TVNZ interview – Elandra & Antion at NZ Kawaipurapura Yoga Festival

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Antion & Elandra July update

Antion & Elandra Newsletter, July 2015

My worldwide friends,
Aloha Greetings from Maui!

Here we are in Maui staying for the month with a dear longtime friend (over 40 years) in beautiful Huelo with ocean view and glorious jungle all around, and noticing Continue reading

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Antion & Elandra newsletter June 2015

Dear My Worldwide Friends, Yoga, Health and Healing Enthusiasts and Lovers!

They, the writing experts, are telling us we must quit overusing the words “amazing” and “awesome.” Well, I’m not going to. No one is going to tell me what to write or not write. Continue reading

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NZ Yoga newsletter January 2015

Dear NZ Yoga friends,
We Elandra & Antion are back in NZ for the summer, can’t wait to see you!  We begin on Wednesdays starting 28th Jan 6.15pm, “back home” in Prema room at our beloved Kawai Pura Pura. Please note the new time and see for more info and updates.


                                       LIVING LOVE KUNDALINI YOGA
With Naad Yoga, Meditation and Antion’s Transformational Live Music and Kirtan
Antion & Elandra’s classes are rich in tools, techniques and tips for joyous living and loving in R-Evolutionary Transition Times
The practices – movement, mantra, meditation, chant and breathing – create:
  • Energy into every cell of your body, to heal ailments
  • Enhanced chi and prana for emotional healing
  • Experiencing your natural multidimensional state
  • Empowering your personal connection to the Divine
  • Boosting self-healing & self-worth for super health
  • Group consciousness for nurturing supportive community

Continue reading

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New Zealand Yoga Update

Dear NZ Yogi Friends,
Hear all, Drumroll announcement!
One day wondrous Workshop coming up in February 21st!

With Naad Yoga, Meditation, Transformational healing, Live Music and Kirtan with Antion & Elandra!

Keep this day free, Saturday Feb 21st, our first 2015 workshop! At Kawa Pura Pura 9.30am to 5.30pm. We will send details soon, get it in your calendar now!
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Greetings from our new location, yet another sacred site in Kilauea on beautiful Kaua’i!
I am discovering that I really love writing. Writing to you. (Not just anybody). When a writing teacher friend tried to teach me to be a writer, I realized I could not be a writer, nope, not ever, too painful. So now that I know I am not a writer, I can enjoy writing, especially when it may catalyze a profound inner shift in someone:

Continue reading

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Elandra’s upcoming interview in Hawaii about her book

“From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing and Love Beyond the Spotlight”-

Elandra, international healing practitioner and Lomi Chi training professional, talks about her new book on miracle healing consciousness – “From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing and Love Beyond the Spotlight” with Tracey of Kaua’i Vibrations on KKCR radio   at 2pm – 2.25pm, Wed 5 Nov, Hawaiian time. Continue reading

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Elandra & Antion News Update, 1st October 2014

Greetings, this time from beautiful Kaua’i!

This is a very quick update to acknowledge an error I made with the last newsletter. The last part was ‘first draft’ ‘stream of consciousness’ stuff meant to be deleted, (so embarrassing to my inner grammar snob) so if anyone read that far, apologies – and thanks! Continue reading

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Elandra & Antion News Update, 24th September, 2014

Greetings friend! Aloha, this time from Maui! I love big exciting Maui with its music and bands, great views of sunsets, conscious activism, many local magazines, and salsa dancing!   Maui has 4 or more incredible health food stores that are also – ooh organic restaurants! I am so in belly bliss! Continue reading

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My eBook Free For One Day

For one day, my  EBOOK is FREE!

“This is an absolutely riveting story. I loved every word of it!” – Elsa Weber.

I am celebrating my book is now in paperback!!! “Reads like a novel but has the authority of holy scripture” is my favorite 5 Star review!!!

It’s about a consciousness that can change everything….

Elandra’s paperback  book can now be ordered on amazon createspace here at this link…

That’s why I’m celebrating by offering Ebook for FREE till 30th August!!! free link below –

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Antion & Elandra News and Thoughts

Newsletter 19th August 2014

Quote of the Month:

“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin

Greetings friend! Aloha from beloved Kaua’i, my heart’s Home. I’ve been having many adventures in consciousness since my last newsletter!

What I’m LOVING this Month

We are having so much fun. I’ve been taking little videos (spontaneous, with my tiny ‘ flipshare’ camera) of Antion in some of his six musical incarnations, rock star, sacred music, and Hawaiian and posting on Facebook, and soon Youtube/website. Continue reading

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