Kia Ora and Aloha greetings dear NZ friends,

Many of NZ’s great Kauri trees are dying! So in response, here’s an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to spend a week with 2 incredible sacred activists, lovers and devotees of Gaia, the land, Nature and the Sacred! You have Michael Fleck, NZ’s inspiring and humble networker/weaver for Sacred Journeys worldwide, and – can you believe it, Gary Cook, NZ’s revered wisdom keeper, famed author and teacher and more! And all at minimal cost and join at any time!

You are on my list as friends and/or participants in our presentations and classes over the years, usually my newsletters are sent to my worldwide list, but this message is urgent just for NZers.

I am sending this to help spread the invitation from Michael Fleck who is NZ’s inspiring and humble longtime networker/weaver for Sacred Journeys worldwide. Being the longtime leader of Sacred Journeys he was the original co-creator, motivator and inspiration for the ‘Voices of Sacred Earth’ festivals and is tireless in his work towards healing and change, always with the question uppermost, “While up to our ears workshopped, seminared, studied, campaigned, conferenced, gathered, networked – how do we now urgently translate our collective wisdom into the most effective action?” – Michael Fleck

You can read more of Michael’s inspirational words on the website we created with Peter Harris at the first WOW! Walking Our Wisdom conference  (in 2012 before the ‘Voices of Sacred Earth’ festivals).

In response to a message from a kauri tree in Coromandel, “We are not dying; humanity’s vision is dying.” … Michael asks, “What is the vision that needs revival in our hearts?”

Michael’s lovely partner the delightful Goddess Osher River Oriyah – who composes amazing poems on the spot – will be there leading ritual and surely singing and dancing.

Gary Cook is one of NZ’s most inspirational, beloved  and well- known figures, and it is always a great joy and blessing to spend time with and experience the wisdom of his lifetime of involvement with the natural realms. He has a profound connection with the energies and sounds of Nature, the trees, the elementals, and shares his vision,

“My desire is to re-kindle within people the understanding of where we, as human beings, stand within the natural order of New Zealand, and indeed the whole planet”. Read more on

In addition this is EQUINOX time! It falls on the 21st, and a big gathering is happening in Keri Keri.  It will be wonderful as Solstices and Equinoxes were honored in ancient times as an opportunity, a time for major reassessment of life and a time to honor the power of Nature and the Cosmos. You can draw upon the Chi energy, 10 days before and after, super absorb it through Air and Water, Rocks, the Wood Element of Trees, Loving self by Conscious Fasting, Earthing with bare feet on Mother Earth, and raising your EMF Voltage through conscious breathing and meditation – all which of course activates, heals and transforms  your body, pineal, nervous system and  brain!

And of course connect with the consciousness of Kauri, talk and listen to the Kauri…

I look forward to us, Antion and I being with you for part of the time, we will share a Hawaiian Goddess manifestation chant and more. Love you! As I think of you right now I feel great love in my heart, Aloha blessings, Elandra