Countdown To 21st Of December!

We begin 12th November, the 40 day countdown to Solstice, 21st December!

Join us, Elandra and Antion Vikram Singh Meredith in a special meditation for the 40 day sadhana starting 12 Nov through to 21 Dec. Continue reading

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Know Now, Your Choice Changes Everything

In the New Civilization,

Love is the Key, Doubt the Enemy

Miracles of Healing Transformation the Result

 “Elandra’s healing work is very powerful” – Louise Hay, renowned author-healer

Let’s go for it: Heal your relationships, energy, and illness in one go!  Retrieve your lost energy!  Trust your guts! Follow your Goosebumps! Love your life! Continue reading

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Lomi Chi Evolutionary Healing Workshop

Love is the Key, Doubt the Enemy

Miracles of Healing Transformation the Result

Elandra, international healer and trainer, having seen amazing miracle healing in front of her eyes, is passing on the keys to her research and practice for over 40 years comprising study of 33 healing modalities and international practice in five healing centers. Continue reading

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Activate Your Multidimensional Operating System!

Living Love Kundalini Yoga

Opening to the 2012 Solstice and the Grand Plan of 2013

 The December 2012 Solstice is almost upon us and the planetary frequencies are increasing and expanding on a daily basis.  We, Antion and Elandra  are about to embark on a special, personal 40 day Sadhana (spiritual practice) to prepare our Selves for this exciting time of change, growth and expansion, as we look ahead to the activation of the Grand Plan in 2013.  Continue reading

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Secrets of Ageless Living and Loving: One Day Training

Lomi Chi Evolutionary Healing

Secrets of Ageless Living and Loving: One Day Training

Elandra, international healer and trainer,  having seen amazing miracle healing in front of her eyes,  is passing on the keys to the most powerful of her research and practice for over 40 years comprising study of 33 healing modalities and international practice in five healing centers.

This one day informal introduction and sharing is a training in a consciousness called Holographic Perception. We are learning techniques for deliberately gathering our energy to increase radiance and joy. Miraculous transformation in our bodies and lives may result.

Healing means evolving:  Humanity is evolving into a new species. It is from our western transformational communities, says the Dalai Lama and Makua, (shaman and Kahuna of Hawaii) that the feminine energy is being catalyzed to save the world.  And it is from the multidimensional shamanism of ancient Havaiki Hawaii, China, pre-Hispanic Mexico, Mayan Aztecs, and Waitaha of New Zealand that our transformational Quantum consciousness is sourced.

Who is it for?

  • For we committed evolutionaries, cultural creatives, and sacred activists to empower ourselves into our next cocreative steps
  • For anyone ready to self -heal challenging physical problems
  • For anyone wanting to be more effective in helping friends and family
  • For massage therapists and healing practitioners who would like to empower their work
  • For those who would like to be teachers of Lomi Chi Evolutionary Healing

What you will learn:

  • How to use the power of Love by deliberately smiling to the organs with eyes and mind and heart (brought a dying man back to life, proven fully healed of cancer in 10 days)
  • How to commune with, malama, and receive the energy of Nature and aina
  • How to transform by learning to heal and use the power of the fifth chakra to speak out the truth of how you really feel
  • v  How to connect to the feeling in the energy of the organs at the belly, na’auo, and opu

How you may benefit:

  • Know how to commune with your cells and organs to KNOW a new relationship with your body
  • Know how to self-heal your physical challenges, even the most chronic trauma and depression, and possibly instantly cancel them
  • Neutralize, cancel and harvest the energy of inner and outer negativity (fear, pain, anger, grief, confusion) for your benefit
  • Spontaneously KNOW the appropriate thing to do and say in the now
  • Strengthen your ability to heal others

Contact Elandra

 206 701 6609

(Skype international number – you can call and leave message or text)


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Starting up again!

Living Love Kundalini Yoga


Tuesday September 11th 6:30 pm

Yes, Antion is back (Elandra will be here at the end of September),  we will be teaching Living Love Kundalini Yoga every Tuesday until December 11th.

Embodying deeper levels of clearing, empowering, loving, radiating!

Please bring something to cover yourself with during deep relaxation.

By Donation

In Joy,

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Aloha Greetings friends!

Antion and I are back “home” in Kauai, Hawaii,  staying for a month or 2 in the perfect warmth, on Baby Beach, Kapa’a, just 38 paces from the water. Here I have been learning about endangered monk seals (in all there are only about 35 in Kauai, and 1100 in Hawaii) seeing them resting on our beach several times.

I am having a wonderful time travelling and seeing dear daughters and friends and making new ones, and have been many places in and out of airports over 20 times in USA.

Here  many know us and love us, as between our many Ohana (family) transformational communities of weekly Kundalini Yoga,  hula, Lomi Chi Holographic healing sessions,  Goddess Embodies gatherings, workshops, chanting, , Sacred Sound Celebrations, Unity church music director, music gigs, radio station, CDs, plus the world of construction and  plumbing,  we are friends with a lot of incredible and dear souls!

We went to KKCR radio station to be interviewed – Antion was known also for his  radio show on KKCR called Spirit Dance here on the island – it was a 50s-60s show, about his life and music, and telling the stories related to the Animals songs, which has brought them alive in a different and thrilling way. This side of him show s up in his humourous  presentation  of

Antion: A Musical Journey

 Songs, Chants & Stories from his 4 Musical Incarnations

Includes the joy of  imbibing the ancient wisdom from the extraordinary energies of Kauai after the hurricane in 1991, and  the “ old times” playing for hula at Café Cocco,  and now again  seeing  Fern and Jeanne dancing so magnificently!

Wherever we are we are blessed to give sessions and workshops in

Living Love Kundalini Yoga, Naad Yoga Sacred Voice,

WOW Walking Our Wisdom, WOW Wildly Organic Women and more…

In New Zealand at Kawaipurapura when we were teaching at the first ever international Yoga festival in April the  media focused on the  story of our past,  “the animal, the vampire and a love story” –  created  an amusing  2 minute NZTV interview, click on

I love staying in touch and Facebook is wonderful for that, (and we even have 3 pages up as well as but the truth is, we are neither of us into marketing! The fact is we are not at all good at it!  I even got a great book “Sell is not a 4 letter word” and took a 2 day course, it was great, and yet I still feel that way, not so good at this stuff, and besides, as it is I am not keeping up with it all! Need a manager and assistants! So you know, until help shows up, word of mouth and telepathic connections are the way!

 Our New Zealand News 2013

In NZ’s coming summer we are presenting at 2 major festivals:

A good time for you to come to NZ!

Prana Festival at New Year 2013:

Voices of Sacred Earth Festival Feb 9, 2013:

Elandra’s WOW! Vision will be there

Love staying  in touch through Facebook…

Facebook www.facebook/elandra.meredith & 3 pages:

Living Love Kundalini Yoga

WOW! Walking Our Wisdom

WOW! Wildly Organic Women

Aloha Love and Blessings!

In Joy, 


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Antion: A Musical Journey

Songs, Chants & Stories from his 4 Musical Incarnations

7.15pm, Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Joan’s house, Wailua Houselots, Kapa’a

Bring pupus, drinks, no charge, donation welcome

For more info/directions call 206 701 6609 or email

Mahalo to all our Kauai Ohana!

Also Antion will be at Auntie Angeline’s on Thursday at 1.30pm singing with hula dancers (last time before returning to New Zealand 25th August, Elandra 25thSeptember).

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Aloha greetings my friends,

An unexpected opportunity to connect with you is being forced on me due to being hacked, so I will turn this into a bit of a newsletter! So sorry for the false email you may have received from my email address today.   A bit of unfamiliar drama this morning, waking up to many kind emails to make sure I knew I was hacked.  Much appreciation to everybody, and hey, a great opportunity to say, I love you, and send my best wishes love and blessings!

Looks like somebody changed my password at 4am this morning. I’ve seen these spam scam  emails   before,  the now familiar spam scam that asks for help,  money, says person is traveling and has been robbed… or someone has died leaving you money etc. Friends have had this hacking  happen, but  happening   to me?!   a shock,  a violation.

Some sincerely are concerned, and some  are offering to send me money! Oh my, so if I really were in trouble and needed money friends would send it!?  how sweet, wow!

Some are sending joking messages such as this , “ Oh No, you are such good friends I decided to send $50,000.00 feeling like a mere $2,500.00 was not enough….. seems I have been tricked! Oh well, it’s only money, good friends are worth every cent!”

It may take some days to get sorted out,  it was the address, so I am glad I have my yahoo as well, obviously safer to have several alternative email addresses, as well as fb. And now I am forced to update my contacts on this email list as well, what a blessing to (possibly) hear back from  you…

Antion and I are “back” “home” in Kauai, HI, staying for a month or 2 in the perfect warmth, having a wonderful time seeing old friends. Between our many Ohana transformational communities –  yoga,  hula, healing, Lomi lomi, goddess, chanting, plumbing, music gigs, radio station,  CDs, we know a lot of dear souls!

We are staying right on Baby beach, Kapa’a, just 38 paces from the water. Yesterday  we enjoyed 2 endangered monk seals (in all there are only about 35 in Kauai, and 1100 in Hawaii) resting  on our beach for a half day.

Living Love Kundalini Yoga, Naad Yoga Sacred Voice,  WOW Walking Our Wisdom, and WOW Wildly Organic Women.

In New Zealand we were teaching at an international Yoga festival,  the media called us “the animal, the vampire and a love story” – there’s  an amusing  NZ TV interview, it’s only about 2 minutes long and well done, see  click on  top left on  Love, Yoga and Vampires – Video Spotlight

Aloha Love and blessings to all,


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Sacred Sound Celebration

Tis the Queens Birthday so we defer to her and will be holding Sacred Sound Celebration!

When: Sunday June10th @ 6pm

Where: Prema Lounge at Kawai Purapura

Sing, chant and share in Hawaiian, Sanskrit and English music that connects us to the Divine.

All welcome (absolutely no singing experience required!)  just a love of music and a wish to share in the healing sounds of Antion and Georgia.

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