Greetings, this time from beautiful Kaua’i!

This is a very quick update to acknowledge an error I made with the last newsletter. The last part was ‘first draft’ ‘stream of consciousness’ stuff meant to be deleted, (so embarrassing to my inner grammar snob) so if anyone read that far, apologies – and thanks!

Like I said, I can’t think and function in the almost 100 degree heat. Although now it’s slightly more bearable with occasional clouds, wind and rain, but still, I have continued being an ardent seeker of library air conditioning. Until now, having just figured out how I can sit outside (still on the internet) and by frequently jumping into the outdoor shower to get dripping dress and hair, stay cool enough to focus, – I think. Ah, but then the mosquitos…

Because I really want to get my second book published; there is so much more to share about the consciousness that creates ‘miracles’, (that began with my broken ankle healed almost instantly) and how we are all natural miracle-making-self-healers – if we want.

Thank you for reading my book and commenting; I appreciate comments:

“You’re a truly remarkable lady, Elandra. I enjoyed reading your book so much. You have led such an interesting and fulfilling life. You are very gifted. I highly recommend your book……..well done”. – Jeffrey Simon

“It is destined to be a big hit! Fabulous story telling.   Your book is captivating. It reveals your truth- our truth. A refreshing read that awakens the joy of observation, learning, asking questions and experiencing the fascinating vision of who we are”.   –Jan Gibbs

Next newsletter will contain details on our workshops planned on Kaua’i and Maui, and NZ, book release gatherings, concerts, and where Antion is singing and playing – in one, or all of his 9 musical modalities. There are 9, and interestingly there are photos showing up on the internet we have never seen before on many of these aspects of his life.

We extended our trip and now are booked to return to NZ on December 15th.

Thank you and I love you for being on my list. This quote expresses how I feel:

“Nobody on Earth can deny that you can feel when somebody loves you…Invisible light waves emanate from the one who loves… By drawing upon this feeling and understanding its nature, one can do wonders. This is what you call miracles, mysticism, or incredible abilities”. – Anastasia, Anastasia Ringing Cedars book series, Vladimir Megre.

I am feeling those “invisible light waves” in me…

Aloha Love and blessings,