Dear NZ Yoga friends,
We Elandra & Antion are back in NZ for the summer, can’t wait to see you!  We begin on Wednesdays starting 28th Jan 6.15pm, “back home” in Prema room at our beloved Kawai Pura Pura. Please note the new time and see for more info and updates.


                                       LIVING LOVE KUNDALINI YOGA
With Naad Yoga, Meditation and Antion’s Transformational Live Music and Kirtan
Antion & Elandra’s classes are rich in tools, techniques and tips for joyous living and loving in R-Evolutionary Transition Times
The practices – movement, mantra, meditation, chant and breathing – create:
  • Energy into every cell of your body, to heal ailments
  • Enhanced chi and prana for emotional healing
  • Experiencing your natural multidimensional state
  • Empowering your personal connection to the Divine
  • Boosting self-healing & self-worth for super health
  • Group consciousness for nurturing supportive community

Come and rejoice in our loving co-creative self-sovereignty in these extraordinary  times! No matter what your physical shape and health, join our yoga community!
“You both radiate so much love, joy & light – which is why so many people are drawn to be in your presence – the unspoken energy exchange is enough without the wonderful teachings you are sharing with us here in Aotearoa”…
Some more comments from participants:
I’m impressed with the quality of their yoga – the power and energy flow I experienced doing the hatha postures combined with the breath is very unique…I am captivated by their deep knowledge and mastery of Naad Yoga, the Yoga of Chanting and Sacred Voice… Haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time… These guys are really authentic, not a job  but the way they live their life… Inspiring me to return to my daily practice…Today feeling terrible, after the class an incredible difference! …The sound produced through everyone chanting that one sacred sound took me to another realm and really energized me… Loved feeling my energy shifting and igniting, eager for more…Removed many energetic hooks from my body that I didn’t even know were there…Surprised that it was just the healing that I so needed… No more back and neck pain…No more high blood pressure….Knees better…Chronic pain disappeared …Tension and  tightness  gone… Wonderful, gentle energy, lovely music, delightful teachers…So refreshing…So much wisdom…Like an internal shower…Life-changing…

More info and guidelines: Antion and Elandra’s Yoga is joyful and supportive for all your needs. Antion’s live music with guitar, chant, and heartfelt Hawaiian singing creates a joyous and fun vibration throughout.
Antion’s opening talk sets the tone for conscious living in the context of the global energy of the times. Elandra leads with spontaneous light hearted playfulness the activating and raising of prana and chi through the chakras, organs and meridians.
Each class is different according to the personal needs of the participants; every moment promotes heart-head balance, cultivating the power of kindness and compassion for self-healing.
Circle sharing with prayer, Q &A, sharing and hugging time promotes a powerfully supportive group consciousness for creating a more loving world.
Exercises are mostly lying or seated on the floor (soft wool carpet), with eyes closed to hold the energy within, enhancing and maximizing deeper pranic cellular absorption.
Exercises are from Elandra’s  books:  Survival Kit,  Meditations for Stress & Pressure of the Times,  & Yoga for Health & Healing
Bring: Your water bottle. A towel or comfortable soft mat (sticky mat not needed) to lie on, and something to cover yourself during deep relaxation. Natural fiber (cotton, wool, rayon, silk) is best for your electromagnetic field. If you forget, no worries.
Dates: 6.15pm – 7.45pm, Wednesdays beginning   28th January, 2015
Location: Kawai Pura Pura in Albany, see for directions and cost
Antion & Elandra Meredith are internationally known healers, teachers of teachers, directors of European and Californian Kundalini Yoga Centres, with four decades of experience facilitating Healing and Yoga Trainings and Retreats worldwide
Books and CDs
From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing and Love beyond the Spotlight
Meditations for Harmonious Communication in Relationship

Contact us: Call 09 947 0404, email
Check out for more info and updates 
Love and Blessings and see you soon!
In Joy,