Aloha greetings and blessings, dear friends,

May this be your best year ever in consciousness and spiritual growth and may you in all  ways  find yourself well and joyous!

As always and once again Spirit has guided our big moves, this time to spending more time in NZ than expected. My news is of getting grounded here in Auckland (on the ocean in Red Beach ) in the following ways:

Getting a NZ phone number 09 947 0404, and cell 021 055 1120

Being full-time caregiver to my 90 year old mother, and getting a course –fascinating –  in  end of life issues, death and dying in our society

Starting up yoga classes in several centers, Orewa and Albany

Continuing  healing sessions in  person and by phone

Being an actress again, landing a role in “Bird”, a short movie; more information below.

Enjoying Hawaii being part of a Hula Halau

Going  Salsa dancing

Loving  growing a little vege garden

Writing and completing a book proposal

Getting messages from the birds and the trees

And as always and most important, enjoying the ongoing  inner emotional healing work (using and developing Antion’s  healing worksheet system) along with a sustainable lifestyle  of simplicity loving living with less!

Hawaii , oh my! it was hard to leave, we clung to Hawaii ! We had been uprooted from our beloved Kauai already, now it was a challenge to extricate ourselves from  beloved Maui .  Was it my deceased father who kept turning on overhead lights and lamps in the middle of the night, to get our attention to boot us on? And I was afraid Mum was dying before I could get there.

She needs me – what a trip learning about this age of a 90 year old getting ready-or not- for her transition. So we are learning to accept and enjoy being in Aotearoa (it’s been a long hard, hard and cold cold winter) and to just love from afar the homes and friends everywhere else that I miss.

In our hearts we live simultaneously in two places, and at the moment our plan is to be in Hawaii, Seattle, Canada, Santa Cruz etc next summer May-August of 2010.

It has been at first a lonely effort to get grounded here in NZ, and now we are meeting lots of interesting people. Antion enjoys giving music and chant to  the  wonderful Hula Halau, they are performing at festivals, he put up  video and photos on YouTube and facebook. (Facebook is an amazing way to share Aloha energy when there is not enough time to connect personally or even to write newsletters as I used to.)

We have been welcomed in several “spiritual homes” to teach Yoga, present music and sound healing.  At Yoga Orewa, (our closest little seaside town) and at the amazing 19 acre retreat center nearby, Kawai Purapura, owned by Wellpark Natural Therapies College, home to a community of 90 people, and a huge wonderful space to enjoy Yoga and devotional music.

Antion (known as Vikram Singh amongst the Indian community) also regularly gives voice to this side of his musical passion and expertise  in the Gurdwara temples which number six in the area.

To my great amazement I am back in showbiz ! After putting  up my profile on within a month I landed a role in a beautiful poignant short film by Great Southern TV and Film called “Bird”.  The producer is best producer of the year; the award winning directors are a couple, sensitive lovely people. The filming is highest quality real film rather than digital, shot at a yoga center, ready by midyear.

Upon reading the script I felt as if it had been written just for me.  They were seeking a long haired natural woman in her 60’s, (they said “good looking older women are hard to find!”) who loves  nature and is good at yoga.   In one of the scenes you see my character /me  appearing  out of pure white light seated in full lotus pose, levitating  through the air,  a lovely carnation lei around my neck,  floating  smiling  towards my beloved  with arms outstretched towards him.

More life -giving than some of my other roles…a few weeks ago Antion on a whim searched on Youtube  for Kirsten Betts  and Kirsten Lindholm and was surprised to find me put up by someone who says “she is one of my favorite vampires, always wonderful”, you get to see me getting killed three times (burnt at the stake,  head chopped off, and in a ritualistic throat slitting)  – lots of fun,  haha, past lifetime reenactment!

That’s it for now,

Aloha blessings, Kia Ora,

In the Love that We Are,