Dear WOW! Walkers of Wisdom, Rainbow Children of all Lands

Here in Hawaii we have unprecedented flood and fire. With everyone in suspense hanging on the hourly news of imminent eruption, it is interesting to remember that it is not only the furthest landmass from anywhere, but as the ancients and ancestors believed, the center of the world, and the site of the ancient Motherland of Goddess, the fabled civilization-of-love called Lemuria.

Here on Kauai – where we arrived right after hurricane Iniki in 1992 to help rebuild and lived for 13 years – there has been devastating flooding this month. Hawaii is both a physical land and a parallel sacred homeland on other dimensions, known to the whole of Polynesia as Hava’iki. Everybody understands that it is divinely directed by the powers of the Goddess, so now with Pele’s big time upheaval, a force of both destruction and creation, the prophecies are coming to pass that it’s time for big transformation of consciousness for humankind.

If ever there was a land that invites and visits upon you (whether you like it or not) transformation, it is Hawaii. Your life may be changed forever in unforeseen ways, as life here is lived close to your own soul’s calling, Kuleana. Nature, Goddess, and spirits are strong enough to remind you that it is incumbent to live in Pono (in integrity with and sacredly honoring of the Aina land and energies) or you may soon not be living at all. You may never return from your 60th birthday hike up a sacred mountain – a star gate near us – (RIP to our dear lost friend) in Anahola. Or from the swim in the ocean, RIP to another…. Or you may arrive as a couple and leave single soon after. The nearby river may suddenly rise up and swallow your most precious belongings in a raging torrent – as it did mine. You may lose – as some have recently on Kauai, your houses and cars to the rivers and oceans.

And on the Big Island of Hawaii, where the Kilauea volcano has explosively erupted, the lava has taken some 45 houses and much more. There is currently great danger of the lava flow reaching the Puna Geothermal Venture (PGV) Plant. Here in the geothermal process, as reports, “the drilling and the injection of cold water into hot rocks, used in geothermal energy plants, fractures the rocks, which can induce earthquakes and through contamination of the atmosphere and water tables can affect our health and safety.”

In Hawaii the rainbow is a symbol of transformation. It is a reminder of the family of those who are related not by blood but by the fire in their spirits, a fire that burns for justice, equality and love of the earth. It has been prophesied that there will come a time when those who are related through the rainbow will teach those ancient wisdoms to those who have forgotten. Rainbow warriors are willing to fight fear, doubt, and the addiction to status and power in order to unite and collaborate with others of all cultures, races and walks of life to effect and perpetuate healing and harmony.

As a New Zealander, the Ancient Wisdom Connections of Hawaii and Aotearoa NZ serve as inspiration for my ever deeper exploratory learnings, journeys & Initiations. Indeed I have had amazing experiences of the mystery, the memories, the ghosts, the goosebumps, the stories yet to be told, the sudden channeling that comes upon me, flying lights, warnings, visions, the portals, the sense of the ancient, the oneness with nature and the goddess…the fearless …indeed, you feel it in your guts – and it shows by the goosebumps, called “chicken skin” here.

This is the energy of the sound current of Hawaii in Antion’s CD “One in the Goddess”. The sounds, vowels, words, chants and songs have inter-dimensional Mana, power. Many are drawn to Hawaii as if by a Pied Piper, feeling ‘called’, feeling a deep resonance and ‘chicken skin’ upon hearing the chants and songs. It is said that these are the original sounds of the language of the continent of Mu, the Motherland, ancient Lemuria, having the power to connect you into a deeper realm of magic and mystery beyond that which may be explained, through the power of kaona, (the many levels and layers of meaning of each sound and word). 

And this is the energy of the sessions I am inviting you to receive from me. One of my Hawaiian mentors named my work “Ho’omana Ke Laka” which means to activate Goddess Laka, Goddess of Love, Manifestation, Nature and more. 

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