discord, disharmony, and no illness. Only purity of perception and thought.

And then what happens is that feeling immersed in love, honoring and safety, there you are, evoking dreams, long lost precious feelings, radiating sensations of a wholeness of being, a fullness of fulfillment, a dreaming of an infinitely ecstatic intimacy of beingness, a feeling of the inexplicable and enigmatic and ineffable sweetness of everything!

Surrounded by the vast immensity of oceans the Hawaiian Islands are some 2,500 miles from any land mass. Home to the largest crystal, some of the highest mountains in the world, and the tallest undersea mountain, the islands of Hawaii are circled by limitless blueness of sea and sky, and graced with innumerable sparkling waterfalls and endless sun drenched beaches. The sheer beauty arouses deep feelings, ancient longings, initiation deep in the soul, back to the dreamed of paradise, Heaven on Earth, the Garden of Eden.  What happens in Hawaii stays with you forever; you fall in love with yourself there.

In early 1993 we landed as if shipwrecked in Kauai on an island all brown and wrecked from the recent devastating hurricane, but still reeking of unimaginable Paradise! The stories and sense of another dimension is profound, just a thin goosebumps veil away.

“Aloha is to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen
And to know the unknowable.”Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii

 I love this quote because Aloha came to me as the answer to my fervent life-long hunger for a transcendent consciousness and wisdom. Aloha has many levels of meaning; used as a greeting it’s similar to Kia Ora in New Zealand or Namaste in India, “my soul greets your soul.” The syllables of the word make up the meaning “the joyful sharing of life energy in the present.”

But it means so much more! It means the feeling of the presence of Divinity, the Infinite, the Creator and the Creation, right here, right now…And this feeling engenders a delicious state of loving acceptance towards all, that allows no person or part (including oneself) to be left out. It is the feeling of being home, of being gifted with God, at the Source. It is Supreme Love, Divine Love, balanced Love, – beyond romantic, sentimental or attached Love.

The very word is a code, and when chanted, becomes a portal, a doorway to a dimension of living in a way that holds an authentic in-the-moment consciousness, synonymous with happiness! And it’s energy, a mindset, an ‘attention’, cognition, a consciousness, magical… yet totally present and practical.

You will define it for yourself! For me and for so many, it’s a calling to your soul’s love!  It draws you inexorably as if by the Pied Piper, irresistibly, onwards, and inwards, through the melodious sweet and joyful music, sounds of the soul – for the soul.

Transformation happens, you make huli, turn, shifts, you oki, release, you turn your life to the sacred, to serving your own divine destiny, your true Kuleana, calling… to what is more than you and beyond you, to your multidimensional being, who you really are…  You may recognize yourself as a “living treasure” a Kupuna, the older the better, rather than “an old woman” or man. You remember who you really are!

And the aromas of the ‘‘aina, – land held sacred, honored and cherished -, the extraordinary loveliness of the tropical flower leis, the whispering  fragrances, the heavenly air, the elements of nature, the exquisite ferns, the power of the rain, rivers, ocean and mountains –  all with names resonating mysticism, attraction, mystery, all luring us on, all whispering intoxicatingly, “Come, come, give up everything, come to me, we love you, and you know, my beloved, that love  is  all that matters!”

Pictured above: Elandra with Michael Fleck & Osher, co-navigators of the upcoming Sacred Journey to Hawaii

Michael says, “We gather and journey as a family of friends (‘ohana’, ‘whanau’). We share costs of accommodation and ground transport. Whenever possible, we share food together, from available markets and healthy shops or restaurants.

“This is not a commercial tour package with in-built profits. You may join our group at any time between June 9 and 27, and depart sooner or later. Best to book flights and register as soon as you can.”

The kaona – the hidden meanings, the levels and layers of meaning within the language, that’s it, it’s the language of soul! Hearing these soul awakening chants, in a language mysterious and exotic, a language just for loving and honoring the Creator, and the Earth, the Creation!

And you feel Goddess, She with a capital, SHE whose energy is synonymous with all the forces of Nature. The island, Nature itself, reveals its secrets to you, within the ancient vibrations of a culture which knows about consciousness, miracle healing and how this happens, about simultaneous worlds, and does not deny the unusual, yet cloaks it from uninitiated view.

Above all, Aloha – you can’t define it! It’s a very personal thing because it’s a feeling, something you have to feel for yourself, and define for yourself. The frequency radiates the joy of oneness and collaboration, and permeates the heiau,sacred sites. It carries an invitation to come home, to the land of transformation, Hawaii.

More info coming and watch for updates on

Can’t wait to hug you and share with you some amazing experiences, stories, places and people,

In Joy,

And love,


We, Antion and I – now 4 years married – wherever we go we love sharing LOVE as AWAKENED ONENESS AWARENESS, with Yoga, Sacred Voice, Sacred Sites, Sacred Relationship, Healing, Love, Nature, Community, Transformation, Goddess, Love, Joy, and yay, Hugging!

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