Aloha Greetings friends!

Antion and I are back “home” in Kauai, Hawaii,  staying for a month or 2 in the perfect warmth, on Baby Beach, Kapa’a, just 38 paces from the water. Here I have been learning about endangered monk seals (in all there are only about 35 in Kauai, and 1100 in Hawaii) seeing them resting on our beach several times.

I am having a wonderful time travelling and seeing dear daughters and friends and making new ones, and have been many places in and out of airports over 20 times in USA.

Here  many know us and love us, as between our many Ohana (family) transformational communities of weekly Kundalini Yoga,  hula, Lomi Chi Holographic healing sessions,  Goddess Embodies gatherings, workshops, chanting, , Sacred Sound Celebrations, Unity church music director, music gigs, radio station, CDs, plus the world of construction and  plumbing,  we are friends with a lot of incredible and dear souls!

We went to KKCR radio station to be interviewed – Antion was known also for his  radio show on KKCR called Spirit Dance here on the island – it was a 50s-60s show, about his life and music, and telling the stories related to the Animals songs, which has brought them alive in a different and thrilling way. This side of him show s up in his humourous  presentation  of

Antion: A Musical Journey

 Songs, Chants & Stories from his 4 Musical Incarnations

Includes the joy of  imbibing the ancient wisdom from the extraordinary energies of Kauai after the hurricane in 1991, and  the “ old times” playing for hula at Café Cocco,  and now again  seeing  Fern and Jeanne dancing so magnificently!

Wherever we are we are blessed to give sessions and workshops in

Living Love Kundalini Yoga, Naad Yoga Sacred Voice,

WOW Walking Our Wisdom, WOW Wildly Organic Women and more…

In New Zealand at Kawaipurapura when we were teaching at the first ever international Yoga festival in April the  media focused on the  story of our past,  “the animal, the vampire and a love story” –  created  an amusing  2 minute NZTV interview, click on

I love staying in touch and Facebook is wonderful for that, (and we even have 3 pages up as well as but the truth is, we are neither of us into marketing! The fact is we are not at all good at it!  I even got a great book “Sell is not a 4 letter word” and took a 2 day course, it was great, and yet I still feel that way, not so good at this stuff, and besides, as it is I am not keeping up with it all! Need a manager and assistants! So you know, until help shows up, word of mouth and telepathic connections are the way!

 Our New Zealand News 2013

In NZ’s coming summer we are presenting at 2 major festivals:

A good time for you to come to NZ!

Prana Festival at New Year 2013:

Voices of Sacred Earth Festival Feb 9, 2013:

Elandra’s WOW! Vision will be there

Love staying  in touch through Facebook…

Facebook www.facebook/elandra.meredith & 3 pages:

Living Love Kundalini Yoga

WOW! Walking Our Wisdom

WOW! Wildly Organic Women

Aloha Love and Blessings!

In Joy, 


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One Response to Aloha Greetings friends!

  1. Dear Elandra,
    I found your website and read your interview, great to read your ways of working and life path!
    Now I planned a holiday to Hawaii to enjoy and experience the special energy there and everything else. It just had to be Hawaii for reasons that will , no doubt, be revealed to me.
    Meanwhile here at home in Holland I am having a challenge with a lump in my breast. I refused the doctors to stick needles in it,cut it out asap and have them do their ‘healing’ practices on it because I feel that their way of looking at it is not mine.
    So this lump helped me to release a lot of fears and other issues and it stayed stable for 1,5 years. I never knew it was cancer or a cyste but that was totally fine with me.
    The last 2 months it has become active and has grown from a hazelnut to a walnut.
    I put ‘black salve’ on it and yes, cancer cells came out.
    The nice thing is that I have no fear for the cancer itself and am still totally convinced that I am going to heal in a natural way. However, it is challenging too since I have used all that I know, feel and could find out myself and with the support of others. It grows now! So time to move to the next stage and really really face the source. Or to put it in a better way, let it go.
    Reading your article was great timing.
    It made me realize that I still have not found the core reason, the source of this growth.
    I would love to see you, maybe have a consultation or do a workshop or whatever is possible or best.
    The beauty is that I will be staying in Kapa’a the second half of September.

    Please let me know if there is a possibility.

    Warm greetings

    Karo van der Burgt
    Den Haag

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