Happy Valentine’s day. Let’s do this!

It gives me joy to think of seeing you again tomorrow!

Especially because we, Antion and I leave NZ at end of April, so I cherish these classes and you as the only yoga course for the year, even though we will be doing other events.

These are amazing times, eh, much is being brought up to move through, on all levels, and yoga fellowship sadhana/sangat is the key. What are you going through, and how can we all support you and each other? We will deepen the healing support for each other ever more in these classes.

Personally, I feel like I am transforming within, feeling ever more light and joyous, could it be the energies of 2012?  Oh, I will admit I am excited about this year!  2012 is a year of transformation, into what? According to research and prophecies, this year is itThe year of the great shift of paradigms, perceptions, and (many say) of our very DNA. It is also the year of the Water Dragon in Chinese culture, representing Divine Wisdom and transformation. I KNOW the crises of the times are part of a Divine initiation.

After 40 years of Kundalini yoga (practice and teaching) I feel I have personally achieved a high degree of health and flexibility, – hey, I just saw my blood with David Holden’s Live blood cell analysis,(fantastic)  corpuscles rushing around it looked so alive and he said it was high in chi, and I thought – my blood is jumping for joy!

As I think you know, from this vantage point and experience, I believe that what we want from yoga – gaining and retaining super health along with radiant joy – is more about the Power of Intent and flow of inner chi energy than stretching and straining muscles (for perfect posture in the traditional or western way). (My opinion, eager to hear yours!)

I love this quote-  Russian DNA researchers say:  “If humans with full individuality would regain group consciousness, they would have a god-like power to create, alter and shape things on Earth! And humanity is collectively moving toward such a group consciousness of the new kind.”

So even more than usual, in this class our focus will be (by the power of sacred love, intent, breath and sound) to  integrate the powers of third eye,  DNA, brain  and pineal gland system  to  embody  the ‘godself’, in  the power of  Living Love.

So we have 11 weeks to do it, come to all classes, and plan for it, together we can do anything,  let’s do it!  Yeehah!

In Joy, Elandra

PS – I think we will have the joy of Georgia’s wonderful  voice too on a regular basis…for sure on sunday for Sacred Sound Celebration, more on that later…

PPS – You may want to bring a mat or towel/blanket  as we have hard floor at shanti room

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Greetings Yoga lovers and friends

Last week – and last night – we had a wonderful time! Moving energy, especially focusing on the pineal, one woman said she felt cleansed “like she had an internal shower. ” Others expressed wonderful experiences – which as usual – I don’t remember.

Of course an internal shower is highly desirable for our healing, super health and longevity, given that our immune system is some  75%  in the intestines, which are all about cleansing and letting go,  making room for more absorption and nutrition/nurturing – and LOVE!

This week we are focusing on LOVE,  in the physical heart, cellular memory, and in the soul.

Just sharing my “Elandra rave”, on the LOVE bigger picture:  the split, the duality that our society created, expressed by Einstein: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift”.

So what is the intuitive mind/sacred gift? It is LOVE, HEART. It is heart running the show and mind servant in balance as it was intended to.

In Love Without End: Jesus Speaks, Glenda Green says

“…right now, human understanding of energy and matter is limited by the MIND’S concept of energy as force…In the face of enough LOVE, force loses its power to dominate consciousness…when proper respect for the ultimate power  – HEART – is attained and activated by a sufficient number of people, the entire paradigm of humanity will be lifted above the belief in energy as force…from that point forward, consciousness will awaken at quantum speed”.  

So love is energy, frequency of consciousness, power, and not the sentimental thing that the mind relegated it to,

In a world where the mind leads and the heart follows, the vast mastery/ dignity/intelligence of the heart wasforgotten, locked behind a prison door, and forbidden the freedom of exit. In such a world the heart was considered to be feminine, adaptive and sentimental, a center of awareness which serves a person’s emotional and creative needs only…a ‘wife’ to the mind, but nothing more.”

He goes on to say:

In such a world, dominated by mind and oppressive structures, to make life more bearable, the heart became the willing servant. The heart’s reserve of compassion and intelligence were so great that it effectively compensated for all the loveless barriers and oppressive formulas that mind-generated realities had sanctioned. With such concessions by the heart, the inversion was then complete”. 

Ooh, I can relate to that…the feminine energy took a back seat in women as well.

So this is what we are about tomorrow, in this class: creating a culture of coming back to balance, valuing HEART rather than head as the big boss, and feeling it and loving it, in the physical heart and beyond.

Trying to be brief here – which seems to be almost impossible for me – says Antion – I just must add this, you’ll like it as it helps explain the society we have created! He continues, says:

All of the oppressive structures which you experience in the world are from mind-generated concepts imposing structural perfection upon a natural and greater perfection that is already present but perhaps less controllable.

Often the mind breaks things in order to fix them for a price or to bring about its own control. This includes breaking lives, breaking hearts, breaking souls, breaking relationships, and breaking wills, just to gain the upper hand through some invented or glorified structure, which it presents as ‘the answer’.

Yep, I can relate to that too, can you…all the more reason to do Yoga…daily, hourly, consciously!

Okay, thanks for reading! See you at 6.30 tomorrow, in Prema, and come to celebrate Antion’s birthday (and our 2 daughters!) by eating at the Indian restaurant Kashmir nearby, it’s really good.

Thanks for who you are,

In Joy,


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WOW! Walking Our Wisdom

2012 Summit & Celebration

2012 is a critical year and we are surrounded – often swamped – with urgent issues impacting our daily lives and the well-being of our kindred species. Many are frightened and hopeless, suicides are on the rise and there is no end in sight.

What and where is the solution we are looking for? We think a whole new consciousness is needed, and that coming together in community with a long-term plan to share and ‘walk’ our collective wisdom is vital.

Co-ordinated by five main vision-holders, the WOW! Summit & Celebration is being co-created by many wise ones of this land, initially 100  wisdom walkers,  evolutionaries, and cultural creatives, to share, discuss, record  and lovingly synergize (and  celebrate  with sacred song and dance)  our  unique wisdom NOW,  in preparation  for integrating the huge transformational energies of  2012 and beyond.

The world looks to New Zealand’s exceptional energies, activism and wisdom. Here in Aotearoa over the years of our awakening, we have walked many wisdom trails and experienced a wealth of bodymind learning and spiritual insight.

We have worked and played on many fronts. . .
* opposing deadly practices, such as nuclear weapons and power, whaling, mining, deforestation, GMOs
* healing ourselves, others and our communities — holistic therapies, male/female balance, alternatives to violence, etc.
* planting and restoring — organics, permaculture, community-supported agriculture, renewable energy, etc.
* designing, financing and community building — eco-villages, Prometheus, Transition Towns, etc.
* communicating our vision — Rainbow News, Healthy Options, In Touch, WisdomSeekers, The Forum, etc.
* celebrating and co-creating — Prana Festival, Nambassa, Te Wairua, Heart Politics, New Spirit Festival, EcoShow, Womad, etc.

We have downloaded terabytes of information, images, and films so our brain cells are awhirl, dazed and amazed. Yet throughout the labyrinth of data and myriad directions, our HEARTS always know the way.

We have been, and continue to be, the change we have yearned to see in ourselves, our country, and around our planet. More than a fringe tribe, more than an ‘alternative’ from the ‘mainstream’ — we are a vibrant new culture embedded in the social organism, interwoven throughout the fabric of Gaia.

While up to our ears workshopped, seminared, studied, campaigned, conferenced, gathered, networked – how do we now urgently translate our collective wisdom into the most effective action?

We are now ready for an enlightened level of action and interaction.

This time it’s different.

The times demand nothing less.

We propose gathering every equinox and solstice (honouring the Earth’s most propitious rhythms) at the sacred Kawai Purapura Sanctuary in Auckland to:

*  identify the wisdom we have to share and the themes that stir us deeply
*  embrace new friends and change-agents
*  discover practical tools and resources, viable networks and communities
*  re-ignite the core passions, give wings to our visions, and renewable fuel to our heart drives

*  celebrate and meditate, to pray and play, to sing and soar

Our time together is precious, and powerful. You know what is possible when we gather with purpose. Are you ready to step up to the new civilization of nature-based Love-and-Divinity-sourced co-creative sacred activism, internal and external? We hope your evolutionary destiny is guiding you to this gathering, to join 100 others for this purpose.

Join us for the weekend of March 18 and 19, 2012!

Click here to take you to  the  blog site for www.walkingourwisdom.wordpress.com. Click the ‘Follow’ button on the home page and you will get email notification when the registration link is up, so (if you are in NZ) you can then register to be one of the 100 we have room for.

As a ‘follower’ of the WOW! blog you will also get email notification of updates, posts by our authors, and links to many resources for the 2012 transition.

And at any time you can comment on posts and contribute your own insights and ideas for this event,  and our shared future. We welcome posts from anywhere in the world on 2012 and sharing wisdom for the benefit of all.

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Schedule of Events 2012

Living Love Kundalini Yoga

Our regular yoga classes start Tuesday, February 7th   

11 week course Tuesdays:  6:30 – 8:00pm at Kawai Purapura

Days:  Feb  7/14/21/28,  March  6/13/20/27,  April  3/10/17


 Sacred Sound Celebration

a gathering for joyous singing and chanting; starting Sunday February 12th

with Georgia Wood, singer/ voice coach

6.00-8.00pm:  Sundays, Feb 12th,  March 4th,  April 8th at Kawaipurapura


Antion is presenting a seminar at the:

New Spirit Festival,

North Harbor Stadium, Albany

The Sacred Voice, Secrets of the Yoga of Sound

Harker Room, Sunday 26th February, 5.00- 5.45pm


Antion is singing as part of the:

Sacred Music of India Concert with Grant McCredie  

Saturday, 25th Feb  Kawai Purapura, Evening


Elandra with co-creative visionaries and facilitators  is presenting:

WOW! Walking Our Wisdom – Conference and Celebration:

Sat Mar 17th – Sun 18th    Kawai Purapura Exciting forums, seminars,  transition training sharing tools/ resources/ networks, yoga, healing, sacred music, meditation, dance and more


We are participating in the:

International Yoga Conference & Music Festival

Kawai Purapura  April 27th– 29th, 2012


Antion presents:

Naad Yoga and Sacred Voice   Saturday  28th, 11am -12.30pm


Elandra and Antion present:

Living Love Kundalini Yoga    Sunday 29th,  9-10.30am  

We give ongoing private sessions and  workshop trainings:

Elandra – Lomi Chi Holographic Healing

Antion  –  The Sacred Voice  Vocal Empowerment and  Inner Selves Healing

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New Year’s Special!

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Time to heal.

(hover mouse over slide show to pause)
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WOW! Walking Our Wisdom Conference and Celebration

Equinox 17-18th March, 2012, at Kawai Purapura , Albany

With seminars, panels, forums, eco transition training, focus groups (for sharing and deepening connections and community and communications with practical tools, resources, networks) sacred music, healing, meditation, yoga, dance and more…is about receiving the benefits from the extraordinary energies of these times, giving support for each other, and celebrating together …

The vision shows us that the land itself is a sacred site and is calling us as conscious creatives to gather there as frequently as possible this year to move energy, heal and raise consciousness for NZ and the planet.
The vision is in the process of being grounded by a co-creative team of wonderful people at KawaiPurapura.co.nz and others…

We will post more information as soon as we have it, along with confirmation of the schedule of forums and presentations which include surprise overseas guests. This initial event is for 100 participants, small enough for leaders, teachers, wisdom keepers, evolutionaries, cultural creatives, awakened ones, and transformers, to nurture and heal the healers – ourselves – to love getting to know each other more deeply as conscious community, and to claim “the sacred gift” and “godlike power”.

The Divine purpose and vision of WOW! Walking Our Wisdom Conference and Celebration is reflected in these quotes:

Russian DNA research: “Researchers think that if humans with full individuality would regain group consciousness, they would have a god-like power to create, alter and shape things on Earth! And humanity is collectively moving toward such a group consciousness of the new kind.”

Albert Einstein: “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”.

The Mother, successor to Sri Aurobindo: “One always comes back to this: being is the only thing which has power; a type of being which has nothing to do with metaphysics, but everything to do with physiology and cellular consciousness…salvation is in the cells.”

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Global Health Clinic Featuring Elandra and Antion

Where: GreenplanetFM 104.6

When: Thur 8-9am 1 December 2011

Topic: Antion and Elandra Meridith Healing and Sound

How do we use our voice as an instrument to self transformation?

What do sound vibrations do for the human body, our DNA and memory?

Elandra, early in life found herself in the movie industry in England and
Antion who was originally born Victor Harvey Briggs used to be in the
backing group for Dusty Springfield and later played with the rock group
The Animals.

However change happens and they both met through yoga, spirituality and
Ram Dass, that took them from the hectic outside world to a more balanced
inner realm.

The ongoing evolution from music to using sound as a method of vibrational
healing, from Indian to Sikh and the many ways of chanting, specifically
ancient Hawaiian sounds that have been passed from an ancient lineage – to
alter our frequency and shift us to a higher octave of being.

Hawaiian cultural methods, such as lomi lomi, and spiritual healing
modalities lead especially to sacred sound, chant and chanting focussing
on the throat, the blue chakra to vibrate sound.

That the breath … the ‘ha’ in the Polynesian vernacular of both Aroha
and Aloha is the invisible life force that brings prana into being.
Chanting vibrates our temple garment and this allows and opens to a deeper
knowing of self, of healing and a greater connection to being.

That conscious thought and conscious action are now the imperative at this
moment in time.

Albert Einstein stated:

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful
servant. We have forgotten the gift and honoured the servant.

‘Time to turn it all around.’

Elandra & Antion Meredith

http://HealthHealing.org/     http://www.antionmusic.com

Greenplanet104.6 Thursday 8-9am 1st December 2011

With Tim Lynch in Mobilising Consciousness

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Loving Love Kundalini Yoga Event


27th to 29th April, 2012


For more information, please click here

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New Spirit Festival

THE SACRED VOICE: Secrets of The Yoga of Sound.  Within everyone is a voice that may have been suppressed or shamed. Rediscover & nurture your unique joyous sacred voice through song, chant & empowered communication.  Antion & Elandra Meredith

For more information please click here

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Experiencing the Sacred Union Within

4 workshops 29th December  to 2nd January 2012

Living Love Kundalini Yoga: Experiencing the Sacred Union Within

Is a healing and empowering practice that opens you to your own loving consciousness by awakening the Divine Feminine (Kundalini) within. We use powerful asanas, pranayama, chant, mantra and mudra, Antion’s live guitar, Kirtan and sacred song to bring you into celebrating your own ecstatic consciousness.

Living Love Kundalini Yoga is co-created with sacred musician chanter Antion. Married 40 years, together they are healers, yogis, and spiritual teachers, with four decades of experience in the Healing field as international leaders of Sound Healing, Chanting, Yoga, and Healing Retreats. They were directors of the San Diego California Kundalini Yoga Centre/ Ashram from 1977 to 1991, followed by 17 years in Hawaii incorporating healing shamanism, ancient wisdom and the power of Aloha into their presentations.

Our commitment to our own 40 year partnership and love for the Divine within ourselves and each other supports you to manifest your own direct connection and relationship to Source. As one participant expressed it: “You both radiate so much love, joy & light – which is why so many people are drawn to be in your presence…”. When in NZ we teach at Kawaipurapura Holistic Living & Yoga Retreat Center in Albany, Auckland.

Elandra was a 20 year yoga teacher who after experiencing an instant miracle healing (of her broken ankle proven by x-rays) became a healer and began receiving invitations to teach miracle healing worldwide. She created her own modality Lomi Chi Holographic Healing and teaches consciousness and miracle healing online. www.healthhealing.org

Elandra’s experience (40 years Yoga teaching plus 25 years international professional experience in five healing Centres) has trained her to be compassionately responsive to the needs of her students and clients, inspiring them to prioritise Living Love as the key to enlightened living in these tumultuous transformational times.

Antion Vikram Singh Meredith

Antion, born in London, is a ‘60s rock star, sound healer, multicultural musician, world-class guitarist, singer, recording artist, Hawaiian chanter, master of sacred Sikh Kirtan, and international teacher of Naad Yoga, Sacred Voice and Vocal Empowerment.

Antion and Elandra Meredith are healers, yogis, and spiritual teachers, with forty years’ experience in the Healing field as international leaders of Sound Healing, Chanting, Yoga, and Healing Retreats.

Naad Yoga Sacred Voice: Spiritual Empowerment through the Yoga of Divine Sound
Naad Yoga Sacred Voice gives you a powerful experience of the elevating joy of chanting Naam, the Sacred Names of the Divine.

We will learn how to make this practice a part of our everyday lives and use it to empower our total being.

Antion’s multicultural mastery and practice of Sacred Voice, Kirtan and Hawaiian chant has given him a unique perspective to support you in nurturing and developing Sacred Voice within.

Two participatory workshops. Workshop marquee.

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