Dear Lovelies: my friends from all over the world,

Greetings and love! – wherever you are. Antion and I are doing well, and have just returned to Kauai after 2 months in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We had a fun 30 hour trip with stopovers in China, and here we are again . . . Aloha! We arrived back to the usual loving calls of “Welcome Home!” from our big family of friends here.

In the aftermath of the eclipse, so much is happening that is directly affecting many, and you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I wake up in the night thinking about my daughter and dear friends in Florida. Today in the car with the dog they are directly in the path of Hurricane Irma, with the 2 more hurricanes behind it. Like many others, they are driving north to safety, reporting that stations are running out of gas…

All this scares me. What can I do? Lie awake all night, sweat and fret? It’s not easy being me, a lover of humanity and all life, but after 45 years of practice in meditating, it works for me to look at it all from a higher level of consciousness. I need to release and surrender . . . and bless it all. Send my love.

Are these the “Earth Changes” which we have been warned about in so many prophecies? Is it true that we’ve entered the time of a big change in humanity and civilization? Hey, we all know what must be changed! But when, if not now? It’s already been over a hundred years, since the time of Tesla, that “natural energy” technology has been available. What happened? We know. Big corporations, oil and greed, and us being bamboozled into allowing it. Now what do we do?

The floods, fires, hurricanes, the fear, the destruction . . . are they not telling us something? Maybe they are saying that there has never before, in the history of this planet, been more reason to wake up… to Claim and Embody our own Inner Power. It’s challenging us: will we be a victim, or not? When will I, and you, take life and health into our own hands?

Our hands, our hearts, they are sacred. They are servants to a psyche, soul and body that wants to live in Commitment to Truth, Integrity and Heart-Centeredness.  These words and others like them are virtues and values you know about. Now they MUST be prioritized, so life doesn’t end in the 6th extinction much sooner than later!

These times call for a COMING OUT party! In the “coming out” we need to proclaim ourselves. This is why I named myself Professor of Infinite Love in my last newsletter, and a Master of Healing Arts today. But I do wonder . . . what about YOU? What are you going to proclaim yourself to be . . . when is your coming out party? (haha, November 1st?)

Today  I have some big news to share. As you know I have been holding a vision and preparing for a long time (7 years or even 45) for my grand coming out event. My life purpose is clear and happening right now! Collaboration is the key. We never need to be alone. I am so many times blessed with my most beloved Antion, married 45 years, along with so many dear friends like you.

Now I have also teamed up with a co-creator, a “business partner”, a longtime friend David Dakan Allison, to work in harmony and loving support, to help make my vision, and his, happen. He lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the land of spiritual dedication with 32,000 temples, where they gather ONE MILLION children in one spot to meditate and sing about peace for the whole world!

So I present to you my vision, my co-creation, which can also be your co-creation, your invitation, your opportunity, to honor, bless and heal the Sacred Temple of your Body, Mind and Spirit, in a location and with a team  that supports you to the max.


People, my people, my friends, some of you have been on my list for decades . . . read this again. I feel so strongly about this; Enough is enough, of suffering, of ill health. Now it’s time to claim your For-real Personal Power and Vibrant Health, at last. I love you and you know it, and I’m ready to spend this precious and sacred time with you – two weeks in Thailand in intimate renewal.

This retreat is Priceless. It’s happening soon – only 54 days from today. Read the flyer again and be amazed at how much you are getting! In a few days our retreat website will be up: holisticmedicalretreats.com. This letter is a pre-website offer, and you will only get the deep discount if you respond now, to this email.

YOU are the very first to be invited. We choose to have only 10 for this special event.  I want you to be one of them. So be the first to contact me  elandra@healthhealing.org about your intimate 13 days Holistic Organic Medical Tourism Retreat in Chiang Mai November 1-13, 2017.

As always, Waves of Aloha Love and Blessings,

Special Love and blessings from Antion,

as well as David Dakan Allison, whom I hope you will have the pleasure to meet soon.

Love you!   Elandra

PS. In case you’ve forgotten, I’m an accomplished facilitator, who has actually experienced instant healing. I’m seasoned with multitudes of disciplines, successes and vast experience. I have taught thousands of people like you about how you can heal your body and your life.

What I care about most of all, FOR YOU, is this: HAPPINESS IN A BODY THAT THRIVES WITH GREAT HEALTH, NO MATTER YOUR AGE. Above all you’re getting something almost impossible to find, a real live authentic personal guide, who lives in integrity and love: ME, standing beside you, your friend forever. This is infinitely more valuable than any other ads or claims out there today: “authorities” with lofty degrees and credentials, laying out slickly packaged offers to convince you to put your valuable money into a “vapid intellectualism” information seminar – minus what really counts, the intimacy, caring, and love!

David Dakan Allison and I are NO BS people! We’re basically, but much more, Tour Guides to your Personal Transformation. With only 10 people attending, we have plenty of time every day for one-on-one talks, family discussions on health, co-creations, conversations with our Medical Professionals, interactions with the beautiful Thai people, and a true assurance that YOU are being cared for, in very loving hands.

We’re all clever with excuses. If you think you’re not ready for this amazing retreat on how to achieve Vibrant Health, then please ask yourself this question: “What else can I do to heal my body and my mind in the next two months: to feel truly joyously successful with my well-being and life: to feel confident in knowing how to nurture and maintain my health long into the future as I get older, without a lot of suffering and spending a vast amount of time plus maybe All my retirement savings on ineffective healthcare, insurance, drugs, doctors and hospitals?”

So I have an idea. We have for you a one time suggestion.  BE ONE OF THE FIRST 5 PEOPLE to enroll in this Amazing Opportunity, and get 20% off.

I invite you to email me right now. Ask any question and I will do my best to answer it . . . just know that the risk you make to change your life, is exactly what brings forth new life: a Radiant New You.

I love you, can’t wait to see you soon and celebrate our successes, joy and fun . . . in Thailand together!  elandra@healthhealing.org

PPS. FYI, if you were to pass on this 20% discount,  this my “only to my private email friends” special opportunity, the invitation goes next to my 7000 Facebook people, followed by 1500 on LinkedIn (without the 20% discount).