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9 September, 2016

Dear friend,
Thanks for visiting my website/blog!  You can subscribe right here for more info as we are just now firming up details for our events (as on the fliers) in Hawaii in Sept, Oct, and Dec/Jan, and in NZ in Nov and Feb/March.

In the meantime you can look at the newsletters here or click inside the frame to see my  previous website with many photos which shows a lot about me and my (44 year married)  beloved, 60s rockstar guitarist and sacred musician and chanter sound healer  Antion of

Any comments or questions please email me at, or call 1 206 701 6609, I love to hear from you, though I may not respond right away as we travel so much.
Mahalo, thanks, love and blessings to you!  Elandra

PS I would love to connect  with you on Facebook where I have pages  and  groups and am known for lively conversations!

PPS. More: Originally from Denmark Elandra  is  New Zealand raised  – graduate of Auckland University in Education, Psychology,  Philosophy, Counseling, Fine Arts, Drama,  Literature and three languages –  who moved first to London, then California and Hawaii, and  is now in New Zealand, Hawaii and Thailand.  Elandra lives an international lifestyle  with her longtime partner (60s rock star guitarist musician) Antion Vikram Singh Meredith. Together they present  workshops, retreats and trainings internationally:  Naad Yoga  Sacred Voice, Emotional Healing, Living Love Kundalini Yoga, Sacred Relationship, Music Concerts, Sacred Chant & Storytelling and much more, all  with a vision and purpose of rematriating our world into a higher  frequency New Civilization New Earth.

Antion aka Vic Briggs, 60s world renowned rock star with The Animals, and Elandra  (aka Kirsten Lindholm) are former  celebrities turned international yoga teachers, healers  and retreat leaders. Wherever they go they love to present inspirational multimodality entertainment, music, (rock n’roll, blues, jazz, Salsa, Hawaiian, Indian classical, Sikh Sacred Kirtan, singing, chanting), Yoga, Sound Healing and much more.

find-your-voice-kauai-maui-sept-2016-2Elandra  is author of a  memoir book on super-conscious healing:  “From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing and Love Beyond the Spotlight”
Elandra is founder, director and international teacher trainer of
Lomi Chi Holographic Healing
Online Elandra Health Healing Mentoring Program
Living Love Kundalini Yoga –
Sacred Sites and Sounds Journeys
WOW! Walking Our Wisdom
WOW! Wildly Organic Women
Elandra’s yoga books:
Watch TV interview- story-of-love-yoga-and-vampires TV3NZ
Sessions & Trainings:
Book a (skype)  session:
Online Coaching –
LinkedIn Professional Healing Practitioner/Trainer profile:
Starnow Professional TV, Theatre & Film acting experience:
YouTube Videos: Interviews, Yoga Teacher, Health Coach and Healing Teacher
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Skype – Elandra.Meredith

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TVNZ interview – Elandra & Antion at NZ Kawaipurapura Yoga Festival

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Elandra Seasons Greetings and Happy Solstice news

SEASON’S GREETINGS! Happy Solstice dear friends,

Right now Antion is in Kauai andI in NZ. Here I am – just like last year – in the mode of – Continue reading

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Medical tourism tips

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Chiang Mai medical tourism retreat


Dear Lovelies: my friends from all over the world,

Greetings and love! – wherever you are. Antion and I are doing well, and have just returned to Kauai after 2 months in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We had a fun 30 hour trip with stopovers in China, and here we are again . . . Aloha! We arrived back to the usual loving calls of “Welcome Home!” from our big family of friends here. Continue reading

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Hawaiian Yoga classes

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Elandra December news and greetings

Season’s Greetings! Happy Solstice dear friends,
I envision us altogether, standing  shoulder to shoulder, hand to hand, hug to hug, heart to heart, conjointly creating  the best jolly good fun and joy into the best year ever, why not!

Antion is in Kauai without me. I am – strangely – forgoing a  trip to Kauai to stay in NZ to do –what? Declutter!? Yes, free myself from  clutterholism and  clear, clean and cleanse my life.

Kittens in the dark
It’s my basement. It’s my nemesis!  I’m facing a descent to the underworld full of boogeymen, monsters, ghosts and goblins. And yes, living things, in the far dark corners I have found four kittens and a plant three feet high, squeezed through a tiny hole in the wall, to grow in the dark, (strangely, as if there were a treasure to be found there and understandably anemic looking).

The most feared is my mother’s stuff which I could not face letting go of since she died 6 years ago… memories of a lifetime of challenges and losses…sentimental stuff, exquisite embroidery,  that tugs at my heart and soul and binds me by virtue of the terrible task of deciding what to do with it…

Declutter and invigorate
But now I am already experiencing a lightedness, excitement,  and energy, just as Maureen B O’Reilly expressed to me on facebook, “I just went thru a 2 month period of doing major decluttering and giving away 2/3 of all that owned me. My life is now freer, clearer, more concentrated, brighter, and much more present focused. The mental decluttering continues, with my mind now challenging every thought not in the present moment. Old habits falling away in every area. All success and freedom of body, mind, heart, soul, spirit, life, relationships, and purpose to you!!!”

An opportunity, a 1-20 day window of time for reassessment of life, recapitulation,  life review – and of course celebration of now!  A time to remember and honor the power of Nature and the Cosmos, to draw upon it during the 10 days before and after 21st Dec.

I am giving myself a LOVE-IN this season – 40 days to Absorb Super Energy Through Air, Water, Love By Conscious Fasting and Get ‘Earthing’ with bare feet on Mother Earth, plus up my ‘Voltage’ with conscious breathing.

I will fast for 3 days on water alone in retreat here by myself, meditating without internet, phone or talking,  during  20, 21, 22. 3 days absorbing and gaining everything I need through the power of air and water alone. 3 days of love with time to meditate! (No shopping, driving, putting away, preparing, cooking, eating, cleaning up time, yay!) Antion inspired me, he just did it and feels great.

We are here together, some us for many years. Why do I keep waving to you, writing to you, year after year, especially when I have chosen to not be a professional, not be a business  trying to sell you something? I could quit and just have a nice retired  life…

New Zealand, Hawaii, Chiangmai
Because I want to gather us to dance and sing and transform together in my Retreats. I’m Planning  Pilgrimages,  Sacred Journeys,  Retreats To Places Of High Spiritual Energy in 2017.   I am planning for some Fun Lift Off into – Civilization Next!

In A Land Of Smiles Where Spirituality Is Honored With 32,000 Temples, (400 in Chiang Mai, Thailand).

In A place where one million children get together to meditate and sing about peace (see on Youtube).

In A place of unbelievably low cost highest quality healing and massage, food, dentistry and  medical, a place of more freedom from state  regulation and rules.

In A place of  temples everywhere,  60 vegetarian restaurants with wonderful food,  healing practitioners everywhere, and for me above all…A place where there is inspiration to choose ‘purification of character’ rather than ‘multiplication of wants’…

And guess what, a place where there is a very special place and a temple built just for us…you will see…

So that’s why I am wanting you to come to join us in Chiang Mai …do you see? You are my family, I love you.

We will be New Zealand in March,  Kauai and Maui in May, and  Thailand June to November.

Stay tuned for the January newsletter with more details!

Big Love And Hugs!

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Solstice greetings from Antion

Solstice Greetings, dear friends.

This Solstice time finds Elandra enjoying the Summer Solstice in New Zealand while I am experiencing the late sunrises and early sunsets of Winter Solstice in Hawaii.

So many times, the Solstice, particularly the Winter Solstice, has been a turning point for me.  Old energies fall away; new opportunities are presented.

As this Solstice unfolds, the American political situation is deeply affecting the US population; to some degree it has polarized the whole world.  This is not accidental. Whether you believe this has been deliberately manipulated or if it is merely circumstantial, people everywhere are very, very stressed.

At this point, we have to decide, are we going to live our lives in unconditional love?  Or is that love only for those who hold the same beliefs and ideals that we do.

It is written that Guru Nanak said: “There is no Hindu; there is no Moslem”, meaning that all Humankind is one. Indeed, his whole life reflected this philosophy.

From the time of Guru Gobind Singh ji (early 1700’s), there is a sakhi (story) of one man who personified this way of life.

During the frequent sallies and skirmishes between the Sikhs and the enemy around Anandpur, Bhai (Brother) Kanhaiya was often seen carrying a mashak (a goatskin water pouch), serving water to anyone who was thirsty, quenching the thirst of the dying and wounded soldiers.

He did this sewa (selfless service) with love and affection without any discrimination, giving water to both friends and foe. His acts of compassion stirred up stern criticism amongst his fellow Sikhs, who complained to Guru Gobind Singh Ji, pointing out that Bhai Kanhaiya Ji was even serving the fallen Hindu and Mughal attackers.

They were especially annoyed because the city had been surrounded, stopping the supply of food and water, and here was Bhai Kanhaiya sharing what little water they had. They had tried to stop him many times, but Bhai Kanhaiya would not pay them any heed.

Bhai Kanhaiya’s benevolent actions eventually led to a summon by Guru Ji who explained that he had received a complaint about his actions on the battlefield.

Guruji said, “These brave Sikhs are saying that you go and feed water to the enemy and they recover to fight them again – Is this true?”

Bhai Kanhaiya Ji replied “Yes, my Guru, what they say is true. But Maharaj, I saw no Mughal or Sikh on the battlefield. I only saw human beings. And, … Guru Ji, .. they all have the same God’s Spirit? – Guru Ji, have you not taught us to treat all God’s people as the same?”

The Guru was very pleased with the reply. Bhai Kanhaiya Ji had understood the deep message of Gurbani correctly. Guru Ji smiled and blessed Bhai Kanhaiya. Guru Ji said, “Bhai Kanhaiya Ji, you are right, you have understood the true message of Gurbani. He then told the Sikhs who had complained that Bhai Kanhaiya had understood the deeper message of the Gurus’ teachings correctly and that they all would have to strive to learn lessons from the priceless words of Gurbani.

Guru Ji also gave Bhai Kanhaiya Ji some medical balm and said, “From now on, You should also put this balm on the wounds of all who need it”’

Then turning to the sangat Guru Ji said, Saadh sangat ji, Bhai Kanhaiya is a God-fearing saintly soul. Let him carry on with his mission. Many more will follow in his footsteps in the years to come and keep the tradition of Nishkam sewa (Selfless Service) alive.”
At this time, when people are so divided, let us remember this fundamental truth:  We are born on this Earth to learn, to grow, to love and to serve.  Not just for those who think and believe as we do, but for everyone.

Wishing you the best of this Solstice time and the happiest of Holidays.


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Event updates!

Upcoming 2 Events in Maui Hawaii –  further details:


Antion, a Man & his Music –  House concert  8th Oct,  $10
Sacred Voice Naad Yoga –  Workshop 15th Oct,  $75

You can pay with Paypal using –, or at door by cash or check

When you confirm by email or phone the address will be sent to you (by email or facebook personal message).

In addition to the events of  8th & 15th Oct, Antion will be performing at Unity Church at 10 am on Sunday 9th in Wailuku,  and in the afternoon 4-6pm we’ll be with Neto at Tiki Lounge – and dancing!

A Private House Concert
(30 seated) by personal invitation/ RSVP

Antion, ’60s rock star, world music guitarist extraordinaire, shares his six “musical incarnations” with heart and humor, fun and joy, stories and inspiration, spanning four decades of adventures with celebrities
and spiritual masters of the times.

The splendid location in Lower Kula is the rural home created by Steve Haray and Eva Roberts. It features the magnificent art work and sculpture of Eva Roberts, and panoramic awe-inspiring views of mountains and oceans.

3pm – 5pm, Sat 8th October, 2016

We begin at 3pm with a tour of the house, art works, paintings and sculptures. Antion’s show starts at 3.30pm

Bring: A cushion to sit on,your water bottle,
and donation of $10. Mahalo!

Workshop 10am – 5pm Sat. 13th Oct. Lower Kula

Experience how to:

  • Embrace Techniques of Naad Yoga
  • Understand How to Use Japa Yoga (The Yoga Of High Frequency Repetitive Sounds) In Your Daily Life
  • Create Your Own Vocal Sadhana (Daily Spiritual Practice)
  • Use Your Voice to Balance And Energize Your Chakras
  • Train Your Voice to be an Instrument Of Inspiration For Yourself And Others
  • Use Hawaiian Sacred Chant as a Multidimensional Portal
  • Empower and Enjoy Your Own Authentic, Ecstatic True Spiritual Expression
  • Heal Your Throat Chakra
    Free Your Holographic 5th Chakra Expression
    Find Your Voice, Speak Your Truth
  • and much more!

For details,and to RSVP, email

Call 1 206 701 6609


You are subscribed to the Maui Vision Network group list to receive occasional e-mails about upcoming editions of Maui Vision Magazine, sponsored events and advertiser notices.

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October news

Dear my WOW! Weavers of Wonder friends,

Recently there was a rumor going around that I had died. Someone even wrote on facebook, “Show us the proof she’s still alive!” So this #rant is the proof I’m resurrected very much alive! Continue reading

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Maui October 8th and 15th



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