Wow Oh Women, Wealth of Wisdom, and Wise One Within, here we come! That is what Wild Orgasmic Women means, overflowing and exploding with wisdom. Here we are, what a fantastic time we had sharing in our gathering, what does it take to gather more and feel the fulfillment of our hearts’ desires for uniquely feminine support, deeper connecting and intimacy and loving…

And as some said, it is enough to just be, looking into each other’s eyes…at the same time, let’s articulate specific longings, needs. Mine is to share my wisdom of 40 years of consciousness focus, pass it on, and find heirs to it…write it in books, mentor the young wise ones. Also I have the ability developed to hold energy for deep inner journeys into the joy of feelings of separation, grief, loss, to allow the feeling for the healing and to stay with it and not try to spiritualize it and positive- affirm it away, simply feel the feeling is the healing. In the safety of the circle of love, looking back with eyes of love from the sisters – is what separated lonely inner child needs.

Also the joy of holding space for each other to embody more deeply the soul’s destiny, the truth of what we have come to do here on this planet. To receive, accept and honor and reflect back.

To develop the shamanic ability to hold direct connection with Source through our bodies. And listen to any parts, internalized energies form ancestry… listen to Nature, talk to nature. Know nature as one with. Remember. Water. Cells, memory, knowing nothing is ever lost.

And so much more. I will make a page on facebook where we can share…It’s always in my mind, so soon we will call for another gathering say at end of Jan…So I thank you girls, Goddesses, WOW Beloveds, for our togetherness. Yay!