It’s Valentine’s Day, the birthday of my husband and our 2 daughters!  I write to express – and to go public! – with my gratitude, appreciation and joy for  the LOVE that they are:

I want to honour Antion. My husband of almost 40 years. I want to acknowledge and appreciate: his Love.  His commitment. His authenticity. His devotion to spirituality and personal growth – through terrible times. I am awestruck by his  impeccability and disciplined practising of a chanting and singing sadhana almost 24/7. I am amazed by his determined commitment to work to set about healing himself of lifelong depression, and his deserved brilliant success!  I am awed by the success of his creation of a healing system to help others! (who struggle with similar longstanding problems).  I thrill in utmost awe when his riveting Hawaiian chanting rarifies the atmosphere while opening a doorway to spirit. He is an awesome master of transformation, he lives it, he walks his talk. As for his music, I am a madly, wildly enthusiastic fan of his magnificent transformational music that sings in my soul for 40 years. When he sings songs to me, sometimes silly ones, I love it, I smile, giggle and dance. We adore each other. I am absolutely crazy about him and my heart and soul is in ecstasy to share life with him.

Today, Valentine’s Day, is the birthday of our first daughter Pritam. Her name means Love, Beloved, and she lives up to it. Anyone who earns her attention and love is blessed beyond belief. What an honor to be her mother. I can’t even begin to sing her praises to do her justice. And the word ‘justice’ is apropos for her: her childhood teachers spoke of her razor-sharp orientation for fairness and justice. Woe betide anyone who is the recipient of her scorn and finds themselves the target of her withering words, the  berating usually on behalf or in defence of some discriminated-against or  conned victim. Her wisdom is such she would have made a great ruler of a great nation. A straight-A student, she majored in politics, almost became a lawyer, her talent was recognized  in the world of banking and economics, but  luckily she escaped both to instead shine her light for the benefit of many grateful fitness enthusiasts and athletes who admire her, rave about her and love her.  When her sister was born on her third  birthday she reached out her little arms to her and held her with so much love as if she were welcoming a long lost friend. Her perfect handwriting is a reflection of her impeccably responsible, royal and noble soul. Her husband is the deserving recipient of her fiercely passionate loyalty, which story brings tears to your eyes. She is also absolutely gorgeous. Watch out world!

Today, Valentine’s Day, is the birthday of our  youngest daughter Siri Lakshmi. I want to honor her and appreciate her. She is a brilliant soul of great Love, huge intellect, intelligence and vast compassion. Her name means ‘great Goddess of wealth and abundance’, and true to form and name, she sports the qualities of  prudence, elegance and good taste in abundance, and manages somehow to be always very well off in the financial department, to the great admiration of many. She was born into this earth as a planned for and chosen being. The day before her birth someone said “When are you due? I replied with conviction: “Tomorrow.” And thus it was, at 2.30am, (on her father’s and sister’s birthday, Valentine’s Day), she woke me up out of a deep sleep and beautiful dream, (unbelievably no birthing labour), just leaping out in the world already smiling, laughing and vibing “Here I am ha-ha!!” Extraordinarily cute, adorable and delightfully funny as a child – and to this day, – everybody loves her. Born under hugely challenging astrological and numerological aspects with a finely honed instinct for seeing through the world’s hypocrisy, along with a well-tuned compass for truth, her life has not always been easy. In fact, what she has forged her way through, in the process of finding herself, reminds me of  the fairy stories of old, the initiations with the challenges, the mountains to scale, the monsters to slay, and the underworld of heart breaking pain. And like in the fairy tales, what she has succeeded in overcoming has given her character and power like you can’t believe! Like a diamond being formed by pressure of carbon, she has emerged as a brilliant, utterly delightful, radiant, humorous and scintillating woman. I want to write a book about her! I rejoice and am so honoured to be her mother, and so proud and happy at all her inner and outer successes. She inspires me, there is nothing she can’t achieve in her life of Love, and my heart is huge as I think of her.