“I spoke with Antion yesterday and he told me of your book on Kindle. I downloaded it immediately and read it in one sitting. Such a beautiful, spiritual, magical, real, loving, holographic story. I was deeply touched, inspired and found myself tearing up as I do when touched by spirit.
I love that you wrote of the 3HO years without rancor, and you were able to convey so clearly the powerful love, energetic, spiritual and “kundalini” experiences so many of us shared. One of the  many beauties of your story is that the more personal it is, the more universal its reach.
I have often tried to write my story, so I appreciate the kind of discipline that went into your being able to complete yours with such polish and articulation.
The more I read, the more I felt a longing to have a healing session with you. I’m not sure how or when, but I have not been drawn to a healer or a healing in decades. I surely need healing, but meanwhile, I am taking your inspiration by working on opening my heart again and reaching into the fields of light.
Bless you for your joy, your heart, your light and your vast generosity”.