Newsletter 19th August 2014

Quote of the Month:

“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread; remade all the time, made new.”
― Ursula K. Le Guin

Greetings friend! Aloha from beloved Kaua’i, my heart’s Home. I’ve been having many adventures in consciousness since my last newsletter!

What I’m LOVING this Month

We are having so much fun. I’ve been taking little videos (spontaneous, with my tiny ‘ flipshare’ camera) of Antion in some of his six musical incarnations, rock star, sacred music, and Hawaiian and posting on Facebook, and soon Youtube/website.

Antion’s rock star that he has suppressed for so long is unleashed!  After such a long hiatus from rock he is back to it hotter than ever! I recently videoed him here on Kauai, sizzling on his Steinberger, while I danced like crazy and my jaws ached from smiling.   One night a stranger sitting next to me said, “Wow, who is this guy?” Then he said, “OMG, when I drove in I said, “What the hell is happening?!” I enjoyed  his delight to find out that he was hearing a 60s rock star.

Antion  is a musical genius with an amazing ear for the world’s multicultural sounds. So far he has imbibed and mastered – and he LIVES them – 6 musical incarnations!  The first is as 60s rock star legendary lead-guitarist Vic Briggs of The Animals (many videos on Youtube).  The second mastery is the chanting of sacred mantras (as taught and chanted in our Living Love Kundalini and Naad Yoga workshops).  The third is Sikh Sacred Kirtan. This Indian music is so divinely devotional and complex in its Sanskrit- based language, ragas and musical traditions that it is sung only in temples – so far.  (Although he is also a legend in this arena, it happens that none in Hawaii have seen this “Ragi” (master of sacred music) side of Antion. What are the others? Coming.

Food for Thought

The recent hurricane threat was a big deal.  Two hurricanes coming, fear in the air, roads all full, 600 waiting for Costco to open, long lines, stores out of supplies. Great suspense and great unease this week in the airwaves.

Last time a hurricane hit Kaua’i , it was truly devastating. It was in ’92, most houses blown away, no electricity, phones, no roof, no food and frig and cooking for many weeks… So when we moved to Kauai (four months later in ’93) there was nowhere to buy or rent … we lived in a tent for 6 months, then a yurt for five years, surrounded with wild cats, pigs, chickens and cockroaches.  I loved it, an incredibly wonderful experience – which I write about in my book. The reason for the exceptional vigilance and unease is that even though the weather forecasts are accurate no one knows what will happen, no predictability at all!! – As the hurricane can fast change course as happened last time…no one forgets…

Becoming One With

But it didn’t affect me, in spite of the fear on the airwaves. Perhaps because I have already “lost everything” several times. Letting go. So my mind state is, might as well enjoy the ride, it’s great for meditating and becoming One with!

The Teleology of Illness

And perhaps it was also because when (in NZ last year) I had pneumonia/bronchitis/coughing –enough-to-fracture-ribs, I was forced into this death’s- door-letting- go-consciousness.  What a shock for me! Me, hardly ever sick in my life! Me?! – the ever enthusiastic advocate of ageless living, miracle healing and super health!?  No way!!!  So I asked my medical doctor friend, “It feels man-made, is it? – this could take me out.” It was a bodily cellular conviction, not just an idea.

He replied in the affirmative, and suggested I read Paul Levy, “Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil”.  (Read this if you wonder why the heavy stuff in the world – and read first the end, the author’s personal story – the epilogue).

He also said, “It will take five months to recover your energy… and my wife had it”. I thought, no way, not for me! I didn’t believe him even though I was so sick and weak I could barely stand up, barely get up to clean my teeth, and even though I found out three  friends had been through it, also  for  five months.  He was proven right.

Love Creates Health 

What sustained me was love! Community! Through facebook! There was so much love directed at me, tons of help and advice, but the love was palpable! Wow, what a miracle.  Even from new friends!  Strangely, my mind, my inner witness watcher was totally lucid the whole time. One night I realized I could die. Right NOW.  I was thinking, “Not a bad idea, I can be a better activist to help the world from the other side. In fact, hey, I’m ready, I can just let go right now!  Easy, I don’t have much stuff, I love my minimalist life, only books and boxes of notes, and they can easily be thrown out, I can let go now of my whole life right now, no problem” – and I started feeling light…

Then suddenly two things happened.  I remembered the shower that needed cleaning – I just had to clean the shower. I’d be ashamed if anyone saw it, even when dead I would feel that! I can’t die until I get the energy to do that, but then, if I did have the energy, well… no need to die.   And suddenly, WOW! I was in a consciousness beyond this reality, and it was showing me how unlimited I was NOW already. How right NOW I can do whatever I want to help the world (in body and in astral body).  I don’t have to leave the body behind to do it!  It was like an NDE… it changed me.  And confirmed what I know already that our society’s beliefs about life and death need a big update.

Scared to Sacred – Being There for Self

Reflecting on surviving the hurricanes, or threats of hurricanes, and other threats to Hawaii, (the high toxicity of GMOs, pesticides, radiation, military exercises, the dying off of seals, whales, birds, reefs and hunters finding tumors in pigs and goats in Kaua’i… and much more) I started thinking:

You know, Kahuna would test people by giving them pure poison. If they survived they were acceptable and chosen as the king’s bodyguard, or student of the Kahuna. So my idea is that if some survived, so can I, and you!  However, most keeled over dead on the spot – horrible stories – so very few did survive, about one out of five!

Because it takes a lot of ENERGY to be that one out of five who is not affected! Because ultimately to survive having your life threatened by being poisoned – it’s all about energy.  Spiritual energy, mana.  How do you develop, retain and maintain energy, spiritual energy?  I reflected that you get it by LIVING in daily continuous commitment to a conscious spiritual life, in harmony with nature and the elements, using meditation, some form of emotional self-healing, and e.g. Yoga/Chi Gung style inner exercise. You become a watcher of your thoughts and feelings, and learn to BE THERE, PRESENT FOR YOURSELF. Then you become a Sacred Site! And then it is easier to heal by accepting and loving all.

Intent & Self-Empowerment

This develops a balanced field, coherent electromagnetic field, strong aura, nervous system and cellular consciousness.  Then we become alchemists with the sacred ability to transmute, called alchemy.  So we CAN survive the toxicity of the world, not just by being the one in five!  We can be five out of five!

I like these thoughts. By the power of LIVING our intention, INTENT…  Through the power of ALOHA, MALAMA AINA, PONO…Through the power of letting go…  Through the power of meditation… Through becoming One with. .. We have a potential solution.

Solutions to All Toxicity – GMOs etc.

If we lived this way, could we could possibly live protected and ultimately unaffected by climate change, hurricanes, geo engineering, radiation, pesticides, chemtrails, GMOs and the countless assaults of our insanely chemicalized corporatized world?

Anyway, more on that in the next newsletter… a true story about a bigger picture consciousness that includes ‘normalcy biases and how affirmation and optimism can actually kill you….  So it’s all about consciousness. Which reminds me, my book, (first book of three, next is coming) that’s what it’s about, and developing a simultaneous perception I call holo- perception consciousness.

Toxic Success, Money, Fame & Happiness

With it you can understand more easily why someone like Robin Williams would take his own life… (Btw, don’t use the word “commit”, someone commits a crime, this is not a crime!)  People are in shock, saying why? he had money and fame!  He must have been happy! But I know from experience of that world, it’s not easy to handle fame… and be around people who have it… it can be a big burden …that’s why Antion and I left the entertainment field.  I was present at the scene of Jimi Hendrix’ death the day he died…It’s  even true of  – can you believe  Mother Teresa,  in her book talks about her lifelong feeling of being abandoned,  she does not believe in any God or higher power!

Power of Love Expressed

One powerful SOLUTION is one that is not so far much appreciated or valued in our world. Although I did notice a business video called “Happiness is the new productivity.” The idea that we can change everything by loving, by practicing praise and adoration of each other!

Antion and I are doing it; we keep expressing appreciation of each other. ALL DAY we are saying wonderful loving things to each other.

My Vision

One of my biggest visions is of life-changing world-changing music catalyzing instant miracle healing.  Why not!?  I‘ve seen it in front of my eyes – without the music! I write about it in my next book coming.

Waves of Aloha Love and blessings!



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