Lomi Chi Workshop Information

For Massage professionals and anybody interested in self-healing

Empower your work- and your entire life!- with a way to connect directly to the physical source of unfelt and unexpressed emotion! Learn how to create ‘miracle’ healings!

Learn to :

  • Integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual by working efficiently with breathing, digestion and somatic responses to emotions
  • Tone and revitalize internal organs
  • Detoxify and remove excess stagnation in organs to improve elimination
  • Stimulate lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • Connect deeply with the nonprocessed emotions stored in the digestive system, allowing them to be addressed and cleared
  • Release structural tensions
  • Restructure, strengthen and retrain the organs to work more easily and effectively
  • Release chronic pain related to misalignment of feet, legs and pelvis
  • Teach clients to know themselves better through guidance in assessing, correcting and improving their breathing
  • Give fundamental self-help massage techniques, specific meditation practices, and dietary and lifestyle support
  • Recycle negative energy
  • Recognize personal patterns of tension
  • Use simple manipulations to restore vitality to the body
  • Integrate this work into your current massage modalities for amazing healing results!