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Let your life’s Healing Start Today.

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How to self-heal your body’s physical problems with …

The Elandra Health Healing System

Elandra, internationally known as a Master Healer, “Medical Intuitive”Medicine Woman, Shaman, Healing Teacher, Minister, Health Trainer and Coach asks:

Where do you need to heal?

and How I can Help YOU heal yourself?

Healing is Elandra’s Passion and she lives it.

More than 5,000 have experienced Elandra’s healing sessions, trainings and workshops worldwide!

Regardless of what you think of your ability, and regardless of the severity of your ailments,  even if you’ve never healed  anything and don’t even know what it means, and can’t even imagine, even if you have only a few minutes a day to make it happen—this is information and help you need right now. Not just your body but your life practically heals itself!

This is about Healing Consciousness  that allowed me to heal cancer and my own broken bones almost instantly, and will allow you to heal yourself faster than you ever thought possible.

Despite what you may have heard from parents, schools, religions, doctors, media and authority figures “those who know”
you now have the possibility of healing yourself fast and living fear-free with regard to your body… simply by changing consciousness….

All you need is Conviction and Commitment.

The Elandra Health Healing Program gives you:

Training in the consciousness that allows for freedom of perception, belief and change

Training in the 8 principles of self-healing maintenance of your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies

Training in the 8 conditions of healing

Training in healing others (once you can do it for yourself you have the ability and knowledge to help others)

A healing that is like a clearing out of corrupted files, unwanted sabotaging belief and conditioning from parental/ancestral beliefs

Cellular restructuring, and retrieving/restoring energy and beliefs that are in your highest and best interest

A remarkable multitude of techniques and tips for your benefit gleaned from 40 years research and practice in the field and

Much much more!

Let your life’s Healing Start Today.

PayPal:  Anahola11″AT”
Single $397. Payment Option



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