elandraAntionThank you, old friends and new, for signing our email list at Unity of Kaua’i (where Antion used to be music director) to stay¬† in touch; what a joy to re-connect with you all.
September 1st, was¬† a great way to celebrate my 70th birthday – Please see his happy birthday song to me, as well as his music and talks on website and Youtube.¬† We appreciate so much your wonderful feedback on Antion’s music, talks and meditations:¬†
Spiritual Health, Spirituality for Men in the Age of the Divine Feminine (for Father’s Day),
Do You Really Want to be Spiritual,   Your Sacred Voice, and Creating Conscious Loving Relationshi
Our time  on Kauai is mostly spent working on our books.
We have some openings for sessions:
Lomi Chi Holographic Healing
Antion’s Sacred Voice Healing
We would love to have a few gatherings, a party before we leave on September 21st, 2013.
Looking forward to seeing you again!
Aloha love and blessings,

A Hui Hou,

In Joy,