Where in the World Are We today?

Wondering, upon awakening in yet another bed…  Today, now, in Florida awaiting a hurricane on Sunday, my birthday!

Gas station no gas left… sense of unease… big thunder… maybe evacuation… Still, adventure, no problem, all full of love and fun in the joy of being here with a dear friend in her beautiful place on a lake.

Last night nearby, on the beach, our favorite exercise, Salsa dancing. Tomorrow morning on a trail a mile away our marathon runner daughter races by, parents watching and cheering her on.

Last few newsletters were focusing on my unbelievable-non-believable-big-attention-getting-Heart-Attack-in-India. I am wowed, still in wonderment and gratitude for you all, for all friends’ love…

As my dear NZ friend Carolyn wrote  on Facebook, “Holding our beloved Elandra Kirsten Meredith in love and light, knowing she will “”pop up” Full  of Health And Vitality with a Big Grin on Her Lovely Face and Say Boo!!!”

– Elandra

A large vision – Awakened Oneness Awareness

Having received a massive 4000 strong outpouring of love, no wonder I’m still here and ever grateful with a bigger grin and bigger boo! than ever before, haha! And now, can you believe, I’m Facebook friends with my angioplasty doctor who had said, “It was an honor to work on the yoga teacher from NZ” and sent me a friend request.

But I wonder, funny thing, did that thing called “Heart attack” really happen? Somehow I don’t believe it… haha, must have been a mistake, wrong country, town, and hospital, patient, wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment – no wonder I was not scared, it was AN ILLUSION! But the Love is not, so whenever I sit down to write to you, my dear change-maker soul-friends, (many of you originally clients/ students); my heart opens with grateful feelings as expressed by Pierre Teilard de Chardin, 

“There is an almost sensual longing for communion with others who have

 A LARGE VISION. The immense FULFILLMENT of the friendship between those engaged in furthering the evolution of consciousness has a quality impossible to describe”. 

I love it because this big heart-opening feeling of COMMUNION, this AWAKENED ONENESS AWARENESS, well, it’s love, BIG LOVE… Feeling this direct dialed-up hooked-up tapped-in connection with the Infinite power, is 

Why I Love My Work and why it is not ‘work’ but joy. When you feel it, you remember that you KNOW with deep knowingness that we are not separate and alone! 

My big Passion and Calling is about regaining our God-given Super-Powers, Consciousness, and Miracles of Healing such as I have personally experienced (and therefore know that you too can) and to Heal Women and Men’s Trauma through Rematriating the Planet.  Researching the suppressed history of the Planet shows  man was not originally wired for continuous war and violence, and that there were numerous ancient civilizations advanced enough (in love not technology) to raise pyramids by mental and emotional power. The real miracle of course is to be able to live in peace! That’s my big vision and I know ALL my life’s experiences were initiations to prepare me for these times.

And share my stories, which stoke my determination that we will do it, rematriate the planet …because, after all, never before in the history of humanity has there been such a huge population of humanity numbering 7 billion upon this earth. I like to think that must mean we have a massive opportunity. that we the ‘cultural creatives’ (CCs) and ‘conscious evolutionaries’(CEs) are manifesting critical mass to co-create the greatest field (CCTGF) of conscious evolutionary love (CEL), resonance and social synergy (RASS) the world has ever seen –yay! Ha, what else is there!? You know?

“Nothing Ever Goes Wrong in My Reality” said Nityananda when asked, “What do you do when something goes wrong?” Upon hearing that, there and then I decided, OK, that’s my mantra, to challenge myself to believe this with every breath no matter what. So during my time in Intensive Care in the hospital, while groaning in unison with the guy in the bed next to me, at least a part of me…was remembering…and I know will be when my time comes to happily die, to change address.  

Visiting “The Nature Lovers Paradise” as they call  southwest Florida, have spent a few wonderful weeks with our daughter in North Port, and now enjoying a beautiful joyous time in what feels like Aloha – Gulf Port!

Guess what, I saw my first snake, 5 feet, almost stepped on it, more scared than me, and also saw my first alligator and first Black Panther!  I Love Nature so feel at home where our daughter lives, and Antion’s cousin, near the beauty of massive nature parks and vast waters of lakes, rivers and ocean. Many of you know that one of my crazy ideal-way-of life-dreams is to live (and die) deep in nature, off the grid off the matrix in some warm place, far from civilization and signs of modern materialism. Perhaps the closest was spending 5 years in a yurt in Kauai right after the hurricane getting close and friendly with wild life, feral cats, cockroaches, wild chickens, and wild winds, talking to the trees,  wow, world of wisdom, a joy,  even though the river flooded and swallowed up my most prized beloved healing crystals and books. So in my heart I like to think of myself as a minimalist, even though I can’t imagine life without certain things. Like my various teeth cleaning devices.

So am I a ‘Minimalist because I have downsized, rarely shop, wear old and pre-loved clothes and able to live out of a suitcase for months on end?  Hmmm, a paradox, certainly my laptop is not minimal; it’s passionately ever more addicted to accumulating files and folders of knowledge and research, it has a life of its own, working on 10 books at once. But hey, I did it, the almost impossible, I fasted, succeeded in fasting from reading and writing for just one day – only one single day! Anyway, about minimalism, and talking about

 ‘Irony’ and Paradox, have been  experiencing a bit of the opposite of minimalism… While visiting our daughter and son-in-law (now  in Dallas moved from Seattle), Antion laughs, “Haha, how funny, it’s like they are  Living ‘The American Dream’ and we are living it through them, palatial house, pool and all!”  Oh my, on this trip to mainland USA, everything is so huge; I feel I’ve dropped in from another Planet!!! Has my life now become that simple? Certainly in contrast to aspects of the past,  first having been exposed to the hedonistic excesses of the rich and famous and leaving it all in 1972  to live with 30 yoga students in  ashram yoga center with no job, no, meat, alcohol, TV, nor radio, it’s all amazing… And then for me being originally from tiny Denmark, and coming from the smallness of NZ and Hawaii, (and in spite of a brief celebrity past plus previous travels around the world and USA), everywhere we go, Phoenix, Dallas, Oklahoma, we find family and  some friends are living in huge and palatial environments, amazing elegant  houses in magnificent gated communities, surrounded  with such hugeness  of  space, multileveled freeways,  imaginative architecture, beautiful huge commercial  buildings and churches,  vast malls and stores, everything  so tasteful and  clean…So, it’s wow,  jaw dropping! As well as a mindboggling contrast to six weeks in chaotic India.   

But what I value most of all in our USA stays, is dear family, and dear friends! And next, wow, what a joy to easily access ORGANIC, fantastic INEXPENSIVE FOOD, everywhere and in great variety at the health food stores.

I want and need to share, so much more, share  what is closest to me, what matters most, and rant and rave to my heart’s content, so my blog  is  coming….

And yay! Antion’s Blog is up at www.antion.info/blog

Antion’s blog is mind-boggling to many, is well-loved already as it contains amazing detail on the musical happenings of the 50s onwards and photos of those times in his Vic Briggs rock star world gigs, his music history memory is extraordinary, seems the world has a fascination with the history of celebrities, so we keep being astonished at what shows up of photos we have never seen before.  I love his once-rejected-now-accepted rock ‘n roll persona showing up; they actually got him up on stage in both Thailand and India singing “Johnny Be Good”.  I made a page for him on Facebook called “Antion a Star in 3 Cultures. “

As for me, the London 70s actress Kirsten Lindholm, my wonder never ceases at how fan letters keep arriving asking for my autograph  and invitations to Conventions to sign pictures.  On amazon some entrepreneur is selling a photo (a small mediocre black and white) of me for $29.90, comes from Finland at the cost of $10 postage as our daughter sent for it!

These reminders of my past (also once rejected now accepted!) are amusing, such as for the first time I found and watched the filming of a live theatre show series I was cast in, a comedy, now showing on You tube, (my role is Ingrid girlfriend of one of the doctors in training).  Here’s the link in case you want a laugh, “Doctor in the House”, LondonWeekend, 1971, called “Hot off the presses” = 2 ep 09   Doctor in the House Series 2 EP 09 Hot Off The Presses

2022 Big Celebration! Celebrating All Year Long our 50th Wedding Anniversary!  BIG or small GET TOGETHERs, we have 3 years notice, join us wherever we are! May 11th is the day.

Our Upcoming Travels, now till April 2020 See https://healthhealing.org/calendar/ for the dates.

With regard to Thailand Retreats and Medical Tourism, on June 16th 2018, I experienced the sudden  heartbreaking loss of a dear friend, collaborator and visionary, Craig Maas. That plus the loss of my then acting business partner has placed my work on hold for the moment, but still, my love for Chiang Mai and my friends, (and best dentist ever, and best ever massage therapist) are calling me (and you too  if you like!) …and so it continues on an informal basis.

Can’t wait to see you along the way!

Waves of Aloha Love and Blessings,

– Elandra



We, Antion and I – now 47 years married – wherever we go we love sharing LOVE as AWAKENED ONENESS AWARENESS, with Yoga, Sacred Voice, Sacred Sites, Sacred Relationship, Healing, Love, Nature, Community, Transformation, Goddess, Love, Joy, and yay, Hugging!

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