“Heart Attack” What!? Me? No Way!

Dear friends,

Your incredible outpouring of love, so many hundreds of loving blessings messages, is making me sob! Thank you so much, would love to respond personally when I can.

Antion had posted on Facebook, “I am requesting your prayers and healing energy for my beloved wife Elandra who is presently in intensive care in the Lakshmi Hospital in Kochi, Kerala, S. India. She developed chest pains earlier this morning (Sunday 7th) and they were so severe that she was taken to hospital. Personally, I think the pains are related to digestive issues that she has had all week long, since leaving the Ayurvedic center where we were for two weeks. But the doctor thinks that there might be some cardiac issues so he is holding her in IC in case”.

And on Sunday April 7th, he writes, “So it was a heart attack and one of her heart arteries was blocked. Acute myocardial infarction is the medical name for a heart attack. A heart attack is a life-threatening condition that occurs when blood flow to the heart muscle is abruptly cut off, causing tissue damage. This is usually the result of a blockage in one or more of the coronary arteries. So she had the angioplasty. The doctor showed me the whole thing in a series of videos. Elandra will be in intensive care for 24 hours, then transferring to a regular room for a few days. Thank you for all your kind words, prayers and healing energy.

About Heart Attacks

In my case, though life threatening, it was only a small artery. The procedures were simple and quick and I watched the whole time.
It’s worth knowing about angiogram and angioplasty, as we all know people, even youth, who have died suddenly of heart attacks. Here’s a description of what is done when you arrive at the hospital.

You’ll have an angiogram before your angioplasty to look inside your arteries and check where these blockages are and how much they’re blocked. An angiogram often happens as part of the same procedure. An angioplasty may take only about 30 minutes. Then comes the angiogram, a catheter – a fine, flexible, hollow tube – is passed into an artery in arm. At the tip of the catheter is a small inflatable balloon and a small tube of stainless steel mesh called a stent. Some dye (contrast) is injected into the catheter so that your arteries can be seen on an x-ray screen. The catheter is then passed up to your heart and into a coronary artery until its tip reaches the narrow or blocked section. The balloon on the end of the catheter is then gently inflated so that it squashes the fatty deposits (the atheroma) against the artery wall, widening the artery.

My Reflections on Death and Dying

Well, I Made It out Alive –

… to this dimension of reality for now. So here I am fine and well, and in fascination at my experience. I did not know what would happen so just had to surrender to it. Like getting on a some thrilling ride at Disneyland for the fun of it, but only this time not knowing if you make it back. And it didn’t seem to matter!

But the pain was intense, and I did think I might die so told Antion to video my last words to you all between the groans. The nurses looked shocked, like I should not talk about death! (I don’t want anyone to see this video, cos I look almost dead – no make-up crew around like I used to have for my movies.)

Hey, just a few months ago an MD told me after testing that I have the cardio health of a 20-30 year old! So I was in total wonderment the whole time, no anxiety.

Reflections On Deeper Causes Of Loss Of Health

Interesting to go to India for the -ostensible- purpose of Panchakama which is supposed to be about detoxing. And then have a heart attack right afterwards! And be prescribed a slew of medications that I am supposed to be taking for a year, or for life! The Doctor congratulated me on my health, says could have happened at age 40 if had not lived a healthy lifestyle, taken care of my diet and exercise etc.
In the process of beginning research on heart attacks and medications – all my life I have researched everything I put in my body – I take notice of “side effects”. I just found a well-respected cardiologist who writes brilliant articles and actually answers people’s questions. Here are some links.

I do know something about an important aspect of the deeper causes… that the ancients knew about… The teleology of illness. It’s always a message from the soul…can’t wait to share more on that later!

As I write on my website, you have to at all times take your health into your own hands. Responsibility means empowerment…THE WORD ITSELF MEANS EMPOWERMENT!

To be continued!

Great Love and Blessings ever increasing to you !

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