Kundalini Yoga with Antion & Elandra
Dear Yoga Friends,
We want to show and share how yoga is supporting you, so we welcome your stories!
CLASS FEEDBACK: One participant was teary-eyed telling me of her incredibly stressful week and how the class was like a miracle clearing and healing; she left feeling completely renewed, and deeply grateful.
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Sat 5th April SACRED VOICE CHANTING workshop – details TBA. Mark your calendar! We will raise massive self-healing energy!  Last Tuesday the class experienced how you can use sound for healing your specific emotional or physical pain, and right away people felt instant releases. 
WHAT IS SACRED VOICE? Your Sacred Voice is the voice of your soul’s purpose. Sacred Voice Chanting is – as in ancient times – a call, a sacred offering, opening portals into dimensions of truth, healing and transformation.

WHAT IS SACRED VOICE SOUND HEALING? We all had ancestors who were tapped  into the primal source of power, the  Kundalini feminine-nurturing-loving nature-based  Yin energy of Goddess Mother Earth, which once was predominant on our planet and is now being reinstated. The sacred sounds of chants, words, and songs sounding through you, open a doorway into unknown aspects of yourself where you can navigate to rearrange realities, heal, and evolve. Allowing breath and sound to move through you until you feel one with the sound, until the sound sounds you, is the secret to empowering your health and life holographically.  Sacred Voice Chanting of sacred Oli (Hawaiian chant), and mantras with mudras is an advanced spiritual discipline that engenders ecstatic states of coherent consciousness. 
MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS:  YOGA FESTIVAL 12-13th April – reminder in one month!
We are planning a Kundalini Yoga one day intensive and several more one day workshops before we leave NZ for Hawaii at the end of May.  We continue on Tuesday with our special focus on Sacred Voice Healing Sound Meditations for personal & planetary evolution & transformation.


See you Tuesday March 18th!  Love, blessings, hugs,