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Hello My Dear Global Family!

Welcome to my aloha ohana, which means those who love and breathe together, which is all of humanity.  I lost my old website which I had for endless years, I was devastated, but Lori on Maui is doing a great job helping me with this one, so there is the gift and blessing which is in every loss. You know, blessings in disguise… only next time I will be happy to take the blessings without the disguise thank you! As someone consoled me on Facebook, it sucks!

Isn’t it exciting to feel or not? We are at a point of mandatory evolution!  I – as a 40 year dropped-off-the consumerist-game board vegetarian and spiritual yoga practitioner – feel that it is paying off! Being in wonderful health and fitness (God’s grace) from simple daily self-loving practices is one thing.  Being in service unexpectedly is another, as I am becoming ever more highly sensitive, psychic  and tuned in, sometimes “picking up”, hearing, noticing things… I would rather not… For example finding my way diverted in traffic so as to pass by an accident to telepathically give support to a dying woman as I drove by, helping here there and then make her transition with healing as she was communicating  to me her guilt… I would rather not know what was going on in that car last week, but I do, two angry suicidal teenagers on drugs speeding through a fence over the cliff a few hundred feet from my home…but I do. Thus I am called to assist the soul of the dead kid, so I do, whether I like it or not. Being of service to humanity is a privilege…and I am grateful to be of service, and share this in the knowing we are all supporting each other to do this, serve, all the time…

Another way it is happening is by staying informed and to be prepared to face (aloha means to face into the truth) what is horrifying, to bless it, to love, to transform it. I feel it is vitally important to be open to and observe – but not be attached to and affected by – the world’s changes, to be watching carefully what’s going on. What I see is that our current world state calls urgently for massive deep inner (outer follows) healing and change. When it comes to health our western “healthcare” model is  a “for profit” “sickness care” having little or nothing to do with health or care or caring, let alone the joy of self-sovereignty, self-empowerment or self-responsibility.

So I want to invite you, just for a moment, to take a look at the bigger picture in USA – since health and wealth (sanscrit wele) is the same thing – the current economic backdrop of our lives.  A financial/currency crash is in the making which will enormously impact life in the USA and globally. The special status of the US dollar as reserve currency is being unravelled. This special status has allowed USA to print money whenever they, the  Fed feels like it which no other country has been able to get away with! This special status  has helped us feel special and invulnerable in the USA and world, and that feeling is so  second nature to us that we do not see how we  have been conned… so being  blind we are  being  blind sighted… This  trick – that we have gone along with – has divorced us  from  reality,  giving us  westerners  a massively consumerist, lifestyle/ healthcare  orientation and worldview that  is as unsustainable as a sand castle, having  been built on profiteering, deception, false advertising,  lies and scams. The ocean wave is on its way in about to dissolve that sandcastle  as the USA loses its status. As I write this in early 2011 the American people and culture already are in a dangerously denied/unconscious PTSD. The shock and betrayal coming will further blow apart the unprepared psyche as the masses awaken from the “American dream” hologram. We need to know these things…as many of us will be called into service…

Consciousness is key, to move energy, to move through the  paralysed state of mind called “normalcy bias” (which means to repress and deny) to a practical grounded state of consciousness, called “situational awareness”.  How can you not be deeply concerned and uneasy about what you are seeing happening in the world… You know you need healing, and on some level you know you can and must, and are called to do it yourself…To transform. To heal. To make sacred. Yourself, your body and your life’s destiny. You have a choice to become joyously responsible for your own health, to learn how to best support your body with natural good nutrition and exercise, and relate with respect and love to all life, including yourself as a sacred being. The key is to prepare by being open to healing and feeling…” what you feel you can heal”…. The world needs healing, you start with yourself, and you make a commitment, the word means moving forward, which means living a heart-felt focused intent that says: “That’s it!” 

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