Dear world wide WOW! Friends, my lovelies …

Guess what, I love being in touch. I love writing to you, not to any old somebody, but YOU.  I can feel how the power of loving keeps increasing along with the joy of it! We are connected in Spirit and (even though I don’t know exactly who is here on my list any more), the love continues, and that is exactly what my life is about and perhaps yours too. This kind of LOVE I like to call AWAKENED ONENESS AWARENESS.

So much is pushing to be shared with you, but – this newsletter is about love – again! Only now I confess, I KNOW that I am writing to you because I love you, and I really exalt in this love.  I also know that I am actually giving you a blast of good energy that is good for your health and for your own loving of yourself. So breathe! Breathe it in, feel it, admit it, acknowledge it!

Feeling and saying I love you does not cheapen it but on the contrary allows me to be increasing my own power to love as well as increasing yours, plus synergistically and synchronistically the sum total of it on the Planet. I am not here because I want nor need anything from you but because I am clear that my life is about loving.

The internet is great for sharing love, and I find especially Facebook, as I just posted, “I love Facebook because I love loving my hundreds and thousands of friends, seeing all your photos here just make my heart expand and overflow with huge Love!”

I know full well the increasing concern about social media privacy and usage of data. But the fact is that the internet, all our emails and calls are not private either!  (We are not talking the obvious need to be vigilant about bank account safety when scams and phishing is so prevalent especially through smartphones).

So Anastasia (Russian Ringing Cedars series – my favorite books ever) advises use to make use of it, “to press it all into SERVICE in the cause of consciousness”. No one can stop me choosing to feel and share and express love!

One very shy reclusive neighbor of many years, whom I have rarely spoken to, recently had a brain tumor operation, and lo and behold, she shows up on FB of all places announcing boldly, “I used to be a very private scared recluse but now I don’t mind exposing myself to the whole world and the moon … I discovered this in hospital where absolutely nothing is private when you share a room with six patients… and now I know I love you Elandra.”

I used to be like her. Shy, scared, so afraid of criticism, but one day something happened to cure me permanently. After I posted to a 700 member group on FB (allowing getting vulnerable is the key to courage). I got the cure to my affliction; I got the antidote to the inner critic!

By publically coming out and speaking my truth, I also received the greatest gift; miraculously a voice inside me began often declaring, “I love you, Elandra”. Now my forte is in helping others do the same.

I learned about this Love in Hawaii. ALOHA expresses the joyful sharing of life energy in the present. Together with PONO, it means ‘making right’, as in Ho’oponopono, which is the power of the foundation of Aloha. It means love in action, love functioning by the power of lived integrity and congruity. Aloha also means to face and embrace. To embrace and welcome and express all feelings, as so called negative feelings are not negative unless unfelt and unspoken, blocked by repression and denial.

Thus with the presence of commitment and choice to live in integrity, truth and love, there is no identity crisis, no bankruptcy that can touch you, neither financial, moral nor spiritual.

In the presence of commitment and choice to live in integrity, truth and love, what happens is that healing, joy, freedom and ecstasy will stalk you and possess you!  Is that success to you?

You know, when the time comes that your last moments of this life-time are upon you, and someone asks, “Has your life been a success?” – What will you say?

I know that I will exalt, “But of course, because I learned to love!”  Haha, what greater success than that could there be?!

And Love as #AwakenedOnenessAwareness, you can declare and choose to act upon it! This love is the fountainhead, the primal source of all energy and life in the Cosmos. As the Yin feminine nurturing nature-loving energy of Mother Earth this love  manifests in myriad forms in earth-based cultures (revered in India and Hawaii) evolving  consciousness for the balance and health of all life.

We all had ancestors who knew how to live in harmony, in PONO with the Earth and Stars, knew how to tap into the power of Goddess which once was predominant on our planet and is now being reclaimed within us. It’s time for Kundalini Shakti energy to return to evolve us into the new species, bringing peace and harmony to our Sacred Earth.

The power of Sound and Music carries the energy. As many of you – who have worn out  Antion’s CD – know, the spirited chanting,  mantras, Kirtan, bhajans, toning, Goddess and Hawaiian inspirational songs, sourced eclectically from various traditions around the world,  as well as from Spirit and from within, carry and spread the Aloha.

And that is at the core of all the retreats and workshops I and my team are presenting in April May in Aloha Land Kauai, and June to October and beyond in Chiang Mai Thailand, the Land of Smiles.

My experience of living in this smiling culture that values spirituality is an overriding joy. Chiang Mai is a highly conducive vibration and space for health and healing retreats. The ease of meditating (400 temples filled with countless chanting devotees) is priceless. The people respect and value Spirit, devotion, meditation, vegetarianism, organic food cultivation (supported by the King), and they live by “economics as if people mattered,” as in “Buddhist economics must be very different from the economics of modern materialism, since the Buddhist sees the essence of civilization not in a multiplication of wants but in the purification of human character.” – E. F. Schumacher, Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered

We will be holding AGELESS LIVING SUPER HEALTH HEALING REJUVENATION one to ten day RETREATS wherever we go. Our lives are always  an adventure, living it up alcohol-free, drug-free with music, meditation, dance and health-giving fun during our workshops, talks, Kirtans, concerts and inspirational music-driven “New Thought  Churches”  or late nights out playing with local bands – Rock ‘n Roll,  Latin, Jazz, Blues, whatever, Antion does it all.

I am so happy to have a new webmaster Brian who has redesigned and updated my website and   posted all the dates and information on  www.Healthhealing.

On you can find dates and details as well as info on our holistic medical tourism, and anything else you need in Thailand. You can also see my previous newsletters for lots of reasons to travel there to join Dakan at our headquarters at Zen House and all of us, and if on Facebook, see the many pictures and posts on my numerous groups and pages.

We see our offerings not as business but as like-minded like-loving friends gathering, and we are so excited to connect with you! And it’s my life, my purpose and passion – gathering us, inviting you to join me. It’s the theme of everything I do, and in my forthcoming retreats, workshops, and next book –

 “Ultimate Joy: Pineal & Kundalini Ecstatic Experience Catalyze Your God-Given Miracle-Making Super Powers of Holo-Perception”

As Antion always says when something wonderful is happening, “Well, someone’s gotta do it!”


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Waves of Aloha love and blessings,