Lomi Chi Workshop Information

For Massage professionals and anybody interested in self-healing

Empower your work- and your entire life!- with a way to connect directly to the physical source of unfelt and unexpressed emotion! Learn how to create ‘miracle’ healings!

Learn to :

  • Integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual by working efficiently with breathing, digestion and somatic responses to emotions
  • Tone and revitalize internal organs
  • Detoxify and remove excess stagnation in organs to improve elimination
  • Stimulate lymphatic and circulatory systems
  • Connect deeply with the nonprocessed emotions stored in the digestive system, allowing them to be addressed and cleared
  • Release structural tensions
  • Restructure, strengthen and retrain the organs to work more easily and effectively
  • Release chronic pain related to misalignment of feet, legs and pelvis
  • Teach clients to know themselves better through guidance in assessing, correcting and improving their breathing
  • Give fundamental self-help massage techniques, specific meditation practices, and dietary and lifestyle support
  • Recycle negative energy
  • Recognize personal patterns of tension
  • Use simple manipulations to restore vitality to the body
  • Integrate this work into your current massage modalities for amazing healing results!

2 Responses to Lomi Chi Workshop Information

  1. Linda says:

    Hello Elandra, wow, what an amazing site. Reading about you has brought tears to my eyes, you are obviously a wonderful healer. It has been a blessing to read about all the amazing work you have done. I wish I did not live so far away otherwise I could come to Hawaii to have a massage with you! But I live in Cape Town so cannot come to you for a while. I see from one of the comments on your site that you have been to work in Cape Town. Will you be coming here again soon? I would love to have a few treatments with you. If you are not coming here for a while, could you recommend anyone in Cape Town or South Africa that you feel would be best for me so long. I am 43 years old and am trying to fall pregnant. My thyroid is playing up now, it is now underactive and it is causing me difficulties. Especially with falling pregnant as it has thrown my whole cycle out and my hormones are in total disarray. Do you recommend I have a certain treatment or take something to help me. I will appreciate your guidance and help so much. I am sorry to bother you but I was guided to your site today I feel sure about that and feel you could help me somehow. Thank you for your time. Linda

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