How Do You Celebrate Love?

Dear friends, 

Today is a glorious day in New Zealand where we are enjoying a family reunion after many years. We are also celebrating that through many challenges our two daughters have both found their own way… My heart is feeling so big with joy and pride in what they have accomplished.

Siri just ran a marathon in Rotorua, and soon we will be in Kerikeri with my brother and family. Today it’s almost the 14th, the day of love, the day when my husband and daughters were all born. 

We are blessed to have two exceptionally beautiful daughters, who are both experts in the field of health and fitness. Pritam (‘Beloved’, ‘Creator’, – one of many words for the Creator) and Siri Lakshmi (‘Great Goddess of Wealth and Abundance’) were both born on their father’s birthday, Feb 14th, St. Valentine’s Day, 3 years and one hour apart. (The odds are great, almost impossible to have three family members born on the same day). 


I had wonderful homebirths for both girls and so later became a childbirth teacher and midwife. For Pritam’s birth the contractions began during classes; I rushed home to an easy birth. 

Siri Lakshmi’s was even faster, amazingly fast, she came leaping into the world. Pritam (just turned 3) was soon racing excitedly into the room to smother new baby sister with hugs and kisses; this powerful sister love continues to this day. 

How funny that even before she was named, Siri Lakshmi was demonstrating living up to her name; she manifested from the very beginning material wealth, (born to 2 birthday cakes with ice cream waiting to be eaten), along with wisdom wealth (abundance of love). And how many get to choose to be born on three days of high significance? She was very much planned, but who can choose the time of birth? She did. And what a gift to us all and to the world; she was adored before she was even born or conceived! 


Siri is so impressive, what guts, and she was once a smoker! She has done a 100k! What does it take to do that? I am fascinated and here is a link to what makes fascinating reading about the Rotorua world famous run:


An Advanced Athlete, Owner CEO and personal fitness trainer, Pri is a published, heart-warming writer on health, fitness, grief and much more. See her new “Mrs. Advanced Athlete” blog with The European Family Vacation Survival Guide, a humorous story about a trip to Europe:

Right now she is threatening to write about our current family reunion… Hmm… “If you think you’re enlightened, go spend time with your family,” said Ram Das. Anyway, you can be sure it will make extra entertaining reading as she is related to Mark Twain through her father. 


In spite of the universal deep-seated craving for love, why it is that almost everything else is considered to be more important and more valued in our society than love: success, prestige, money, power – and that most of our energy is used for the learning of how to achieve these aims? 

Antion and I know from long experience (soon 47 years married) that “Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone; it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

Remade, made new, means feeling, expressing, giving love, consistently! It’s an art, and The Art of Love and Loving deserves highest respect! And the prerequisite of lasting love is the art of self-caring, self-loving! Of course, if you wish, by all means do the easy store-bought presents, chocolate, flowers, ice cream, balloons etc…The most valued and needed in our world is to be the GIVER of TIME…time to feel, be with…be happy with…to express, to caress…

Photo left: the young family. 
Photo above: a happy reunion.

The day, St. Valentine’s Day is coming… I am interested to hear from you; – My next book coming is about how to love… 


Mmmm, just imagine a day of really truly LOVING Yourself in a healthy way … which is what extends to those around you … what would this look like, feel like … maybe GIVING TIME FOR SELF-NURTURING, with meditation and conscious breathing … expressing love to self as well as those you love … Now if I were asked – at the end of my life about to die – “Has your life been a success?” I would yell out, “Oh wow yes!!! Because I learned to love!” 


Personally, I practice loving by cultivating being THE LOVE THAT I ALREADY AM.
I practice on myself and my partner, whom I adore through all eternity 
Master musician chanter, bard of all bards, voice like an angel, Antion, 
46 years married we are making it together, 
Feeling our guts in our body and listening to them; 
Hearing our Heart speak, and following it; 
Setting our sails to Truth, 
The wind at our back to Honesty, 
Our hearts to the Sacred, 
And our Voice to our Feelings


I passionately vehemently enthusiastically hold a vision for the world that love means to Catalyse Unstoppable Integrity, Infinite Love, and Utmost Joy in myself – and in all the hearts and souls who want it. And so I believe in being addicted to making values, virtues and purification of character (rather than multiplication of wants and lust for power) the most sought after, valued and respected Success in the World. 

I so love you all, 

Blessings, my dear beloved friends, 

May your loving be cherished through all the years of your life and ever after!


We, Antion and I – now 46 years married – wherever we go we love  sharing LOVE as AWAKENED ONENESS AWARENESS, with Yoga, Sacred Voice, Sacred Sites, Sacred Relationship, Healing, Love, Nature, Community, Transformation, Goddess, Love, Joy, and yay, Hugging!

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