Health & Rejuvenation Empowerment Program


20 Hours to Optimal Self-healing Power & Transformation


Orientation and Overview: Introductions Connection to ancient healing energy of Kaua’i Language of healing, energy and vibrational medicine. Introduction to and definition of terms used: chakras, meridians, chi, prana, apana, kundalini, ayurveda, Tao, etc. Transitional tools: developing a new science of healing that recognizes our spiritual and evolutionary heritage. .What is optimal health?

Structure & Organization of Program: Learn and practice techniques derived from: Yoga, & partner yoga (includes breathing chant & mudras) the Five elements of Chinese Medicine & associations of each organ system Hypnotherapy/ Being Present Taoist Bone breathing Chi nei Tsang (abdominal massage) Pranic Healing Acupower (Thought Field Therapy)

Objective of Program: To take you through a guided focused inner physical workout to release accumulated stress on all levels. To center the mind and open the spirit to heal, change or transform. To cleanse, clear and charge the energy channels within your body and electromagnetic field. As these channels are cleared, chi/prana can flow unobstructed raising vibrational frequency and electrical voltage of the electromagnetic field.