Kawai Purapura Albany –  Summit, Symposium and Gathering of All Beings

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The coming together in celebration of community and sharing of gifts,
knowledge, information and spontaneity of …what is Wisdom?

This open, light hearted discussion invites listeners to join in an event
that brings forth a collective of metaphysicians, healers, artists and
indigenous ecological ideals of how as one seamless organism we can anchor
a vision of an open, bio harmonic lifestyle and community.

With a holistic understanding that integrates scientific principles people
are awakening to the need to creatively build community into a dynamic
field of possibility. And that ‘cultural creative’s’ need to be communing

What are these foundations? – These platonic building blocks are of how we
individually and collectively weave the various strands of our potential
into a localized Auckland area group that will empower us to manifest
answers, solutions and connection for today and tomorrow.

And how does Kawai Purapura as a venue in a glade of exquisite beauty,
facilitate a unique event such as this to be the forerunner of
spontaneity, joy and heart resonant connection and well being?

Where we can embrace new friends, kindred spirits and  change-agents and
celebrate, meditate, pray and play, sing and soar.

Be inquisitive!   ‘WOW’

Open attached flyer, and register at   www.walkingourwisdom.wordpress.com

When:   17 & 18 March 2012

Where:  Kahikatea Hall, Kawai Purapura, 14 Mills Lane, Albany

Time:  Sat  9am – 9pm, Sun 9am – 6pm

Cost: 1 day        $65 includes catered meal

2 days       $95  includes  2 catered meals

Click to register at www.walkingourwisdom.wordpress.com

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Be a ‘wisdom walker’ with us, see you there!

With Tim Lynch in Mobilising Consciousness


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