Dear WOW! Worldwideweb Of Wisdom Walkers, Wielders & Weavers,

And WOW! Wildly Organic Women, we’re gathering, WOW! Watch Out World!

AGELESS LIVING SUPER HEALTH HEALING REJUVENATION RETREATS is manifesting internationally and the first will take place soon in super affordable Chiang Mai Thailand in 2016.

The first Women’s Retreat will be 24 May – 4 June, 10 days for 10 participants. Then more in Hawaii, – July in Maui, August in Kauai, – and again in Chiang Mai for September-October.

Chiang Mai is my favoured ‘space of love’ for numerous reasons. Affordable! Delicious organic food! Everything you need to nurture yourself for your health makeover goals is in Chiang Mai at a fraction of the cost you are used to. While visiting over a seven month period I experienced and researched the impeccably excellent dental and medical work, the great variety of Thai Massage Techniques, Western Alternative Methods, and Oriental Medicinereadily available.

Last year in 2015 Antion and I again made the rounds of (surely the best of the world’s) treatments for acupuncture, Thai massage, reflexology, dental work and more. And while having fun eating (in some of the best of 60 vegetarian restaurants) I prepared to fulfil my longtime dream of inviting you, our worldwide friends to join us there, for retreat time, ‘medical tourism’, and sacred sites tours.

My experience of living in this smiling culture that values spirituality is an overriding joy. Chiang Mai is a highly conducive vibration and space for health and healing retreats. The ease of meditating (400 temples filled with countless chanting devotees) is priceless.

The people respect and value Spirit, devotion, meditation, vegetarianism, organic food cultivation (supported by the King), and they live by “economics as if people mattered,” as in Buddhist economics must be very different from the economics of modern materialism, since the Buddhist sees the essence of civilization not in a multiplication of wants but in the purification of human character.” – E. F. Schumacher, Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered

Oooh… “purification of human character”? Imagine if that were the priority in our current world!? Now that could/would change everything!

All you need is Love”, and sometimes, “All you need is – Less”! are hot topics of our retreats.


In April Antion will be in NY (singing awesome Kirtan in the temples) and after that having fun with our younger daughter Siri Lakshmi in Florida’s Disneyworld. Elandra will go to Chiang Mai for mid-May to mid-June to prepare for and run her WOW! Women of Wisdom Retreat (as well as to prepare for our September-October Retreats). We will both be in Seattle for the last 2 weeks of June, enjoying our older daughter Pritam and her partner Eric.

Then onto Maui in July, Kauai in August, Chiang Mai in September/October, (then possibly back to Kauai for another 6 weeks), returning to NZ in mid-December. We will be holding AGELESS LIVING SUPER HEALTH HEALING REJUVENATION one to ten day RETREATS wherever we go.

Our lives are always an adventure, living it up alcohol-free, drug-free with music, meditation, dance and health-giving fun during our workshops, talks, Kirtans, concerts and New Thought inspirational music-driven Churches or late nights out playing with local bands – Rock ‘n Roll, Latin, Jazz, Blues, whatever, Antion does it all.

So mark your calendars for September, and next up, for women, May 24th.Email me if you would like to be one of the ten participants, and more info will be sent to you. More info, pictures and videos coming, and on facebook you can check out my page/community “I love Chiang Mai”.

Gotta Live Life, live it up; make malama, truly nurturing Yourself number one in your life, rather than an afterthought! Come get your body-brain-health-immune system-longevity boost while empowering our Super Sacred Planet of Boundless Love!

YOU AMAZING AND AWESOME “Lovers of all kinds” I LOVE YOU. Declaring it, going public, generates energy, expands Love in the world. It’s my kuleana, calling, to express and encourage Unstoppable LOVE!

Big hugs,


PS. Some NZ news: Antion has been perfecting classical INDIAN MUSICvoice and instrumental, (plays guitar to sound like a sitar, amazing); he will be performing with top Indian musicians at Aotea Square for the Auckland festival on March 6th at 6pm. Videos will be posted.

We will be at the HAWAIIAN VILLAGE PASIFIKA FESTIVAL 12th -13th for a big dose of Aloha inspiration from the hula shows of visiting Kumu Hula and Halau from Hawaii.

We will be holding AGELESS LIVING SUPER HEALTH HEALING REJUVENATION RETREATS in April before leaving NZ, more info coming.