9 September, 2016

Dear friend,
Thanks for visiting my website/blog!  You can subscribe right here for more info as we are just now firming up details for our events (as on the fliers) in Hawaii in Sept, Oct, and Dec/Jan, and in NZ in Nov and Feb/March.

In the meantime you can look at the newsletters here or click inside the frame to see my  previous website with many photos which shows a lot about me and my (44 year married)  beloved, 60s rockstar guitarist and sacred musician and chanter sound healer  Antion of www.antionmusic.com.

Any comments or questions please email me at elandra@healthhealing.org, or call 1 206 701 6609, I love to hear from you, though I may not respond right away as we travel so much.
Mahalo, thanks, love and blessings to you!  Elandra

PS I would love to connect  with you on Facebook where I have pages  and  groups and am known for lively conversations!

PPS. More: Originally from Denmark Elandra  is  New Zealand raised  – graduate of Auckland University in Education, Psychology,  Philosophy, Counseling, Fine Arts, Drama,  Literature and three languages –  who moved first to London, then California and Hawaii, and  is now in New Zealand, Hawaii and Thailand.  Elandra lives an international lifestyle  with her longtime partner (60s rock star guitarist musician) Antion Vikram Singh Meredith. Together they present  workshops, retreats and trainings internationally:  Naad Yoga  Sacred Voice, Emotional Healing, Living Love Kundalini Yoga, Sacred Relationship, Music Concerts, Sacred Chant & Storytelling and much more, all  with a vision and purpose of rematriating our world into a higher  frequency New Civilization New Earth.

Antion aka Vic Briggs, 60s world renowned rock star with The Animals, and Elandra  (aka Kirsten Lindholm) are former  celebrities turned international yoga teachers, healers  and retreat leaders. Wherever they go they love to present inspirational multimodality entertainment, music, (rock n’roll, blues, jazz, Salsa, Hawaiian, Indian classical, Sikh Sacred Kirtan, singing, chanting), Yoga, Sound Healing and much more.

find-your-voice-kauai-maui-sept-2016-2Elandra  is author of a  memoir book on super-conscious healing:  “From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing and Love Beyond the Spotlight”  http://www.amazon.com/From-Stardom-to-Wisdom-ebook/dp/B00CAGLIN0/
Elandra is founder, director and international teacher trainer of
Lomi Chi Holographic Healing
Online Elandra Health Healing Mentoring Program
Living Love Kundalini Yoga –  www.KundaliniYogaInternational.wordpress.com
Sacred Sites and Sounds Journeys
WOW! Walking Our Wisdom
WOW! Wildly Organic Women
Elandra’s yoga books: http://www.amazon.com/Elandra-Kirsten-Meredith/e/B00CB51DN0
Watch TV interview- story-of-love-yoga-and-vampires TV3NZ www.healthhealing.org
Sessions & Trainings:  http://healthhealing.org/aboutus/lomichi.htm
Book a (skype)  session:  http://healthhealing.org/1193/elandras-health-healing-sessions/
Testimonials: http://healthhealing.org/aboutus/healingbodywork.htm
Online Coaching – http://healthhealing.org/buy-now/
LinkedIn Professional Healing Practitioner/Trainer profile: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=92643477&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile
Starnow Professional TV, Theatre & Film acting experience: http://www.starnow.com/elandrakirstenmeredith
YouTube Videos: Interviews, Yoga Teacher, Health Coach and Healing Teacher http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=elandra+healing&aq=f
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Skype – Elandra.Meredith

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Elandra September update and flyers

Dearest precious friends,

I feel poignantly vulnerable…My beloved long-time friend died today. The end of my 44 year fun times with her.

Just so you know,  I DO KNOW she is fine where she is now, (and who am I to not believe her communication with me, and join in rejoicing with her?) Sometimes dying is the desired healing. Sometimes death is greatly desirable – even if it appears that there is no such idea during the 2 year effort and struggle with cancer to stay healthy and in the body… Even if no one sees that… Continue reading

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Antion & Elandra June News

Dear Worldwide Friends,

“You are a Tower whose Radiance is Elixir for all of Eternity” – Eric O’del.

I just found a tiny piece of paper with these scribbled words. Eric O’del is the minister, founder and spiritual leader of the Amazing Grace Spiritual Center in Seattle. The wonderful much loved minister, celebrated Music Director of many churches and events, Eric O’del addressed these words to Antion about 7 years ago. While I, (being Antion’s eternal groupie and loving having his unstoppable disciplined divine commitment recognized), was grabbing pen and paper…

Next weekend is Father’s Day 19th June and we will be with Eric O’del again.
Making divine music. At Eric O’del’s Amazing Grace Spiritual Center. Antion has composed a special song for Father’s Day celebrating his hero father – who died in the war before he was born.

Right now I am in Chiang Mai and Antion is in Kauai. Preparing to travel to meet in Seattle in a few days. We will be there until July 8th enjoying being with our older daughter Pritam, Advanced Athlete Trainer and her partner Eric.

That’s it, too much to say, too busy having fun in Thailand to write more! Love to hear from you, email: elandra@healthhealing.org, or message me on facebook, and check Eric O’del’s Amazing Grace Spiritual Center website and/or facebook page, Amazing Grace Spiritual Center | Facebook.

Love and Hugs!

PS. I want a new civilization, a new planetary society, and universal peace. And I’m getting it.

PPS. Which reminds me, one day I wrote about that:

I seek no recognition or acknowledgment, fame or fortune
I don’t need more security, status, celebrity, money, control or power
Nor clients, students, buyers or readers
If nobody values my work, healing and teaching skills
So what, don’t give a hoot
If nobody finds or reads my books, so what, so be it, who cares.
Because I love doing what I do when the energy comes upon me,
When I feel like it!
Writing, researching, teaching, I do what I love
Gathering people to raise energy with yoga, singing and dancing,
Sharing inspiration and connecting with worldwide friends
My heart, my body is my guide; I hear inner guidance and follow it.
Because most of all what I want is – what I now have!
Love! Freedom. Inner freedom and peace of mind in the awe of WOW! Worlds of Within.
I love my own wonder, love, inner peace and joy
Living in impeccability, utmost sobriety and ultimate ecstasy,
And staring down the negative – yep, the ultimate alchemy.
Facing into Death or dying,
I love my own inner Fearless Feminine fierce-and-free warrior-ness.
I practice loving by cultivating Being the Love that I already Am.
I practice on myself and my partner, whom I adore through all eternity
Master musician chanter, bard of all bards, voice like an angel, Antion,
44 years married we are making it together,
Feeling our guts in our body and listening to them;
Hearing our Heart speak, and following it;
Setting our sails to Truth,
The wind at our back to Honesty,
Our hearts to the Sacred,
And our Voice to our Feelings.
Self-determined and forever free,
I love my own vision that includes YOU
The WOW! Worlds Of Wisdom,
The WOW! Weaving Our Worldwideweb Wisdom
Together birthing The New Civilization.

Send SMS
Add to Skype
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http://HealthHealing.org http://www.AntionMusic.com

Founder, Director Online Elandra Health Healing Program,
Lomi Chi Holographic Healing

Living Love Kundalini Yoga, Naad Yoga Sacred Voice & Chant,
Sound Celebration…

“There are no structures that cannot be superseded and rearranged by love”
Glenda Green, Love Without End, Jesus Speaks

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Chiang Mai retreat

Dear Wow! Joyous participants of my


You may remember my stories of miracle healings from my book “From Stardom to Wisdom, Healing & Love Beyond the Spotlight”. It was after I studied Healing Tao that my work became miraculous and I was invited to teach around the world. The most amazing dramatic story of all is coming in my next book, of my client who came back from the dead because of the “inner smile”.

I have been wanting you to experience the most incredible finest health resort in the world, Tao Garden. And to meet my beloved teacher Mantak Chia who travels constantly, and suddenly, lo and behold, he is actually there teaching when we are – and at minimal cost!

So we can arrive on the 27th May, and when we leave there 3 days later, on 29th, be in for another week of more wondrous healing transformational WOW! adventures! This is even more affordable, and at your response, more info will be sent to you.

In addition to the retreats I will be your guide and mentor to the best and most affordable of Chiang Mai’s medical or dental treatments in the town where you can rejuvenate your health from a variety of Thai Massage Techniques, Western Alternative Methods, and Oriental Medicine, from Healing practitioners who provide stress relief and beauty treatments with massages, acupuncture and reflexology treatments, top class and yet so affordable, merely $3 – $10.

This is amazing, too good to miss. Not only do I get to welcome you to my favorite (incredibly affordable) “space of love” Chiang Mai, but to the best resort there. I love this place and I love you and I want to bring us together!

So you get to have me, ELANDRA and MASTER MANTAK CHIA in one go at one time – 2 birds! So you get not only me and lots of priceless WOW empowerment but the incomparable teachings of a world renowned master, (author of over 30 extraordinary books on chi gung, longevity, meditation).

We begin with:
Accommodation of 3 days, 2 nights
8 incredible home grown and homemade organic meals
2 private healing sessions, – Live blood cell analysis and Chi Nei Tsang

All at not much more than the cost to just stay there at this beautiful high class health resort!!!

You will be in the bliss, (as I was when I spent 10 days there), and get not only a big health boost but inspiring teachings that will change your health and life as they did mine way back, because they are about empowering self-healing.

Tuition fee including Accommodation 3 Days 2 nights plus Spa Treatments (1 x Live Blood Analysis and 1 x Chi Nei Tsang Detox therapy) and complimentary transportation Start from 15,540 THB Approx. $444.00 USD / €403.64

2pm on Friday May 27th is check in time; all the info is there on the link; let me know by private message when you have booked.

Even though I have already learned what he is teaching, I am so happy to spend time there where the food is the best I have ever had in my life, (and my nails grow stronger than ever before in my whole life.)

If you are not already on Facebook, I would encourage you to set up a profile, use whatever name – as anonymous as you wish; it is a brilliant fast way to communicate as well as learn more and to receive positive support through private groups. Then you can join my 2 groups WOW! Worlds of Wisdom as well as WOW! Walking Our Wisdom! I update constantly them with more info, also see my page that is a community – I love Chiang Mai. You can easily ask questions there and private msg me.

Join me, make it happen, especially if you have any health challenges now! You deserve it for your future health, and I want to see you and support you with my own incredible work developed just for you to benefit from!Love and blessings,


Email: retreatreservation@tao-garden and mention Elandra

Tao-Garden event info: http://tao-garden.com/events/master-chia-weekend-taoist-workshop-may/

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/212902005728482/

Continue reading

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Latest updates & Thai healthy living retreat

Dear WOW! Worldwideweb Of Wisdom Walkers, Wielders & Weavers,

And WOW! Wildly Organic Women, we’re gathering, WOW! Watch Out World!

AGELESS LIVING SUPER HEALTH HEALING REJUVENATION RETREATS is manifesting internationally and the first will take place soon in super affordable Chiang Mai Thailand in 2016. Continue reading

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Antion & Elandra Kundalini updates


Dear NZ Friends, Yoga lovers, Health and Healing Enthusiasts!

A big loving hello hug!

We are in currently in NZ till October 29th, then to Maui, Kauai, and then return to NZ in mid-December.

This newsletter is focused on our three presentations this month at Kawaipurapura:

3.       PINEAL THIRD EYE ACTIVATION AJNA LIGHT –  brand new on the planet!


6.15pm -7.45pm Wednesday 14th October
Cost: $10 ($7 for residents, $5 for woofers)
Kahikatea, Kawai Purapura

6.15pm -7.45pm Wednesday 21st October
6.15pm -7.45pm  Wed 28th October
Cost: $10 ($7 for residents, $5 for woofers)
Prema Lounge, Kawai Purapura


Every now and then a new idea or a new technology is invented and adopted that fundamentally changes everything!
With this extraordinary technology  you can:

Activate Your Pineal with DMT release
Open Your Third Eye
Catalyze Your God-Given Super Awareness Continue reading

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Antion & Elandra October updates

Dear worldwide friends,

A big loving hello hug!

The newsletter below was created for NZ, but I am forwarding as it is relevant to you (especially those in Maui and Kauai, as we will be there soon presenting the same workshops, as well as Ajna Light sessions – details coming). Continue reading

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Antion & Elandra July update

Antion & Elandra Newsletter, July 2015

My worldwide friends,
Aloha Greetings from Maui!

Here we are in Maui staying for the month with a dear longtime friend (over 40 years) in beautiful Huelo with ocean view and glorious jungle all around, and noticing Continue reading

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Antion & Elandra newsletter June 2015

Dear My Worldwide Friends, Yoga, Health and Healing Enthusiasts and Lovers!

They, the writing experts, are telling us we must quit overusing the words “amazing” and “awesome.” Well, I’m not going to. No one is going to tell me what to write or not write. Continue reading

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NZ Yoga newsletter January 2015

Dear NZ Yoga friends,
We Elandra & Antion are back in NZ for the summer, can’t wait to see you!  We begin on Wednesdays starting 28th Jan 6.15pm, “back home” in Prema room at our beloved Kawai Pura Pura. Please note the new time and see www.kundaliniyogainternational.wordpress.com for more info and updates.


                                       LIVING LOVE KUNDALINI YOGA
With Naad Yoga, Meditation and Antion’s Transformational Live Music and Kirtan
Antion & Elandra’s classes are rich in tools, techniques and tips for joyous living and loving in R-Evolutionary Transition Times
The practices – movement, mantra, meditation, chant and breathing – create:
  • Energy into every cell of your body, to heal ailments
  • Enhanced chi and prana for emotional healing
  • Experiencing your natural multidimensional state
  • Empowering your personal connection to the Divine
  • Boosting self-healing & self-worth for super health
  • Group consciousness for nurturing supportive community

Continue reading

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