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The Sacred Voice: Secrets of Naad Yoga, the Yoga of Sound and Chant

Sunday April 17th 2011  1 – 5pm

Albany, Auckland, NZ

The human voice is the most powerful link between humanity and the Divine. The ancient rishis of India, the monks of Tibet, the kahunas of Hawaii, the sufi mystics of the Middle East and India, all developed techniques to achieve healing and enhanced spiritual awareness through sacred chant and ecstatic singing. In India, this science was known as Naad Yoga. You will learn to:

*Embrace techniques of Naad Yoga, as well as sacred chant from Hawaii

*Understand how to use Japa Yoga (the yoga of repetitive sounds) in your daily life

*Learn to create your own vocal sadhana (daily spiritual practice)
*Discover your own authentic, ecstatic spiritual expression, your own Sacred Voice
*Explore your devotional connection to your Higher Self

Kundalini Chi Yoga
Naad Yoga and the Sacred Voice
Sacred Relationship

A two month course with Elandra and Antion

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Kundalini Chi Yoga combines breathing techniques with sequenced hatha postures, sound current, mantra, mudra, visualization, rest, and meditation to bring about the benefits of super healing and health through your chakras, nervous system, meridians and organs.

Naad Yoga and the Sacred Voice. The human voice is the most powerful link between humanity and the Divine. Ancients from many different traditions knew this. In India, this science is known as Naad Yoga. Empower yourself using the Spirituality of your voice through Breath, Mantra and Sacred Chant.

Elandra & Antion Meredith are healers, spiritual teachers, counsellors, yogis, ministers. They have fourty years experience together in the Healing field as international leaders of Sound Healing, Chanting, Yoga, and Spiritual Retreats. and

WHERE: Prema Lounge, Kawai Purapura, 14 Mills Lane, Albany

WHEN: Every Wednesday during February and March, 2011, 6.30 PM to 7.30 PM

BRING: A soft mat if possible and blanket for relaxation, wear natural fibre clothes.


FOR MORE INFO OR TO BOOK FOR THE COURSE CONTACT: Emma (the course organiser) on 02269 72913 or email

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