ELANDRA & ANTION NEWS  A big warm open-armed hug to our valued worldwide friends! I love feeling the Aloha undiminished by time, space and place, and when I scroll down through your names and pictures (on facebook) I get this ear to ear smiling feeling of the love increasing as we support each other onwards. Thanks for your continued wonderful connection, in cyberspace and by virtue of Yoga/Healing/Chant sessions, retreats, concerts, CDs and books.

Arriving in cold NZ, we got sick with some weird manmade virus thing that’s definable only by what it’s not; it has lasted for a whole month and made me feel – hey, enough, I refuse to be a victim again, no way! So now ever more impassioned about what health – super health – and healing really are, and about facing the within. As for all the negative and evil stuff, let’s hijack it and use its energy for good! Let’s transform it like an alchemist – to create a New Earth!

 A brief video of Antion chanting 5 universal sounds will soon be on my website and facebook. Did you know there have been peaceful societies on our planet, places of zero crime, where the highest values were the expression of love and compassion? The reason we don’t know this is because the history of our planet has been falsified. This meditation helps awaken that inner knowing. Join us in this meditation with the intent to re-create a society of high health, truth and integrity in selves and the world. Let’s hijack the love of power and turn it into the power of love.  WE are WARRIORS of WOW! Walking Our Wisdom! – to Freedom

Note: For any further information, you can contact me any time at elandrahealthhealing@gmail.com

SKYPE SESSIONS  Elandra/Antion Special. From 1st Dec to mid Jan we are offering a special. It works by “gift economy”. You “pay what you can”!  Wow, the energy you can reclaim/restore/retrieve is mind boggling!  A Soul retrieval quantum jump. Add me on Skype: elandra.meredith

Kundalini Yoga for a New Earth – 6 week Course   6.00 pm – 7.30pm Tues 12 Nov to 17 Dec
Kundalini Yoga for a New Earth – One Day Summer Solstice Intensive   9.30am – 5pm Sat 21 Dec
Rich in tools, techniques and tips for joyous living and loving in our new paradigm.  The practices – movement, mantra, meditation, chant and breathing – create: A wakeup call into every cell in your body, Every organ and muscle feeling its own deliciousness, Experiencing your natural multidimensional state,   Reinventing and re-empowering yourself, Boosting your self-healing & self-worth into super health, and Group consciousness cocreation in nurturing, supportive community.

We are planning workshops Jan through May. Each month we will present a Kundalini Yoga for a New Earth One Day Intensive. In addition we are offering weekend workshops on transformational topics such as Why is this Happening to Me – Again? 7 Secrets of Lasting Relationship, Lomi Chi Holographic Healing and Sacred Voice Naad Yoga. More details coming.

KUNDALINI YOGA HEALER TEACHER TRAINING Every hour that you spend with us – including private sessions – counts as credits towards the graduate training programs. Join us in being Yoga-Healer-Shaman Teachers for a New Earth in a new way! Details coming.

NEW ZEALAND SUMMER FESTIVALS at Kawai Pura Pura Retreat Centre Feb – April 2014
We are scheduled to present  2-3 workshops at Voices of Sacred Earth and the International Yoga Festival and Conference.  See website for many exciting events; and to our worldwide friends, those of you who have always wanted to go to New Zealand, join us for the summer festival seasons in 2014.  Mark your calendars for February – April (best weather and lowest fares) and stay tuned.

Master MANTAK CHIA invites us (all) to TAO GARDEN, CHIANG MAI, THAILAND – May, 2014
We received a personal letter from Mantak Chia to be keynote speakers and workshop leaders at Tao Garden retreat center.  Mantak Chia is the celebrated creator of Healing Tao, of numerous extraordinary books and of Tao Garden. All invited, all very affordable, details coming.


EBook/ kindle available now through Amazon: You can get them on ‘cloud reader’ to read on your computer:


Meditations for Harmonious Communication in Relationship

Order print only from “Yoga Books and More”, a Los Angeles website
Yoga for Health and Healing by Elandra Kirsten Meredith with Alice Clagett is available through http://2u3d.com/yoga/yhh_reviews.htm – see 5 star reviews.
Survival Kit: Meditations and Exercises for Stress and Pressure of the Times, and Relax and Rejoice: a Marriage Manual may be ordered also at http://2u3d.com/yoga/alice-and-elandra.htm

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Antion’s CDs – Special CD prices for the season till mid Jan  –  www.antionmusic.com
Fantastic for presents, lots of testimonials to their transformational power. Usually $18 – $20 each, CDs are now available at the lowest ever prices, (S&H is approx. only):
1 – 3      only $14 each     (plus $5 S&H)
4 – 6      only $12   each     (plus $10 S&H)
7 – 10    only $11    each     (plus   $15 S&H)
10 or more only $10 each   (plus   $18 S&H)
All available at his web site: www.antionmusic.com

And also  http://www.invinciblemusic.com/mm5/merchant.mvc
Youtube videos –  “Antion Vikram Singh” Videos include Sikh Sacred Kirtan, Hawaiian music with hula, yoga and more.
also 60s ‘Vic Briggs’ with Eric Burdon & the Animals

Aloha Love & Joy, email me, love to hear from you (even though I may not always be able to respond)  elandrahealthhealing@gmail.com