Season’s Greetings! Happy Solstice dear friends,
I envision us altogether, standing  shoulder to shoulder, hand to hand, hug to hug, heart to heart, conjointly creating  the best jolly good fun and joy into the best year ever, why not!

Antion is in Kauai without me. I am – strangely – forgoing a  trip to Kauai to stay in NZ to do –what? Declutter!? Yes, free myself from  clutterholism and  clear, clean and cleanse my life.

Kittens in the dark
It’s my basement. It’s my nemesis!  I’m facing a descent to the underworld full of boogeymen, monsters, ghosts and goblins. And yes, living things, in the far dark corners I have found four kittens and a plant three feet high, squeezed through a tiny hole in the wall, to grow in the dark, (strangely, as if there were a treasure to be found there and understandably anemic looking).

The most feared is my mother’s stuff which I could not face letting go of since she died 6 years ago… memories of a lifetime of challenges and losses…sentimental stuff, exquisite embroidery,  that tugs at my heart and soul and binds me by virtue of the terrible task of deciding what to do with it…

Declutter and invigorate
But now I am already experiencing a lightedness, excitement,  and energy, just as Maureen B O’Reilly expressed to me on facebook, “I just went thru a 2 month period of doing major decluttering and giving away 2/3 of all that owned me. My life is now freer, clearer, more concentrated, brighter, and much more present focused. The mental decluttering continues, with my mind now challenging every thought not in the present moment. Old habits falling away in every area. All success and freedom of body, mind, heart, soul, spirit, life, relationships, and purpose to you!!!”

An opportunity, a 1-20 day window of time for reassessment of life, recapitulation,  life review – and of course celebration of now!  A time to remember and honor the power of Nature and the Cosmos, to draw upon it during the 10 days before and after 21st Dec.

I am giving myself a LOVE-IN this season – 40 days to Absorb Super Energy Through Air, Water, Love By Conscious Fasting and Get ‘Earthing’ with bare feet on Mother Earth, plus up my ‘Voltage’ with conscious breathing.

I will fast for 3 days on water alone in retreat here by myself, meditating without internet, phone or talking,  during  20, 21, 22. 3 days absorbing and gaining everything I need through the power of air and water alone. 3 days of love with time to meditate! (No shopping, driving, putting away, preparing, cooking, eating, cleaning up time, yay!) Antion inspired me, he just did it and feels great.

We are here together, some us for many years. Why do I keep waving to you, writing to you, year after year, especially when I have chosen to not be a professional, not be a business  trying to sell you something? I could quit and just have a nice retired  life…

New Zealand, Hawaii, Chiangmai
Because I want to gather us to dance and sing and transform together in my Retreats. I’m Planning  Pilgrimages,  Sacred Journeys,  Retreats To Places Of High Spiritual Energy in 2017.   I am planning for some Fun Lift Off into – Civilization Next!

In A Land Of Smiles Where Spirituality Is Honored With 32,000 Temples, (400 in Chiang Mai, Thailand).

In A place where one million children get together to meditate and sing about peace (see on Youtube).

In A place of unbelievably low cost highest quality healing and massage, food, dentistry and  medical, a place of more freedom from state  regulation and rules.

In A place of  temples everywhere,  60 vegetarian restaurants with wonderful food,  healing practitioners everywhere, and for me above all…A place where there is inspiration to choose ‘purification of character’ rather than ‘multiplication of wants’…

And guess what, a place where there is a very special place and a temple built just for us…you will see…

So that’s why I am wanting you to come to join us in Chiang Mai …do you see? You are my family, I love you.

We will be New Zealand in March,  Kauai and Maui in May, and  Thailand June to November.

Stay tuned for the January newsletter with more details!

Big Love And Hugs!