Hi Friends! UPCOMING YOGA FESTIVAL WITH ANTION AND I and 2 FREE TICKETS OFFERED to any 2 of my friends who are the first to see this and email your name and mention ‘elandra’ to yoga@kawaipurapura.co.nz . All entries will be in a draw for three Lululemon yoga mats.

Yeehah! It will be fantastic, we are presenting a Concert of Sacred Kirtan Naad Yoga Sacred Voice

and 2 new classes –

Transformational Yoga for Men in the Age of the Divine Feminine
Partner Yoga & Secrets of Lasting Happiness in Relationship

Join us for a wonderful two days packed full of yoga seminars and workshops, spiritual teachings, children’s yoga, evening concerts and performances. All the fun of a festival with all the inspiration and depth of a conference. Over 40 yoga presenters from all over New Zealand and overseas will be sharing their knowledge and wisdom with you, supporting you on your yoga journey. Love you!

In Joy,