It gives me joy to think of seeing you again tomorrow!

Especially because we, Antion and I leave NZ at end of April, so I cherish these classes and you as the only yoga course for the year, even though we will be doing other events.

These are amazing times, eh, much is being brought up to move through, on all levels, and yoga fellowship sadhana/sangat is the key. What are you going through, and how can we all support you and each other? We will deepen the healing support for each other ever more in these classes.

Personally, I feel like I am transforming within, feeling ever more light and joyous, could it be the energies of 2012?  Oh, I will admit I am excited about this year!  2012 is a year of transformation, into what? According to research and prophecies, this year is itThe year of the great shift of paradigms, perceptions, and (many say) of our very DNA. It is also the year of the Water Dragon in Chinese culture, representing Divine Wisdom and transformation. I KNOW the crises of the times are part of a Divine initiation.

After 40 years of Kundalini yoga (practice and teaching) I feel I have personally achieved a high degree of health and flexibility, – hey, I just saw my blood with David Holden’s Live blood cell analysis,(fantastic)  corpuscles rushing around it looked so alive and he said it was high in chi, and I thought – my blood is jumping for joy!

As I think you know, from this vantage point and experience, I believe that what we want from yoga – gaining and retaining super health along with radiant joy – is more about the Power of Intent and flow of inner chi energy than stretching and straining muscles (for perfect posture in the traditional or western way). (My opinion, eager to hear yours!)

I love this quote-  Russian DNA researchers say:  “If humans with full individuality would regain group consciousness, they would have a god-like power to create, alter and shape things on Earth! And humanity is collectively moving toward such a group consciousness of the new kind.”

So even more than usual, in this class our focus will be (by the power of sacred love, intent, breath and sound) to  integrate the powers of third eye,  DNA, brain  and pineal gland system  to  embody  the ‘godself’, in  the power of  Living Love.

So we have 11 weeks to do it, come to all classes, and plan for it, together we can do anything,  let’s do it!  Yeehah!

In Joy, Elandra

PS – I think we will have the joy of Georgia’s wonderful  voice too on a regular basis…for sure on sunday for Sacred Sound Celebration, more on that later…

PPS – You may want to bring a mat or towel/blanket  as we have hard floor at shanti room