Living Love Kundalini Yoga

Opening to the 2012 Solstice and the Grand Plan of 2013

 The December 2012 Solstice is almost upon us and the planetary frequencies are increasing and expanding on a daily basis.  We, Antion and Elandra  are about to embark on a special, personal 40 day Sadhana (spiritual practice) to prepare our Selves for this exciting time of change, growth and expansion, as we look ahead to the activation of the Grand Plan in 2013. 

We would like to share these energies with all of you.  The 40 days to the Solstice begin on November 12th, with the actual Solstice event happening late on Friday December 21st.

To maximize your healing and growth during this amazing series of events, please join us for our Tuesday night 6.30pm  Living Love Kundalini Yoga classes at Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre in Albany.

In these classes, Antion and I will be sharing specific yoga sets to raise the awareness and vibrational levels for the physical, emotional and etheric bodies. We will teach you meditations and visualizations for acknowledging, accepting  and integrating our Higher Selves with higher dimensions.  Antion will lead powerful chants and songs to open our heart centers, enabling us to receive and embody the frequency of Divine Love and to open to the Sacred Earth energy.

Every Tuesday, from October 30th  until December 18th at 6:30pm, we will be empowering, expanding and fine tuning our Spiritual Selves in preparation for this once-in-a-lifetime cosmic opportunity.

If you choose, the powerful energies of these times will enable you to clean out of bodily memory the disempowered perceptions, thoughts, emotions and experiences that are not of your True Self.  These have been programmed into you through lifetimes of authoritarianism and control.  Take the opportunity now to heal and release that which holds you back from your true Divine Nature.

Here’s a quick check list to help you prepare:

  • Give yourself extra time for meditation and contemplation
  • ·Get disciplined as never before; take extra care of body, mind and spirit
  • Listen to Inner Guidance, and clean up your act, you know how…
  • Feed your soul; do only what is truly nurturing for you
  • Forget obligations, others’ expectations: this is your time
  • Live your intent to thrive and prosper gloriously

On Saturday 22nd we will gather for a loving fun celebration with yoga, meditation, and music.  More on that later.

In addition join us for Cyberspace Inspiration! With a daily one minute video sent to your email box for 40 days (starting November 12th): sign up on

In Joy,