Dear my WOW! Weavers of Wonder friends,

Recently there was a rumor going around that I had died. Someone even wrote on facebook, “Show us the proof she’s still alive!” So this #rant is the proof I’m resurrected very much alive!

My last newsletter was about my friend who died of cancer. It was not me with cancer, nor I who died!

But I have had some thoughts about being #dead. Maybe people might say nice things about me at the “#Celebration of Life”. Then I thought, a celebration of life should happen while we are still alive!

So anyway what I’m thinking is that I want a CELEBRATION OF LIFE now. Why not, why wait till I’m dead? So if anyone wants to say what they would have said if I had died recently… you could say it now and don’t wait till I die!

So a friend posted on facebook:
Marianne Luken My friend Elandra is deliciously irreverent, unfailingly honest, intensely effervescent….although she is apparently ageless, should she ever decide to release herself from the bonds of earth, breath and body, she will certainly not start resting in peace. Not a chance. She’ll be an unfettered dancing angel of light and love, shining so brightly that astronomers will be astounded at the sudden appearance of the new celestial twinkle.

Hey, we could start a movement “Say it now!” We can speak and write the love and praise and joy and stories right NOW. And post it right here or send it to me and ooh, why not, I will include it in my next book!

Maybe it will even keep me – and you too – extra alive and frightfully awesomely healthy for a very long time; such is the power of love expressed, #LOVE increases the love on the #Planet!

And then I can keep reading YOUR WORDS, and laugh, in MY VERY OWN #BOOK OF LOVE, yay, and you can all create your own BOOK OF LOVE and keep reading it – and laugh and believe it!

Friends, hope to see you soon,

in Kauai till 5th Oct,

or maybe in:
Maui till 18th Oct, (see 2 upcoming events there and email me for directions)
NZ till Dec 1st,
Kauai in Dec,
Oahu in Jan,
Chiang Mai in May – November

That’s it for now!

Waves of Aloha love to you all,