Aloha and Kia Ora friends! What a joy you friends are in my life. Even if it turns out that I never see most of you again, or even ever meet you in the physical, I still know and love you forever by virtue of the great web of Aloha.

Here in downunder we are keeping up with the world through the internet, and the news isn’t boring is it! The call for self healing and prayer is continuous now, even if it were not personally affecting everyone it still is, as there is so much healing work to be done as “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” Jiddu Krishnamurti

So healing and prayer is the major 24/7 job that engages us in our little peaceful cottage by the sea.

Mum died; it was devasting for me. I am slowly finding my life again after her death on Feb.4th. It has been a most challenging four years, with much learning about the end stage of life/ dying/death. I look forward to sharing more about this fascinating subject. I used to be a midwife birthing life into the world, what a trip to escort out and help birth into the next world, some similarity there!

We made the decision to live part of the year in NZ, and part in Hawaii.

Antion’s residency application has been delayed due to needing my fingerprints and having them returned twice by the FBI USA (for being too faint). But Antion has been issued a visitor’s permit good until September 2011.

We travel to Hawaii 19th June. I go to Kauai, Antion spends one week on Maui, and is booked to sing at Unity (Saturday service) on June 26th.

I travel to Seattle to visit our daughters for several weeks, leaving Kauai on August 10th.

We leave Hawaii at the beginning of September to travel to NZ for springtime.

We are enjoying being back to teaching. In both NZ and Hawaii, we are/will be presenting workshops:

Naad Yoga and The Sacred Voice with Antion

Kundalini Chi Yoga, Goddess Embodies with Elandra

We will be posting the details. In NZ I am discovering my favorite wonderful places and people where I gratefully feel most at home, so upon our return our venues will be Wellpark Retreat Centre Albany(Jenny & Dyana), Yoga Orewa, (Natasha) in Orewa, Tui Retreat & Wise Cicada (Daring Donna) The Breathing Space Waiheke, (Neal) and Prana Retreat Centre (Kusum, Somen, Walter) in Coromandel.

I will be giving healing sessions in Hawaii, and Antion as well. In honor of all my friends who have made their exit through cancer I am giving free sessions to anyone with cancer.

May Aloha blessings and the joy of Pono (integrity/harmony) and Mahalo (thanks/gratitude) pervade your every breath and moment,


“Aloha is to learn what is not said, to see what cannot be seen & to know the unknowable.” –Queen Lili‘uokalani