Lomi Chi Evolutionary Healing

Secrets of Ageless Living and Loving: One Day Training

Elandra, international healer and trainer,  having seen amazing miracle healing in front of her eyes,  is passing on the keys to the most powerful of her research and practice for over 40 years comprising study of 33 healing modalities and international practice in five healing centers.

This one day informal introduction and sharing is a training in a consciousness called Holographic Perception. We are learning techniques for deliberately gathering our energy to increase radiance and joy. Miraculous transformation in our bodies and lives may result.

Healing means evolving:  Humanity is evolving into a new species. It is from our western transformational communities, says the Dalai Lama and Makua, (shaman and Kahuna of Hawaii) that the feminine energy is being catalyzed to save the world.  And it is from the multidimensional shamanism of ancient Havaiki Hawaii, China, pre-Hispanic Mexico, Mayan Aztecs, and Waitaha of New Zealand that our transformational Quantum consciousness is sourced.

Who is it for?

  • For we committed evolutionaries, cultural creatives, and sacred activists to empower ourselves into our next cocreative steps
  • For anyone ready to self -heal challenging physical problems
  • For anyone wanting to be more effective in helping friends and family
  • For massage therapists and healing practitioners who would like to empower their work
  • For those who would like to be teachers of Lomi Chi Evolutionary Healing

What you will learn:

  • How to use the power of Love by deliberately smiling to the organs with eyes and mind and heart (brought a dying man back to life, proven fully healed of cancer in 10 days)
  • How to commune with, malama, and receive the energy of Nature and aina
  • How to transform by learning to heal and use the power of the fifth chakra to speak out the truth of how you really feel
  • v  How to connect to the feeling in the energy of the organs at the belly, na’auo, and opu

How you may benefit:

  • Know how to commune with your cells and organs to KNOW a new relationship with your body
  • Know how to self-heal your physical challenges, even the most chronic trauma and depression, and possibly instantly cancel them
  • Neutralize, cancel and harvest the energy of inner and outer negativity (fear, pain, anger, grief, confusion) for your benefit
  • Spontaneously KNOW the appropriate thing to do and say in the now
  • Strengthen your ability to heal others

Contact Elandra


 206 701 6609

(Skype international number – you can call and leave message or text)