Kundalini Chi Yoga, Naad Yoga and the Sacred Voice Sacred Relationship

40 Day (6 week) Integrated Body, Mind and Spirit Cleanse & Recharge Program with Kundalini Yoga

Description of Program as developed and taught by Elandra:

A self healing system with an intense inner energy focus, which raises the body’s own internal heat for rapid change, transformation or healing into your true health and lasting wellbeing. As breath is your focus of priority, rather than physical form, this discipline is suitable for all stages of physical ability or disability. Physically kind and gentle (or not, by your own choice!) self accepting, individualized, adaptive, you get to choose your personal level of challenge. Elandra’s teaching style is kind and forgiving, the emphasis is more on opening your heart than opening your hips: standing on your own two feet than your head! At all times there is an interplay between the two functions of opening and releasing, and reforming and integration. Each moment is an interactive, co-creative healing journey with you as your own navigator into the unknown, your inner body, energy system and electro- magnetic field.

Structure & Organization of Class Series:

The ongoing 6 week (40 day) series of classes is organized according to the effect on the major organs, meridians and systems of the body. Each class has its unique balancing/ healing, stimulating/ relaxing effect on the energy/emotional centers of the spine’s nerve plexi.(chakras) which interface with the major meridians (Chinese Medicine energy channels) and nadis (etheric channels). As these channels are cleared, chi/prana can flow unobstructed raising vibrational frequency, and eletrical voltage of the electromagnetic field, resulting in a sense of joyous self- empowerment of your Being. Each class also connects with the ancient wisdom of Hawaii, and the specific day’s moon phase cycle.

Overall objective of program:

To give yourself a guided focused inner workout to release accumulated stress while centering the mind and opening the spirit to heal, change or transform, (rearranging molecules by the power of intent.) To cleanse, clear and charge the energy channels within your body and electromagnetic field to allow your inner voice to be felt and heard more clearly within your Being. To accept your body as it is and honor the body as a sacred temple. To physically experience within it the felt sense of energy connection, merging & union within, “yoga”, the Unmanifest power of the Now. To know, accept and feel this as your present reality, in truth, integrity and congruency, while simultaneously honoring your own personal level of readiness, (or unreadiness), to change.

Individual class overall objective:

To consciously connect with your purpose in coming to class. ….connect with ultimate life purpose…to love, to be one with the One, your inner voice .. the inner life force energy. Then feel it flowing. Then direct the flow with focused awareness. Then harness and store it in specific locations in the body, bearing in mind your ultimate purpose, to increase your power to love.

This work is empowering you to start to heal the deletorious effects within of inner pollution, the duality and split of our culture and planet between body and spirit, heart and head. It enables you to bring to conscious awareness the reality and power of the Now and to anchor it into the being/body in the Present. This bestows Peace, Blessing, Grace and Presence.

Results you may expect are:

Immediate and tangible. Just a few of the rewards you can reap from the very first class include: physical and mental relief from a host of typical problems such as back pain, addiction, depression, insomnia and weight problems, an overiding sense of inner rightness, centeredness, success, being in the right place at the right time, inner harmony and peace.



Basic format of each class

1. Open with tuning in to intention: your life purpose energy, day’s purpose, and moon phase.

2 Allow a big voiced Yawn – sigh to open voice, sound & throat chakra.

3. Make guided voiced sound and chant.

4. Pause to honor and acknowledge with gratitude nature, the land, your lineage of teachers, ancestors, helpers seen and unseen, and feel your connections.

5. Tune into breath. Feel where it is.

6. Guided breathing practice using 10 breaths.

7. Yoga series for day’s specific Major Organ system with physical, mental & emotional associations.

8. Mudra ( position & placement of fingers and hands) practice.

9. Voiced breath, sound & chant practise.

10. Deep relaxation.

11. Close with centering and blessing.

Praise From Other Yoga Professionals

“I have been an avid practitioner for many years, a traveling yoga teacher and have studied with many teachers. I have the highest respect for Elandra’s classes and their transformative power. I drive 2-3 hours to attend her classes each week.”

“As a yoga teacher myself, I really appreciate your delightful and inspiring approach. I’ve been coming to your classes for several years and always learn something new. The effect on my whole life is profound.”

Some of Elandra’s Videos

Kundalini Chi Yoga, brief light-hearted demo of “cat stretch”, valuable for overall daily maintenance, meridian self-loving energy flow, kidneys/ life force/back pain

Kundalini Chi Yoga – Elandra’s own backyard practice filmed humorously by daughter in Seattle backyard:

Barefoot Backyard Running! (Filmed with fun by Pritam and Dan in Seattle backyard) Elandra’s daily practice, valuable for grounding and health maintenance

Interview at Tao Congress Retreat (Thailand) on Elandra’s Ageless Living experience with Tao plus 40 years Kundalini Yoga