Greetings from our new location, yet another sacred site in Kilauea on beautiful Kaua’i!
I am discovering that I really love writing. Writing to you. (Not just anybody). When a writing teacher friend tried to teach me to be a writer, I realized I could not be a writer, nope, not ever, too painful. So now that I know I am not a writer, I can enjoy writing, especially when it may catalyze a profound inner shift in someone:

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Elandra’s upcoming interview in Hawaii about her book

“From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing and Love Beyond the Spotlight”-

Elandra, international healing practitioner and Lomi Chi training professional, talks about her new book on miracle healing consciousness – “From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing and Love Beyond the Spotlight” with Tracey of Kaua’i Vibrations on KKCR radio http://www.kkcr.org/index.html   at 2pm – 2.25pm, Wed 5 Nov, Hawaiian time. Continue reading

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Elandra & Antion News Update, 1st October 2014

Greetings, this time from beautiful Kaua’i!

This is a very quick update to acknowledge an error I made with the last newsletter. The last part was ‘first draft’ ‘stream of consciousness’ stuff meant to be deleted, (so embarrassing to my inner grammar snob) so if anyone read that far, apologies – and thanks! Continue reading

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Elandra & Antion News Update, 24th September, 2014

Greetings friend! Aloha, this time from Maui! I love big exciting Maui with its music and bands, great views of sunsets, conscious activism, many local magazines, and salsa dancing!   Maui has 4 or more incredible health food stores that are also – ooh organic restaurants! I am so in belly bliss! Continue reading

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My eBook Free For One Day

For one day, my  EBOOK is FREE!

“This is an absolutely riveting story. I loved every word of it!” – Elsa Weber.

I am celebrating my book is now in paperback!!! “Reads like a novel but has the authority of holy scripture” is my favorite 5 Star review!!!

It’s about a consciousness that can change everything….

Elandra’s paperback  book can now be ordered on amazon createspace here at this link…

That’s why I’m celebrating by offering Ebook for FREE till 30th August!!! free link below –

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Antion & Elandra News and Thoughts

Newsletter 19th August 2014

Quote of the Month:

“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin

Greetings friend! Aloha from beloved Kaua’i, my heart’s Home. I’ve been having many adventures in consciousness since my last newsletter!

What I’m LOVING this Month

We are having so much fun. I’ve been taking little videos (spontaneous, with my tiny ‘ flipshare’ camera) of Antion in some of his six musical incarnations, rock star, sacred music, and Hawaiian and posting on Facebook, and soon Youtube/website. Continue reading

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Bi-Monthly Newsletter! Apr 06

Greetings worldwide friends!
Our newsletter is now sent bi-monthly, with one click to unsubscribe.

For current local events and Yoga class details, scroll to the end.

Our linear-time limitations and info overload, ah, I am so aware of, but must – oooh, right now invite and feel a great grand mutual cyber hug! Inhale! A big breath of love for ourselves, feeling our togetherness, and telepathic connections getting ever stronger! Continue reading

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Greetings Worldwide Friends!

I exalt as always in our connection, we friends, yogis, healers, wisdom-walking-change-makers, whoever we are. Okay, I want you to know I am trying to tone down my enthusiasm, to control the urge to make triple exclamation marks – but I can’t help it! I love you!!!  But knowing you can click unsubscribe – no guilt – means I don’t have to apologize, (and you don’t either) just one click stops Elandra’s rant, yay!
VISION – We are together in WOW! Weaving Our Worldwide Web of Wisdom!
WORDS OF WISDOM – WOW!  “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso   Yay for our wow creativity!
WHERE WE ARE in our world travels in 2014
In NZ – March through May
 In Hawaii, Maui,  June
In Kauai, July through August, (plus visit Big Island and Oahu)
In Chiang Mai, Thailand, September through November
Can’t wait to see you at our music concerts, workshops, trainings and sessions, Sacred Sites & Sounds Journeys etc.
SESSIONS – in person and on Skype. 5th Chakra Holographic Healing,  Healthhealing Training Program, Life Coaching.  Enjoyable and powerful process. Heal the origins of all challenges. Access   multidimensionality to envision and live your incredible life, and manifest your powerful future. http://healthhealing.org/1193/elandras-health-healing-sessions/
 BOOK/EBOOKS  “From Stardom to Wisdom, Healing and Love Beyond the Spotlight
OMG – it has 16 Five-Star reviews, and the latest one, well, I just can’t believe this… actually  says,  “…Reads like a novel and has the authority of holy scripture”. Holy – me? Can you believe? Holy moly!  Getting it self-published  was a total DIY project, with Antion learning how to do Ebook and print.
It’s newly available in print version, see and order on amazon createspace here: https://www.createspace.com/4651634
For  EBook (cloud reader-kindle device not needed)  order here:  http://www.amazon.com/From-Stardom-to-Wisdom-ebook/dp/B00CAGLIN0/
Also see “Yoga for Health & Healing” Kundalini Yoga print book and Ebook “Meditations for Harmonious Relationship”  here:  http://www.amazon.com/Elandra-Kirsten-Meredith/e/B00CB51DN0
UPCOMING WORKSHOPS  9.00am – 5.00pm April through May – for details see  www.healthhealing.org
·         5 April     Sacred Voice for a Sacred Earth – Your Sacred Voice is the voice of your soul’s purpose
·         26 April    Kundalini Yoga for the New Earth  – “Is Kundalini Yoga dangerous?”  “Of course it is.                        You might just walk out afterwards with a new body. Even a new life!”
·         3 May        Sacred Relationship – Seven Secrets to creating success and  joy beyond imagination
·         10 May      Lomi Chi Holographic Healing – Elandra’s unique miracle making modality
·         17 – 18 May   Your Life-Changing Book – simply, easily, finally, healing your blocks, and writing and self-publishing in specific form, blueprint and format.
INTERNATIONAL YOGA FESTIVAL  11th – 13th April    www.kawaipurapura.co.nz   
 NZ Festivals are the highlight of my life in NZ! We were interviewed by TV3 in 2012, (being considered rather unique and colorful characters they billed us as the animal, a vampire and a love story, click on my home page for a laugh.  I love presenting our workshops and music at the amazing and beautiful retreat center called Kawai Pura Pura, and meeting yet more wonderful NZers, as well as international teachers and students. See their exciting website www.kawaipurapura.co.nz, it has become a hub for NZ’s transformational communities.
This upcoming Tuesday Antion continues his special emphasis on using Sacred Voice to heal and transform your life. Elandra leads the physical yoga and Antion accompanies using new sounds and electronics with his transformational live Hawaiian music and sublimely inspirational Kirtan. We are moving energy, feeling wonderful, and creating –
  • A wakeup call into every cell in your body
  • Every organ and muscle feeling its own deliciousness
  • Experiencing your natural multidimensional state
  • Reinventing and re-empowering yourself
  • Boosting your self-healing & self-worth into super health
  • Supportive community, nurturing group consciousness cocreation
PROMOTION AND ORGANIZATIONAL HELP WELCOMED by me  in the arenas of marketing and promotion and computer skills!
Great MAHALO, OMG I love that word, it means THANK YOU and GREAT GRATITUDE! EVER GREAT ALOHA to you, I love you all, thanks for being in my world, and in touch, have fun on your own “hero’s journey”, I honor and salute you and hug and celebrate you, what a ride, wow wowee!
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Weekly NZ News Update for Tues March 18th

Kundalini Yoga with Antion & Elandra
Dear Yoga Friends,
We want to show and share how yoga is supporting you, so we welcome your stories!
CLASS FEEDBACK: One participant was teary-eyed telling me of her incredibly stressful week and how the class was like a miracle clearing and healing; she left feeling completely renewed, and deeply grateful.
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Kundalini Yoga with Antion & Elandra – Weekly NZ News Update

Dear yoga friends, we love hearing how yoga is supporting you and even creating miracles in your life! Here is one story from Lauren:
How a miracle happened as a result of practicing the meditation we learned in Kundalini Yoga!
“I was rushing for the bus and I dropped my iPhone!  I felt so stressed out about it – it would cost a few hundred dollars to replace it, I would no longer have access to my photos, the internet from my phone, etc. Then I started thinking well maybe I’m better off without my phone – it’s just a thing and I shouldn’t be attached to it. I decided to let it go and I used the meditation we had just learned, with thumb to each finger, to help me detach. I started realizing how I get so worried about small things and it made me appreciate more of what I do have.
The next day, I decided to take a later bus. I talked to a girl who was waiting and she said she found my phone on the curb and turned it in to the Orewa police station! What are the chances someone would find my phone on the curb, that it wasn’t run over by cars and that they would be honest enough to turn it in?! I hugged her. I was just really happy about that.
Somehow when I let go of any expectations, it just came back to me. Doing the meditation really  helps me realize not to get too attached to material things. I even blessed my phone with love when I thought it was gone and started the process of letting go, and so the universe created its way of getting it back to me. That’s a miracle, and wow, the learnings were miracles too!” – Lauren Orlina
We continue on Tuesday with special focus on Sacred Voice Healing Sound Meditations
 for personal & planetary evolution & transformation.
See you there!
Love, blessings and hugs,
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