Dear worldwide friends,

A big loving hello hug!

The newsletter below was created for NZ, but I am forwarding as it is relevant to you (especially those in Maui and Kauai, as we will be there soon presenting the same workshops, as well as Ajna Light sessions – details coming).
Scroll to the end to read about the AJNA LIGHT, a truly extraordinary invention for activating the Light within, – the Light of the God self within! – a device new on the planet.

A small number of humans on this earth have attained – mostly through extensive meditation – a high state of consciousness enabling them to access the pineal, brain and sixth chakra to multi-dimensionally affect “reality”. We all need to be able to do this now, soon, without having to do the almost impossible, spend endless years in meditation, because as Paul Levy puts it,

“We need to get well and regain our sightedness or we will lose our lives, planet, and world”.

After my smashed ankle bones were healed almost instantly (proven by before and after x-rays) my life became about how can I help humanity to have such experiences – without drugs and psychedelics?

How do we do it when our culture is so rife with fear, deception, delusion, money-addiction, and scarcity-survival mentality that almost everybody is hugely stressed racing to work to stay afloat, pay bills or ‘get ahead’?

I believe that the help for our sixth chakra ‘sightedness’ is here in the form of – the Ajna Light. I feel that my prayers for something to help humanity have been answered, and that even talking about it is a transmission of good energy even if YOU never ever experience a personal in-the- physical session!

It can be used for groups as well as for personal sessions by skype, and people are having extraordinary experiences. Our bodies are light; DNA is light, energy, frequency, love. Graduates of the Mystery wisdom schools of old would pass through a series of initiations to end up being able to light up a dark cave with their radiance. That’s what we are up to.

And we do it for more than just ourselves individually! It’s for our Planet, our amazing Mother Earth, we can and must and will transmute the world’s negative energies. That’s what we do with our every conscious breath, that’s what we gather for, and breathe together for, do yoga for…

And do the AJNA LIGHT for. Now we can reclaim the power of our pineal gland with the LIGHT, speed up our evolution to the new species by BECOMING light, love and peace! And it’s food for the pineal, fast food for the soul, which also keeps the immune system strong and unaffected by environmental toxicity including radiation.

There is a story told me by a woman who took part in the cleanup of Chernobyl, that while many died from radiation she thrived by holding a focus on her own Light and Love…this is alchemy, transmuting energy increases your own radiance. Which reminds me, at one time (at a gathering in Hawaii) when someone announced, “Elandra, you’re the most radiant person I’ve ever seen!” I laughed because I was feeling so much love for the group and that’s what she was seeing! LIGHT IS INFORMATION, LIGHT IS LOVE.

All of this is the focus in my forthcoming workshops and book –

Ultimate Joy: Pineal & Kundalini Ecstatic Experience
Catalyze Your God-Given Miracle-Making Super Powers of Holo-Perception with
the Ajna Light