On September 14, 2013 I was privileged to attend a workshop by Antion called “Why Is This Happening To Me Again.”  The major goal was for Antion to share his hard-won wisdom on Healing the Emotional Body with a small group of earnest seekers of various ages and experiences.
I have rich and widely eclectic spiritual experience plus a professional background in therapeutic work as an MSW.  Many of his teachings were familiar.  They had the advantages of being well organized, heart-felt and easy to implement.
Most valuable to me was listening to Antion share his significant personal experiences.  He was candid about his family and the long spiritual path he has traveled.  He spoke of the discovery of teachers and his thoughtful inspired synthesis and development of techniques to overcome depression and anger.  He makes certain that all he shares is practical and applicable for everybody.
Antion is a caring and articulate speaker with a passion for sharing his spiritual wisdom.

by Vigil Alkana, MSW